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Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 Review + Live trailer reactions + Live questions

In this episode of the Mattacritic, I will be reviewing Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 that is currently on Disney+. I will also do live trailer reaction and take questions and ask you questions on air for you to respond in the chat. I will let you know when that will happen. The series will start off with Omega being on the planet that Dr. Hemlock has her after he took her there to force Nala Se who was the one who created the clones, and the Empire wants to use her to make more of them. In the first episode, it will remind the viewer what happened to Tech. Tech told Wrecker, when have we ever followed orders. Tech knew the only way they all did not die is if he sacrificed himself to save the whole team. The emperor wants to find specific DNA in the clone. He is looking for M class blood. Dr. Hemlock is torturing the clones to condition to become obedient soldiers. Echo was hoping to help Captain Rex to find where Dr. Hemlock took these clones so that he could rescue them. Omega hopes she can escape from her prison, but she does not want to leave Crosshairs behind. I will give you my rating at the end of this review. I hope this episode will inspire you to read, watch, and learn.  

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Before I continue this review, please remember I will give you an analysis of the text and whatever rating I give you is my opinion. This does not mean that you must agree with me. I never always agreed with any of the reviewers that I would have read or listened to. What I always admired is that they gave what they saw in the text he or she was reviewing, and that individual would have given his or her honest opinion. This is what I do. Whatever rating I give, you need to know it is my honest opinion. I will never lie to you. If you do not agree with me no matter what rating I give you, that is fine with me. This channel or blog is meant for reading, watching, and learning. I always hope that inspires you to think critically. You know that I go through texts carefully as you can tell that I have looked at them and give detailed analysis of what I see. I hope that helps you. Thank you for being followers of my channel or my blog.  

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As was mentioned before, Omega is looking for a way to escape from the prison that she has been put in. Emerie Karr is a clone like Omega. Emerie Karr told Omega in the final episode of Season 2 that she is Omega’s sister. Omega hopes to help Nala Se as well as Crosshairs. It is no doubt that Crosshairs served the Empire, but he believed that he was doing the right thing in serving them. As the viewer knew from Season 2, the empire betrayed Crosshairs and he thought that he was a good soldier. He realized he was wrong, and that the empire only wanted to use him as a tool. Mayday needed medical attention but one of the officers of the empire refused to help him. He killed that officer because of what happened to Mayday. This is an example of how an authoritarian government does not care about what happens to its citizens or soldiers if they do not do what it wants. If anyone thinks their lives would be better under a king or emperor that person is delusional at best. It is not. This Season will show that it is not the case.  

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Omega learns from Nala Se that you want to get out. If Emerie Karr finds out that you have M class blood, then she will tell Dr. Hemlock. This will be bad news for Omega and Nala Se had been destroying her blood samples to protect her from this happening. Nala Se knew that if this happened it would be bad news for Omega. Omega must plan her escape to help Crosshairs get out of the prison they are in.  

Omega and Crosshairs escaped with the help of Nala Se because she gave Omega a pad that allowed her to access codes to get through parts of the facility that is run by Dr. Hemlock. Omega finds Crosshairs and she goes to the part of the facility where a pet is kept. It is where earlier she helped the animal that she cared for escape. She helps Crosshairs to escape. Omega and Crosshairs escape. Omega feels discouraged when the ship they try to steal does not work. Crosshairs remind her that it is okay, we will figure it out. They do and they both escape the planet.  

Dr. Hemlock will find out from Emerie Karr that Omega has the M class blood they have been looking for. M class blood can only be one thing. It was mentioned in the Prequels. In the Phantom Menace, the first Star Wars movie of the prequels, it was called midichlorians. It was an important factor if an individual possessed the force. This is why the empire wants her. There will be another reason as well. No, Omega is not the only one they have and wanted. 

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Omega and Crosshairs get to a planet and Omega is trying to convince a droid to help them get on a ship without chain codes. They must have chain codes to get on a ship. This is where it gets challenging. Omega tries to win money by gambling and playing games. It gets harder and harder. Their pet gets captured, and they must rescue it. One of the Imperial officers knew they were from the planet that Dr. Hemlock was on. Omega and Crosshairs must figure out how to get off the planet. They steal a shuttle, and they escape. They get to the planet and Hunter and Wrecker found her with Crosshairs. Omega told Hunter and Wrecker, her escape would not have been successful if she and Crosshairs did not work together. With them both working together is why their escape was successful.  

