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Marvel Studios the Marvels Movie Review and Analysis on Disney+

Hello everyone, welcome to the Mattacritic. This is Matthew Hemenway. Before I begin this review, please subscribe to this channel, and hit the notification bell to be notified of any reviews at the bottom of this video or blog post. Thank you. In this episode of the Mattacritic, I will be reviewing The Marvels on Disney+ done by Marvel Studios. I will go over several topics in this episode. The movie will begin with Dar-Been played by Zawe Ashton. She has a weapon that is very commonly used by the Cree. It was used by Ronan the Accuser in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It has a flat edge on top and can be used to fire off energy as well as wield like a sword for example. In one of the pictures that will come up it will have Dar-Been holding the weapon down on the ground like a walking stick. Moncia Rambeau refers this weapon to be a hammer and that was my thought as well. It is called the Universal weapon as mentioned by Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in the movie. Dar-Been is after planetary resources to replenish Hala after Captain Marvel destroyed the Supreme intelligence. Dar-Been was calling Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers the annihilator. She is wearing the bracelet that is like Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel’s bracelet. Dar-Been told the Cree their goal must be to help to restore Hala at all costs. The holes that she is making in space and time are having consequences. In the movie, they make the comparison to fracking and how fracking can cause quakes, but in space. This is a revenge quest for Dar-Been as she wants to make Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel pay. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel will learn from Monica Rambeau that it is okay not to be perfect. She thought she had to fix everything herself, but she does not have to. Kamala Kahn with Monica Rambeau will help to show Carol Danvers does not have to do everything herself. This review will set out to prove that they do become The Marvels in this movie. This review will also prove that a war over resources is nothing new. This has been fought for centuries in human history. I will leave a page from Wikipedia about a resource war. Here is a quote From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: 

A resource war is a type of war caused by conflict over resources. In a resource war, there is typically a nation or group that controls the resource and an aggressor that wishes to seize control over said resource. This power dynamic between nations has been a significant underlying factor in conflicts since the late 19th century.[1] Following the rise of industrialization, the amount of raw materials an industrialized nation uses to sustain its activities is heightened.[2] 

I will give you my rating at the end of this review. I hope this episode will inspire you to read, watch and learn.  

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A good example of a resource war is the fight over oil. The war in Kuwait is a good example of this. Iraq invaded Kuwait over oil and at the time the United States had to protect their interests.  Even today, most people use cars that use gas. It will be 20 to 30 years before, most people will be driving electric vehicles, and it will not require oil. Chances are there will be a resource war over lithium. It is considered a rare earth, and it must be mined to find it. As long as greed exists, this problem will exist. This happens in the Marvels as Dar-Been is looking to steal air, water, and any other resources from people to give to her people. She believes that she has the right to do this, and in the process to make Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel pay.  

Dar-Been needs two bracelets to have the power that she craves to do what she needs to do. She will steal air from the Skrulls when they were on Tarnax and she will later go to a planet called Aladna that reminds the viewer of Hawaii. The inhabitants dress like Hawaiians do and they sing, and those individuals must sing. Prince Yan can sign, but he also can talk like the rest of them. 

Kamala earlier in the movie will be fantasizing and drawing her comics and it will be like Middle School: Worst years of my life. I mentioned this in the Ms. Marvel reviews that I did for this channel. She has a very imaginative mind. She sees things and they tend to come to life. She wants to make a difference and has a big heart. She wants to help as many people as she can. When she is on the planet Tarnax where the Skrulls, she wants to save everyone, but Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel tells her; we must save who we can. The planet was going to collapse, and they needed to get out of there with how they have. That is true. Dar-Been in this situation is taking the air from the Skrulls. She claimed they come in peace, but it was a rouse at best as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel tells them.  

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Earlier in the movie, Kamala Kahn gets transported to the space station in Monica Rambeau’s place and they must figure out what is going on. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel gets transported to Kamla Khan’s room and this is where the fun begins. It is fun for the viewers watching the not for the people going through this. They must figure out what is going on. It keeps getting them transported until they get to Tarnax. This is where Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel along with Monica Rambeau with Kamala Khan will be fighting to save as many Skrulls as possible on Tarnax. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel ask Valkryie for help. Valkryie tells Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, it looks like you finally have a team. Not by design as Carol Danvers tells Valkryie. Valkryie tells, her, I have been on plenty of teams that were not by design. It does not mean you can stand tall without standing alone. Valkryie takes the Skrulls to a place where the Asgardians are staying.  

