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Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 2 Review and Breakdown

Updated: Dec 15, 2023


In this video or blog, I will go over several details of what I saw in this episode of the Marvel Studios Hawkeye series currently on Disney+. I have also included the branding issues clip in this video which you want to watch the video. If you want to know how I rated this episode, then you want to watch this video or read this blog. Thank you.

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway here. In this video, I will be reviewing Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 2 currently on Disney+. I will also do an analysis of the episode of key points that I saw in it. I am amazed how good this show has been so far. As we saw from the last Episode it starts off with Clint dragging Kate across until he gets her in the alley, and he takes her mask off. As we all know, Kate was dressed in the Ronan the Assassin suit and Clint said come on. We all know she says you are Hawkeye. He says, who are you? He says, you are just a kid. This tells me, he is shocked in how young she is and that he is not expecting a kid to be wearing the Ronan the Assassin outfit. We know that he takes her to safety to make sure no one can find her. We later got to her apartment.

At her apartment, Clint sees the dog she saved and says is that your dog? She tells him it is not her dog. As I pointed out, Kate saved the dog that looks like the dog in the comics in the last episode. As we learned from the last episode, she kept the dog from being hurt by a criminal as well as it from getting hit by a bunch of cars. Clint also pointed out that the person that wore that suit made a lot of enemies. He asks, are you sure you were not followed? She says, I kept the mask on like a pro. We see later they get attacked by the Track suit Mafia at Kate’s apartment. The Track suit Mafia throws firebombs in Kate’s apartment. Kate’s apartment catches fire, she and Clint must get out there with dog before they are burned alive.

As we learn, they later escape to her aunt’s apartment because her aunt is in Florida for the winter. That would not be unusual if her aunt were old and decided to retire because before my grandparents moved to Florida, they used to live in Vermont for the winter to go to Florida like her aunt did to leave NY. Both NY and Vermont can have very cold winters and to me it would make sense.

Clint tells her you need to stay here since we know that Kate is on the Track suit Mafia’s radar. We also see Kate on the news, and she is being accused of killing Ahman who we saw dead on the floor since the last episode. Clint says, you are on the news twice. I told you that suit is bad news, and you need to stay here. She says I cannot, I need to go to work, and my mother will look for me. As we learn her mother owns Bishop’s security and it is the safest place to be. Clint gives a snarky comment and Kate asks, when did your heart grow 3 sizes too small? A reference from How the Grinch stole Christmas? He answers her saying when a kid stole a Ronan costume. As we know he went back to her apartment and the Ronan suit was gone.

As we learn, he takes Kate to work, and we see the Disney store in the background. Yes, we all know that Marvel is owned by Disney, but I have been to NY and there is an actual Disney store in NY. Clint is also walking on a certain side like I mentioned in my last review because of the battles he fought, he suffered hearing damage, and my belief is because of having to hear all those loud explosions. We see cosplayers on the sidewalk if you have been to NY that is not unusual. You have several dressed as Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Antman. Kate says, there you are. He says, no that is Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. Kate tells him your problem is branding. No, my problem is you. She says the problem is you are too low key, and it is a challenging thing to sell. He tells her I am not trying to sell anything. She tells him you are wrong, but you are. He gets her to work safely, and she puts her phone number in a burner phone that he has. He tells her to call for emergencies only. I will now have you watch the branding clip.

Iam back. Clint must go to a renaissance festival to get the Ronan the Assassin suit back. He ends up having to participate in it to get the suit back. He gets the suit back and takes it to a locker.

He tells his wife after that he hopes he can keep his promise to Lila that he will be home for Christmas. She says not to worry, you still have time. He tells her, I have the deal with the Track suit Mafia. She says not those idiots. He must plan to get pretend caught.

The guy I told you about who was slimy in my last review is back and his name is Jack. Kate notices it and she know he is a liar. She can see it even though Jack claims he is an open book. To me, anytime someone says they are an open book it tells me that it is false. We all have secrets, no matter the circumstances. Life happens, things happen that we are not proud of, or we are up to no good to say the least. Kate sees the clue we saw from the last episode when she found Ahman dead.

Her mother wants her to work for Bishop security and that is not Kate’s plan. As we all know, sometimes we all have plans that are different than our parents'. To me, it looks like Kate would rather just be doing something else after college than what her mother wants.

As we know Kate tries to go to Clint, but she finds out he has been taken. Like in the comics, she goes after him. This to me is accurate to her character and I know this as I saw this many times when I read the comics. The episode ends on a cliff hanger, and they leave it open to what happens next.

I give this episode a 10 out of 10. I thought it was fully accurate to the comics and we saw how well Kate is trained in martial arts and fencing. This girl is smart, but extremely talented to know how to fence and fight as well as shoot a bow and arrow. I liked the fact we still do not know who murdered Ahman and I will say this; I do not think it is the Track suit Mafia. I will have to go with Jack, the slimy one engaged to Eleanor Bishop, but that is my theory now. We will all have to find out in the next episode or episodes.

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Music: Sonic Pongo – Vans in Japan from YouTube’s Audio Library

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