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The season will continue with them meeting up with Echo on the planet that reminds a viewer of Hawaii. This is where they will go to the planet that is snow and ice planet. This planet is like the planet that Crosshairs was on when he lost Mayday. It reminds him of that. As he tells Hunter, the empire betrayed me first. He does not tell Hunter that it was because they would not help Mayday when he needed medical attention. As one of the imperial officers told him, it would be a waste of the empire’s resources if they helped Mayday. This just shows how cold and calculating they are. They feel like they are getting close to the base. They hope they can find it. 

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As Captain Rex told Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshairs, you better figure out why the empire wants Omega. Your lives will not be safe until you figure out why the empire does want her. Both Captain Rex and Echo found out from a clone that was looking for Omega. A bunch of clones come to take Omega from them. As Captain Rex told them, you cannot do this. You must consider if you are on the right side of history. They let them escape. 

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The season will progress and Phee Genoa who is played by Wanda Sykes. Wanda Sykes has been in movies like Evan Almighty. She has a dry humor about her. Her humor is not crude. If you watch her in the Atkins ads, her humor shows up there. It is Wanda Sykes made fun of Rob Lowe when he was eating a candy bar claiming to lose weight. That was funny. Even in the first episode of the second season of the Bad Batch, she showed that humor there. I will play the ad with Rob Lowe and Wanda Sykes that is an Atkins ad.  

Phee Genoa said that she could not believe how funny the clones looked. Omega was a special one since she did not look like any of the other clones. Phee Genoa will meet Crosshairs and Crosshairs is under the impression that she does not like him. She does. As Omega told him, she is freeing treasures. In a sense, Phee Genoa is a treasure hunter or a pirate. Phee Genoa is like Han Solo or Lando Calrissian. They were scoundrels or card players or con artists, but they still had a code. They did not like dealing with the empire. Phee Genoa is like that as she does not like the Empire.  

Phee Genoa tells them if you want to find a place or someone who can help you with knowing what Omega is, you need to find a bounty hunter. Phee Genoa told Hunter and Wrecker that you need to find Fennec Shand. Yes, Fennec Shand who was in the first season of the Bad Batch makes an appearance in this season. Fennec Shand’s first appearance in Star Wars was in the first season of the Mandalorian which is a good series. Fennec Shand will help Wrecker and Hunter find out who can help them if they help her. Fennec Shand was also in the Book of Boba Fett which I reviewed for this channel. They agree to do that, and they help her by catching her bounty. Fennec Shand ends up helping them. 

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The person who finds them is named Asajj Ventress and she is a gray character. She did work for the Separatists, but she wants to help Omega. Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshairs do not trust her. Assajj Ventress tells them if I told Omega that she could wield the force then I would have to take Omega so she could be trained, and she would have to leave you. You must understand that the empire will not stop looking for her until they find her.  

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Cad Bane is back in this season of the Bad Batch. He made an appearance in the first season of the Bad Batch, and he was in the Book of Boba Fett. He captures a child that ends up later for the empire. He is a bounty hunter, and his only loyalty is to money. The empire is paying bounty hunters to find children and take them to be experimented on. This is where Emerie Kar finds out what is happening. She is feeling conviction and guilt for what is happening.   

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The season will later progress to with Omega getting captured by the empire and taken back to the planet with Dr. Hemlock. She realizes that she must do this to help the people of the planet that reminds the viewer of Hawaii. She decides to go with the clone that was looking for her as well as the stormtroopers. This will cause the Bad Batch to have to rescue her later. 

As not to be revealed, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the viewer to the climax and the conclusion of the series. 

