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A Normal Amount of Rage

Aug. 18th, 2022


35 Minutes


Kat Coiro

In her office at the law firm where she works, Jennifer Walter practices her closing speech to the jury, talking about the responsibility of power and how the accuses abused it instead. Dennis Bukowski and Nikki Ramos watch and tell Jen that she has it, and one of them leave. Nikki assures Jen that she's got it in the bag, and suggests that if the case doesn't go her way, she can "hulk out". Once Nikki leaves, Jen tells the camera that she's a Hulk, and figures she'd better tell the viewers about that.

A Few Months Ago...

Jen and her cousin Bruce Banner are on a road trip. He shows Jen the device strapped to his arm that keeps him in human form, and she talks about her theory that Captain America is a virgin. A Sakaaraan courier craft appears in front of them, and the cousins' car goes out of control and off the road. Jen climbs out and goes around to Bruce's side, and manages to get the unconscious man out. Some of his blood falls into the gash on her arm, and she turns green and grows. She runs off into the woods while Bruce turns into the Hulk.
In Kathmandu, Nepal, Wong settles down to binge on 'The Sopranos' when Madisynn falls through a portal onto his couch next to him. She talks about how she just fought goblins, and about how a talking goat helped her escape in return for six drops of her blood. Madisynn realizes what Wong is watching and spoils it for him, and Wong vows that Donny is going to pay.

That night, Jen wakes up near a country bar. She goes in via the back, goes to the women's restroom, and tries to wash the blood off her clothes. Four women come in and help her, figuring a man beat her up. As she goes out and waits for Bruce after calling him, three men come out and hit on Jen. She turns into a "She Hulk" and snarls at them, and they fall back in terror.

Jen wakes up on a bed in a cottage on a beach. She makes her way to the basement and finds a bunker there, and "Smart Hulk" working in a lab. Smart Hulk says that they're in Mexico and he talked to her parents, and they know she's okay. He says that the cottage is where he went during the Blip, integrating himself and Hulk's identities. Smart Hulk explains that Tony Stark built the lab for him, and that they almost hit a Sakaaran courier craft that were apparently delivering a message to him. Jen asks what happened to her, and she remembers that he changed. Bruce says that his irradiated blood got into her body after the crash, and the two of them share a rare combination of genetic factors that let them synthesize gamma radiation. He used a sample of blood to fully heal his injured arm, letting him turn into Hulk, incinerates the sample of Jen's blood because it's too dangerous to get out into the world, and tells her that her condition isn't "going away".

Bruce warns that he can't make a cure for her, and Jen insists that she doesn't want to be a Hulk. She needs food, and Bruce makes her pancakes. He tells his cousin that she can't go back to her job because it's too stressful, and she can't be confronted with stress anymore. Bruce tells Jen that she'll have to stay there until she can control her alter ego, and it could take years.

In his lab, Bruce puts Jen in a sealed chamber and has to learn when stress will trigger her transformation. He activates a wall of spinning buzz saws that advance on Jen. She panics, turns into She Hulk, and shoves the wall back, breaking it, then breaks out of the chamber. Jen speaks in her normal voice and has her normal personality, much to Bruce's surprise. He's jealous that she doesn't have another personality to wrestle with, and tells her that she still can't be emotional and it will never stop that people see her as a monster. Jen agrees to let Bruce to teach her how to " Hulk".

Bruce takes Jen out of the veranda and teacher her yoga techniques to control her emotions. Jen isn't into it, and Bruce tells her to get some rest and they'll try in the morning. The next morning, Bruce sets off an airhorn in the sleeping Jen's ear, startling her awake. She turns into She Hulk and breaks the bed, and Bruce goes to work reinforcing all of her furniture. Bruce walks his cousin through exercises in being a Hulk, and Jen wonders when she's going to use any of it as a lawyer. He tells her that by being a Hulk she's putting a target on herself and all of her loved ones, and shows her the upsides of being a Hulk. They can get buzzed on alcohol but never get drunk, but Jen has to still deal with the hangover in the morning. She insists that she's not going to be a superhero, and is going to return to her career as a lawyer. Jen says that she deals with anger and stress all the time, because she's a woman.

Jen goes to Bruce's jeep, and Bruce goes after her and says that she's now a superhero and people like them have to protect the world. She doesn't want to be a superhero and chooses to help people as a lawyer, and drives off. Bruce stops her and says that he spent a lifetime denying who he really was, and Jen drives off and throws him off the hood of the jeep. When she knocks him into a pile of boulders, Jen stops the jeep and walks back to check on him. Bruce is fine and tells Jen that she has to learn to calm down. She loses her temper, Hulks out, and punches Bruce. They fight and smash the cottage, and Jen sheepishly apologizes. Bruce says that he'll respect it if she wants to back to her life as a lawyer, but Jen figures he doesn't mean it. Bruce helps Jen get her things into the jeep, and tells her that she can call him anytime.

The Present

Jen finishes her flashback and says that her family knows and Nikki knows, and there hasn't been any crazy stuff ever since. She goes to the courtroom and she gives her closing argument. The supervillainess Titania smashes in as Jen starts, and Nikki tells Jen to Hulk out and deal with Titania. Jen does so and they fight, and She Hulk knocks Titania out with one punch. Jen reverts back to her human form and prepares to give her closing argument.

The Past

Jen and Bruce drink, and Jen drunkenly laments the fact that Captain America died a virgin. Bruce insists that Steve Rogers wasn't a virgin, and Jen claims that she knew it.

