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Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 1 Review and Breakdown

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

What this video or blog is about is it shows how tough Kate Bishop was even as a little girl and she shows that even as an adult. We also see how both a good fighter Kate and Clint really are. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video or read this blog.

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway here. In this video, I will be reviewing Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 1 currently on Disney+. The Episode starts out with the battle of NY in 2012 from what we saw in the first Avengers movie. We see the Chaturi aiming toward Kate Bishop and Clint saves her from it and her mother rushes Kate and herself out of the building. As we learn her father does not make it as we see his funeral later in this episode. Kate’s father’s name is Derek Bishop. Eleanor is Kate Bishop’s mother’s name, and she asks her daughter what she would like to have most. Kate’s answer is a bow and arrow. Even at an early age, this shows how tough Kate is. Yes, she comes from a privileged background since her family is rich, but you cannot teach toughness. This girl has it and you see it there.

We jump to the current time of the story, and we see Rogers the musical which is based off the battle of NY that took place in 2012. Clint Barton’s daughter Lila Barton asks him are you not liking this, and he tells her remember I was there. Lila asks her father Clint, is your hearing aid not working? This tells me that he has suffered hearing loss in the battles that he has fought, especially with all the explosions that he had to hear, and it caused damage to his ear drum. Clint sees Natasha and he is showing signs of PTSD. Lila, his daughter notices it and says I know you miss her. His sons ask him why are they doing a musical of this? Clint says this is NY and Broadway at Christmas what do you expect it to be? Clint gets a call from his wife, and he feels guilty for her not coming and she tells him not to worry about it because you need to make up for lost time you did not get with the kids. Clint and the kids are at a Chinese Restaurant, and they look like they are having an enjoyable time.

Kate Bishop is showing off her archery skills wearing a purple costume with her best friends, and I say they are at college which takes place before Rogers the musical. She is claiming she can hit the bell. You know what I am talking about the bell we saw in the trailer. She misses it at first, but then she hits it later and it collapses like it did in the trailer. She gets caught by a guard and she must pay for the damage that she caused or in other words her mother does. Her mother cancels her credit cards for destroying the bell and the clock. Her mother asks her to come with her to an event and tells her to wear the red dress.

We see later Eleanor Bishop; Kate Bishop’s mother is engaged to a man who is slimy to say the least. He goes down to a secret room where the event is being held where they are having a Black-Market auction. We know this because Kate Bishop follows him down to the area and pretends to be the help serving drinks. She listens in on the auction and listens very closely till we get to the Ronan the Assassin outfit that Clint Barton wore in Avengers End Game. They show the sword he used as well. As we can see it can retract itself like a light saber in Star Wars. The reason I think of light saber is the blade is not out all the time, it only comes out when you need to use it. The same is true of Ronan the Assassin’s sword. To me it is quite clever if you do not use a sheath to put it in.

We see later Kate Bishop stealing the Ronan the Assassin suit and putting the suit on like Clint did because there was an attack by a bunch of criminals in masks and they are after some watch. Kate fights the men and even though she is outnumbered she does an exceptionally excellent job with holding her own against them. She later saves the dog we see in the comics, and she takes the dog back to her apartment she stays at when she is home. She goes to an apartment and finds someone murdered and he has been stabbed by a sword not a knife. I liked the fact we do not know who the murderer is. She gets on the street, and she is outnumbered to say the least. Clint sees her on Spectrum News and the news media wonders if the masked vigilante is back terrorizing the criminal underworld. Clint must leave his family knowing he cannot have some copycat running around as Ronan the Assassin. Clint later takes on all the criminals even being outnumbered and stops them in their tracks. This to me shows how good of a fighter he is. Everyone said he is only a great archer, what else does he have to offer? He has to offer like Oliver Queen the Green Arrow; Oliver was not only a great archer, but he knew how to fight as well. Clint shows that ability here when he takes on several criminals and takes them down without a sweat. Clint later encounters Kate Bishop dressed as Ronan the Assassin and takes the mask off. She says, you are Hawkeye like in the trailer. Clint says, who are you?

I give this episode a 10 out of 10 because it had the feeling of the comics of Hawkeye, and you see how good of a fighter Clint is. I liked how Marvel showed how tough Kate Bishop is even at such an early age and she is even that at the current time the story takes place. I liked that it flashed back to the battle of NY in 2012 and showed us seeing Kate being saved by Hawkeye in the beginning of this series. It shows us why from that point on why she wanted to be like him and take up archery like he did as well as the fact that she herself is a good fighter. Most people at that age if something tragic happened would have let it define their life but instead like silver, she let it refine her. What I mean by this is it toughened her up and made her tougher. We can all learn from Kate Bishop and figure out to readjust when we must. God asks that of us, we can either let events define you or we can be like silver and let it refine us as this is my opinion. I also liked that Marvel in this episode left the murderer open to the victim we saw Kate found dead on his floor and that he was killed by a sword.

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