I will give you my rating, I give the Bad Batch Season 3, a 10 out of 10. It was fun, but it tells an important story. This series does an excellent job of showing the empire’s oppression. The first season which I did review had an appearance of Saw Guerra. As he told the Bad Batch, yes one war was fought over the separatists, but a new war started. He called it the civil war. It was not considered a rebellion yet. That will not show up later. It was mentioned in the last episode of the Bad Batch. What happens at the end of the series? What is the result of the Bad Batch and Omega? What happened to Dr. Hemlock? Who survives? Who does the Bad Batch turn to for help to infiltrate where the planet that Omega was being kept on? Please leave your answers in the comment section below. The series deals well with the oppression of the empire and how the empire has no boundaries in what they can do. There are no checks and balances when you have one individual controlling all the power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  

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In this video I will give you my thoughts on the Acolyte trailer that is part of the Star Wars universe. I will watch it with you and give you my thoughts after we watch it together. It is

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This trailer is awesome. This trailer shows a person who is looking for retribution. This person was a jedi who gets deceived by the Dark side and is convinced that she is doing what is right. This person manipulates her into believing that she must do this. She starts murdering jedi. The one who trained her told the others he must be the one to stop her. She was his student and wanted to find a way to stop her. It reminds the viewer of elements from a thriller. It is like watching a Bosch episode or a Reacher episode. She is looking to check the jedi off like she is checking off a murder board. This has become a game to her, and this will be deadly. One of the things it shows is that it says no one is safe from the truth? What truth do they mean? It is a plot twist, but this is powerful storytelling.   


Training swords is very similar to how a person learns wielding a sword. As I mentioned before I took martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do. I took a sword class, and I will bring out my training sword which I have. It is made of wood and that is important for a person to have. You never train a person with a real sword that is made of metal until the master is ready to train them. It is no different with training Jedi to wield a lightsaber. You do not let them use that weapon until they have skills of using the training sword 1st.   


The individual at the end is very similar to Kylo Ren and reminds the viewer of him. It is awesome. Kylo Ren was taken from Darth Revan. Is Darth Revan ever going to be in Star Wars? That is the question. Do you believe Darth Revan will be in Star Wars. Please leave your answer in the live chat or the comment section below if you are watching this video after the live stream.  

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The Acolyte has a clip where the one that gets deceived by this individual that the Jedi are evil is throwing knives at one of the female jedis. The knives are made from real metal and not of Kyber crystal. There is a book that talked about the Jedi using swords made from metal before they were made from Kyber crystals. It is called the Dawn of Jedi which I have right here. I will play the clip to watch. It is  

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Another trailer that I saw recently is the Lego Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy trailer. I will watch the trailer with you, and I will give you my thoughts on the trailer. I will play it now. It is


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The trailer is awesome. What I saw in this trailer is the building blocks of the galaxy are literally falling apart. It is crazy as the Lego Sig says there are X-Wing Tie fighters. It is crazy to say the least. You see Ewok bounty hunters which is not a common theme in Star Wars. The Millenium Falcon looked sinister and not like the ship fans usually expect it to look. There was a fan theory that believed Jar Jar Binks was really a Sith. At the end of the trailer, you see Jar Jar Binks looks like a Sith lord and he had a red lightsaber instead of the other common ones such as green and blue that are commonly used by the Jedi.  

What do you think they are trying to do in this Star Wars special? Please leave your answers in live chat or in the comment section if you are not watching this video live. Thank you.  It is not supposed to be released until the fall. The last Lego Star Wars Special which was called Summer Vacation was awesome. We will see what happens in the fall after this special is released on Disney+. 


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Here is a picture of Disney+ and my thoughts of them doing live TV on there. I am not sure; I know other platforms have done it like Paramount+. It will be seen by May 14, 2024, if that works. They are going to play live WNBA games on May 14, 2024, on Disney+.  


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I will start to review all the Star Wars movies. I know they have been talked about. I will bring insight to why I believe they are relevant and give you thoughts on those movies.  


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Please go to and check out my blog. There will be a bunch of blog posts that you can check out on my website. My website has links to other websites such as Patreon. As was mentioned before, you can become a Patron. Thank you. 




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Please check out my review of The Mandalorian Season 2.  It is 

 Please check out my playlist of Star Wars which contains all Star Wars content that I reviewed. It is  


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