Kamala Khan told them that Dar-Been had a bracelet like her and Carol tells Kamala and Monica that the bracelet is called a Quantum band. Carol thought it to be a myth, but now seeing it shows that it is not a myth. Carol Danvers along with Monica Rambeau, and Kamla Khan put on the Skrull torture device that is an easter egg to Captain Marvel. It was used on her by Talos to help her and show her that the Cree stole her memories and made her into their weapon in the movie Captain Marvel. They go back and find clues they need to see. They go back to when Monica Rambeau lost her mother to cancer. Monica Rambeau was blipped and when she came back, her mother was no longer there. This is when Monica Rambeau decided to take it off as the memories are painful. After they take off the Skrull torture devices, Kamala goes to Monica and gives her a hug. She encourages Carol to do the same thing.  

Back to Aladna, the prince of Aladna will help Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan with getting the suits they need for battle. The prince of Aladna refuses to yield to Dar-Been. This is the right move. The Cree were ruthless and why would they want to go back to the Cree. Dar-Been will use the universal weapon with the Quantum bracelet to open holes in space and time to travel to various parts of the Galaxy. She is stealing the water like she did with air on Tarnax. Kamala Khan will learn how to use the suit as she flicks the scarf and acts as a weapon. She learns to use her powers as well. Dar-Been is after the water. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel wants to stop her, but Kamla Khan presses a button and sends them to a planet that is a desert planet. Kamala Khan told Carol Danvers that she was only doing what she did on Tarnax. She told Carol Danvers; "I cannot let them get my bracelet.” This is where Carol Danvers let us know along with Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan that this is happening because of her. She told Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan that the Cree on Hala were controlled by an artificial intelligence called the Supreme Intelligence. She destroyed the Supreme Intelligence because she thought it would set them free, but it made it worse. It caused the planet to go into a civil war and they lost their air and water. They had to wear masks earlier in the film before Dar-Been stole the air to get for Hala. She told Monica Rambeau that she could not come home until she fixed this. Monica Rambeau told Carol Danvers, that is not how family works. I did not want you to be the mighty Captain Marvel, I wanted you to come home. This where both Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan helped Carol Danvers realize that she does not have to this on her own. They need to work together to fix this and make it better.  

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The Marvels will get to the space station and Nick Fury will tell them that they have been having problems with little devices around the station of Saber. Saber is being disabled by these devices. They must figure out how to get these people off. Goose will have other cats that have tentacles inside. Just like real cats, they have a litter. Cats in real life have a litter and can have multiple cats at once. This happens to dogs as well. This will be good as they can use these cats to be able to transport the crew. They will eat the crew, and this will allow them to transport multiple people at once. This will work to their advantage.  

Monica Rambeau will tell Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, and Nick Fury that Dar-Been is after our sun. She wants to extract the energy of the sun to restore the sun of Hala. Nick Fury will take the family of Kamla Khan down to the planet along with the cats. They get to Manhattan looking on to the Statue Liberty.  

Monica Rambeau along with Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel must stop Dar-Been. The battle will be epic. 

As not to be revealed, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the viewer to the climax of this story. 

I will give you, my rating. I give The Marvels done by Marvel Studios on Disney+, a 10 out 10. I disagree with the other ratings that this movie was given. This movie was fun, and it told an exceptionally relevant story. It shows the dangers of a resource war, and how other civilizations will try to steal resources from other civilizations for wealth and power. What Dar-Been is doing is not to just save Hala, but for Hala to be restored to greatness. This is where the Cree Empire was stretched everywhere across the galaxy. They are setting up other possibilities in this movie. It will have a character at the end of the movie that has been in a series done by Marvel Studios. Who is that character? Please leave your answer in the comment section below. What other characters are coming into the MCU? Please leave your answer in the comment section below. Both Monica Rambeau and Kamla Khan helped Carol Danvers realize that she does not have to do everything alone and that is good. It is never good when we try to do things ourselves. With help, Carol Danvers will defeat the enemy thanks to Monica Rambeau and Kamla Khan.  

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