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Marvel’s Morbius Movie Review and Analysis on Disney+

Hello everyone, welcome to the Mattacritic. This is Matthew Hemenway. Before I start this episode, please subscribe to this channel and hit that notification bell to be notified of any episodes at the bottom of this video or blog post. In this episode of the Mattacritic, I will be reviewing the movie Morbius that is done by Columbia pictures in association with Marvel that is currently on Disney+. I will go over several topics in this episode. Michael Morbius is fighting a blood disease that will eventually kill him if he cannot find a treatment or a cure for it. He is not doing this for himself, he is also helping his friend Milo whose real name is Lucian. Michael Morbius is encouraged by his doctor whose name is Dr. Emil Nicholas in Greece for him to go into medicine. This is important so that he can master his skills of being a doctor. Michael Morbius is looking at vampire bats. This is true to his character as shown in the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon show. The character of Michael Morbius is looking for a cure for a blood disease. I will also make a comparison with this to leukemia as that is a cancer that attacks the blood. I hope this episode will inspire you to read, watch, and learn. 

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As was mentioned before, Michael Morbius is searching for a cure for his and his friend Milo’s blood disease. He hopes he can find a cure for it in vampire bats. This is very similar to Michael Morbius in the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon show. Michael Morbius wants to help people with the plague. Michael Morbius hopes that the vampire bats will be the answer he is looking for. This will not be easy. In the beginning of the movie, Michael Morbius is down in Costa Rico, and he is hoping that the answer to his problem is there.  

Michael Morbius will cut his hand in to attract the bats to him. He is looking to get them transported from Costa Rico to his lab in New York City. Michael Morbius wants to help himself and his friend Milo feel better. He and his friend suffer from this blood disease. 

This is like Leukemia as well. What Leukemia does is does its worst damage in the blood marrow. This is where this cancer goes, and it makes it hard for the patient to produce the necessary red blood cells. As in the movie, that is what Michael Morbius needs to consume. He needs to consume human blood after he becomes a vampire. Michael will be encouraged to become a doctor thanks to his friend Doctor Emil Nicholas. Michael fixed the machine that was meant to keep Milo alive. It had a problem and Michael fixed it. This shows how gifted and smart Michael Morbius is.  Here is a screenshot of what Leukemia does. Leukemia is a broad term for cancers of the blood cells. The type of leukemia depends on the type of blood cell that becomes cancer and whether it grows quickly or slowly. Leukemia occurs most often in adults older than 55, but it is also the most common cancer in children younger than 15. 

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Michael Morbius will be in the hospital helping Anna who is a young girl that is dealing with a blood disease like his and Milo. Dr. Martine Bancroft will be talking to Michael Morbius about what he is doing with the bats. She tells Anna that Doctor Morbius is in trouble. She tells Michael Morbius that you could lose your license. He tells her that we must do something different. I should have been dead years ago. Why am I not if not to fix this? They find out that the bat DNA he gives to the rat is successful.  

As stated earlier in the movie, Michael Morbius as a young boy tells Milo there is something missing from our blood like a piece of a puzzle. That is why we must get an oil change as he calls it. It is like their bodies are not producing enough red blood cells. The machine that Michael Morbius fixes is meant to help them with that.  

This will lead Michael Morbius talking to his friend Milo about what he discovered. He told him that there is a cure. Milo was teasing him about Dr. Martine Bancroft and told him that you know that you love her and that there is no cure for that. You can tell there is chemistry between Martine and Michael. Michael Morbius is telling his friend Milo that they need to go on a ship, and it must be in international waters. This experiment will break rules and they need to do it there.  

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Michael Morbius will be the test subject of this experiment and he will use that to help himself and hopefully Milo to get cured of their blood disease. This is not going to be easy, but it is necessary for this to work. Michael Morbius gets the serum injected into his body by his friend Dr. Martine Bancroft. This is where he becomes a vampire. 

The head of the crew goes down to check it out. This is where Michael Morbius will bust out and he has become a vampire. It worked that it cured him of his disease, but it makes it so that he ends up wanting to consume human blood. Michael Morbius ends up killing them all after one of the crew hit Dr. Martine Bancroft into an object. She is knocked out and is not dead fortunately.  

Michael Morbius will change back once it is daylight. This is not uncommon to what Michael Morbius did in the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon show. Michael Morbius ends up changing back once the sun comes up. He calls for help once he sees the footage from the video. He will wipe the footage clean. 

