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Bosch Season 1 Review and Analysis

Updated: Jan 24

In this video or blog, I will be reviewing and analyzing Bosch Season 1. I will go over several topics that I saw in this season. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video or read this blog.

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway here. In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing Bosch Season 1 which is currently on Amazon Prime. I will go over several topics that I saw in this season. I will also want to say thank you for helping me reach 700 subscribers on this channel and still need more help to get 1,000 subscribers. Now on with the review.

The season starts off with Bosch hunting down a man that is running from him. He is Latino and his name is Roberto Flores and Bosch tells him to put his hands up, but he refuses, and Bosch shoots him as he saw him go in his pocket to get a gun. He later must deal with being sued civilly as Ms. Flores goes after him with Honey Chandler as she felt he acted with malice toward her husband. What this means is that she felt he was discriminating against her husband because he was Latino.

They claimed the police planted the gun in his hand and that is far from the truth. This does not hold water and second, even as bad as police corruption is, it would not go that far. If you have a gun pointed at you then you are in a kill or get killed situation, you have no choice but to act.

The premise of the season is the Arthur Delacroix murder as the bones is found up on a hill as he was buried like an animal. The other situation is the Reinard Waites situation where he gets picked up for killing gay people who are prostitutes. He sees them as dirty and must be eliminated from the face of the Earth. He is a psychopath and looks to taunt people.

Reinard Waites gets arrested and gets sent to jail for this crime. He uses the Arthur Delacroix murder as he claims that he killed him when he did not. As the viewer will see as the season progresses, this does not make sense. As my mother says, he was too young, and he did not fit as it was not the right place.

The DA agrees to have him released and taken to this place that was not anywhere this victim was. He uses this as a diversion to get out of police custody and he kills the Assistant DA and escapes. It was what you call a Cluster Fuck. Deputy Chief Irving meets with District Attorney Richard Oshea and Iving promises not to release the video, and Irving will give his endorsement for mayor.

Bosch’s mother murder of being a prostitute was revealed at the civil trial and it was an unfortunate thing because Reinard Waites uses this to his advantage. He goes after a woman who is a prostitute and dumps her in a trash bin. Bosch sees it and sends it his wife Eleanor Wish. He asks his ex-wife for help in help in helping with this case as she was a former FBI profiler but playing poker in Las Vegas or any casino in the country as she played in one Los Angeles where she and Bosch had a meeting at a Diner. Reinard Waites taunts Bosch in how Joker taunts Bat Man in the Dark Knight.

In 1 of the episodes, Bosch goes after Johnny Stokes with the help of his partner J. Edgar and Brasher and her partner Edgewood. In pursuit of Johnny Stokes, her gun goes off in her holster. Instead of admitting that it did, she blames it on Stokes for getting her gun. Bosch decides not to back her story which is malarkey, but there are those that want to see Stokes go down. Captain Pounds has been on Bosch for a long time and would like to have Bosch’s head by removing him from his job. He had Grace’s job of running Detective command and he hated Bosch since he did not kiss his butt and that the captain was incompetent.

Maddie Bosch is 1st introduced in the 6th episode, and this will set up her involvement in the series down the road. She will become a major character in this series as the series progresses. The actress Madison Lintz who plays her is easy on the eyes and she looks like a teenager when the 1st season was done.

The person who kills Arthur is not who the viewer expects. It ends up being someone in the neighborhood he grew up in. Arthur was killed as he was bashed in with an object. Arthur was killed for something someone wanted.

I give Bosch Season 1 a 10 out 10 rating. I thought it was well done and it kept you guessing, and it had the feel of a crime drama. Once the viewer gets to the end of the season, it does get the climax of the season and sets up Season 2.

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