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Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 1 Review and Analysis

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

In this video or blog, I will be reviewing and analyzing Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 1 which is currently on Disney+. I will go over several topics in this episode. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video or read this blog.

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway here. In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 1 that is currently on Disney+. I will go over several topics that I saw in this episode. Thank you again for helping me reach 1,000 subscribers on this channel. I now need help to get to 4,000 watch hours to be monetized by YouTube. I am also looking to get to 2,000 subscribers on this channel. 1 of 1st mini goals is to get to 1,250 subscribers on this channel. I am also working on setting up a page for you to help support this channel. Now on with the review.

The episode starts off with the priest played by Ethan Hawke performing a ritual with a glass filled with water. He puts his finger in the glass and marks the top with water. He drinks it and smashes it and puts the broken glass his shoes and puts his bare feet in it. If this sounds insane, it is. He would end up with bloody feet, but this is a ritual he believes in. The name of this episode is called the Goldfish problem.

After the Marvel Studios logo, the episode shows the viewer that Marc Spector believing his name to be Steven Grant. This is true to the comics as this is 1 of the names that Moon Knight takes. Steven is chained to a bed because he is afraid of waking up somewhere he does not want to be. This makes sense that Steven believes himself to be crazy and not always know where he will end up. This is no different than a sleepwalker who will end up somewhere and wondered how he got there. I also know this can happen with Bi Polars where they can end up somewhere and wondered how they got there. They can also be naked. In this case, it is not happening to Steven.

Steven almost misses the bus to get to the work. The bus is the classic Red Double Decker bus you would see in London. Steven works in a museum where he works in the gift shop. A woman asks him out, but his boss wonders what she sees in him. Steven leaves late and is eating a sandwich in front of a statue and he tells the statue that if having to use ankle restraints would throw a woman off. He gets home late and feeds his goldfish then heads off to bed.

Steven later wakes up and finds himself in the Alps and he wonders how he got there. He has an object which is called a seraph in his hand and Khonsu tells him to run. He later ends up in a village where he watches a priest who calls himself Arthur Harrow who serves the goddess Anmit perform a ritual. He sees him forgiving a man, but a woman later ends up being killed because the scales did not go in her favor. Khonsu tells him to run and not to give the man the seraph. Steven later escapes in a cupcake truck. It ends up being a funny scene where he is driving this vehicle in the mountains on curvy roads, and it is hard to navigate it. He has a bunch of cars after him. He has someone jump in the car and he must get him out. He keeps going from 1 person to another. Steven goes to Marc back to Steven. It shows the multiple personalities he has. He would look like he is crazy, but he is not. As the comic says, a psychologist would classify him with dissociative identity disorder.

Steven ends up at home and he takes the goldfish to the pet store. The store clerk told him that she is tired of people coming in telling her that they know more about fish. Fish tend to have 2 fins. Finding Nemo was mentioned by the clerk which you can watch on Disney+.

Steven later ends up at the museum and later encounters the guy he saw in the village in the Alps. On the way to work, he sees Khonsu and yes Khonsu looks like the bird in the comics. Arthur Harrow has several followers, and he tells Steven that he follows the goddess Anmit that is not happy with the unjust getting away. He told Steven that she would have kept people like Nero or Hitler from doing the things that they did. He told him; she would have prevented the Armenian Genocide. He told Steven that there is chaos in him. He lets Steven go and told his followers not to go after him.

Steven later gets attacked by a bunch of creatures that are Egyptian gods. He runs in the restroom of the museum, and he must get help. Marc tells him you must let me take over. He lets him and he becomes Moon Knight to get him out. The episode ends up with Marc/Steven in the Moon Knight suit and it looks awesome. My brother points out that he looks like a mummy.

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I give this a 10 out 10 rating. I thought this episode was well done. I thought it was faithful to the comics.

I also will review a series that is currently on Disney+ called Parallels. It has 6 episodes, and they average no more than 40 minutes. Watch them as I will review this series in the next video.

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