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FBI agent Simon Stroud along with agent Rodriguez are looking to figure out what happened to these men. These men were drained of their blood as they find out on the ship. This will cause them to go to New York City to investigate what is going on the boat. They will talk to Dr. Martine Bancroft and have her look at the photos of the men that had their blood drained. She does not know what had happened since she got knocked out by one of those men. Rodriguez asks her, "Do those look like fang marks to you”. As you know, all vampires have fangs according to the myth of vampires. 

Michael Morbius realizes that he can do things that he could not do before. He realizes he must consume human blood. He drinks artificial blood in the refrigerator. He does not have a choice, if he wants to be sure he does consume any more human blood. He also has bat radar which is a natural form of sonar. He can toss a ball and catch with his eyes closed. This makes sense as bats are blind, but their other senses like their hearing are intensified.  

Milo comes to see Michael Morbius while he is dealing with being a vampire. Michael Morbius tells him that you do not want to take the serum. The serum has done something terrible to me. It is a curse. Michael Morbius means that the serum is a curse. This serum has caused him to become something he was not intended to be. He does not want that fate for Milo. Convincing Milo that is another story. The story will prove it not to be true. 

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The nurse that Michael Morbius works with ends up dead and he is the prime suspect. He is arrested by Agent Simon Stroud and Agent Rodriguez who both work for the FBI. They have a joint task force with the NYPD. It is not uncommon for that to happen. A book review that I did for this channel called the Killer’s Game talks about the FBI and the NYPD working together and that is known in joint terrorism task force. To watch the review of A Killers Game, click on this link of Both Agent Simon Stroud and Agent Rodriguez tell Michael Morbius that they are not upset with killing those mercenaries on the ship. We are happy to have them off the chart. They are upset with Michael Morbius killing the nurse. What they do not know is that Michael Morbius did not kill her. Michael Morbius needs the artificial blood so that he does not kill anyone else.  

Michael Morbius is in detention lockup, and he meets his friend Milo claiming to be his attorney. As Milo tells him, this place is for drug lords and terrorists not for you. We need to get you out of here. As Michael Morbius finds out later that Milo took serum, and he knows this because Milo left his cane in Michael Morbius’ cell. 

Michael Morbius will break out of the cell and go after Milo. He tells Milo, I told you not to take the serum. Milo tells him, why should he not have taken the serum. I do not want to have to hurt all the time. Milo, unlike Michael Morbius has taken the life of being a vampire and he tells Michael Morbius, why should they not feel the pain for a change. It is the idea of a person wanting to make others feel what they feel or felt.  

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Agent Simon Stroud and Agent Rodriguez of the FBI are searching for Michael Morbius. As Simon Stroud said, now he is laying down officers in my city. They are assuming it is Michael Morbius that is killing these people. They will later learn as they get a CCTV camera that Michael Morbius is not killing these people, it is a new guy.  

Michael Morbius will later go to Dr. Martine Bancroft and ask her help to help him find a way to stop Milo. He tells her on a bus that Milo took the serum. I must stop Milo and I need your help to do it. Dr. Martine Bancroft has a cat and personally the cat is a nice touch. I loved how the cat meowed at her trying to get her attention. It was talking to her. I have been a sucker for cats since I have a cat. 

The movie will take the viewer through to the end of the story. It will get the viewer to the climax of the story that it is trying to tell.  

As not to be revealed, nothing more will be revealed here.  

I will give you, my rating. I give Morbius, a 10 out of 10. I understand that it did not get rated well, but when I watch this movie, I cannot understand how people do not see how Michael Morbius is true to his character. Just like in the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon show, Michael Morbius was trying to help those with a blood disease. I will leave a link to sites that I found for leukemia for you to read in the description below in the YouTube video or my blog if you are on my website looking for this information. Leukemia, as I mentioned, will attack the bone marrow and will make it hard for a person to fight an infection as the blood cells are off. There is that piece of the puzzle that is missing that Michael Morbius mentioned when he was a young boy. The piece is missing, and a person cannot put it back together. This inspires Michael Morbius to become a doctor so he can help to save his life and his friend Milo. What happens instead is that it ends up turning him into a monster as well as his friend Milo. Michael needs to control this, and he is hoping that he can. There is a joke in the movie about Michael Morbius drinking the reds. This means that Michael Morbius needs that type of blood to stay alive as a vampire. If a person is a wine drinker, you get the joke which I am. There is red and white wine. There are also red and white blood cells. The white blood cells in one’s body help to fight off infections.  

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