Superhuman Law

Aug. 25th, 2022


28 Minutes


Kat Coiro

The news has reports about She-Hulk stopping Titania in the courtroom, and She-Hulk has been identified as Jen. That night, Jen and Nikki go to a bar where the patrons are all cheering about She-Hulk. Jen doesn't want to go in but Nikki insists, saying Jen should give them what they want. Jen goes in as She-Hulk and everyone cheers, Dennis comes over and complains that Jen debuted She-Hulk to drum up publicity for herself, and Nikki comes over and says that a guy gave her free drinks because Jen is a superhero. Jen insists that she isn't a superhero.

Her DA boss comes over and asks her to turn into Jen. Once Jen does, her boss tells her that the opposing counsel GLK&H had a mistrial declared because she transformed and saved the jury, potentially biasing them in her favor. He fires her because she's a liability for the DA's office.

Jen applies at other law firms, but none of them want to hire her because she's a potential liability. She eventually meets with Nikki, who helps her find jobs. A reminder of a family dinner comes up on her phone, and she goes to her parents' home and her father Morris assures her that he told the family so no one will bring it up. Her cousin Ched immediately brings it up, while her mother Elaine says that a young barista wants to talk to her about becoming a superhero. Morris asks Jen about Hawkeye's arrows, and then asks her for help before she goes.

Morris takes Jen to the garage and asks her how she's doing. Jen says that she's being okay about not being okay, and hated how her alter identity was revealed to the whole world. Morris tells her that they'll deal with it, and he says that she gets to keep moving on.

Jen goes to the bar to drink, and Holden Holloway from GLK&H approaches her. He offers her a job as head of a new division, and she immediately if she can bring in Nikki as a paralegal. Holden doesn't care and leaves.

On Monday, Jen arrives at GLK&H and Holden says that they started a Superhuman Law Division and he wants She-Hulk to be the face of it. He has her transform and then takes her around, and she's not happy they hired her because of her powers. Holden takes her to her new office, and leaves her to settle in. Nikki is already there, and She-Hulk tells Nikki that they only hired her because she has superpowers. Nikki doesn't care since they've got a corner office with windows, a minifridge, and a desk.

Augustus "Pug" Pugiliese comes in with a welcome basket and says that he's in the Superhuman Law Division as well, Later, She-Hulk meets with Holden and he tells her that her first case is the parole of Emil Blonsky, the former Abomination. Blonsky has been serving time in an ultra-high security prison, and there's a lot of publicity about his possible release. GLK&H is taking on the case pro bono for the publicity, and She-Hulk points out that Blonsky tried to kill Bruce so she has a conflict of interest. Blonsky has signed a conflict waiver and wants to retain Jen specifically as his attorney. When She-Hulk says that she'd rather take any other case, Holden tells her that if she doesn't take the case, she doesn't have a job at the firm. He says that at the least she should meet with Blonsky before she decides.

She-Hulk goes to the prison and the guard tells her that no super-powers are allowed inside. Jen transforms and is taken to Blonsky, and her escort has her sign a waiver that they can't guarantee her safety. The guards let her into the visitor area around Blonsky's cell. He's in his human form, and Jen sets off the alarms as she steps on the pressure plates around Blonsky's Plexiglas cell. Blonsky explains that he's transformed himself spiritually, and he chooses not to turn into Abomination anymore.

Blonsky admits that he tried to kill Hulk, but it was nothing personal and was under direct orders from the US Government. He says that the Super Serum the government gave him drove him berserk and that's why he went on his rampage in Harlem, Now Hulk is a hero and Blonsky is locked up. Jen tells Blonsky that he's going to need to show he feels remorse for his actions, and Blonsky says that he does, and he's written haikus to each of his victims. He insists he's speaking from the heart and wants to move on with his life, and Jen says that she'll think about helping him.

Holden leaves a message on Jen's phone saying that he wants her answer by the end of the day. Jen calls Bruce and tells him that she has a new job, but she has to take on Blonsky as a client. Bruce says that Blonsky wrote him a nice letter and a haiku, and they've put their grievances behind them and Bruce is sure he's okay with Jen defending Blonsky. He warns her that it's not easy going public, and laughs when she says the public named her "She-Hulk". Bruce assures her that she's got it but should be careful, and he's busy. Before he can finish, the Sklaar courier he's on takes off into warp.

Jen calls Holden and tells him that she's taking the case. She assures Holden that she has a winning strategy and the case is in the bag, and her new boss tells her to take a look at the news. The news is running footage of Abomination in an underground fight club in Macao.

Earlier after the family dinner, She-Hulk helps Morris and Ched around the house.

The People vs. Emil Blonsky

Sept. 1st, 2022


32 Minutes


Kat Coiro

Jen returns to the prison and goes to Emil's cell. She points out that he didn't tell her about his escaping from prison and fighting in Macao. He says that he was forced to leave his cell but returned of his own free. Emil explains that the Sorcerer Supreme, Wong, broke him out.

Jen calls Nikki at her office, and tells Emil's story. Nikki says that she can track down Wong, and Jen complains that Wong may have ruined her case. She then informs the audience that the show isn't a cameo a week despite the cameos, and it's mostly about her.

The news and Internet are filled with reports about how She-Hulk is representing Abomination at his upcoming parole hearing. Nina is in Jen's office watching it, and Jen comes in. Her paralegal tells her that she has to respond to it, but Jen refuses. Jen is called to Holden's office, and the two of them go there and Nina warns Jen that the gossip won't go away once the case does. In Holden's office, Dennis is already there as is Pug and Dennis isn't happy Jen is there as well. He says that he has too much history with Jen to be comfortable on the case, and Mallory Book comes in and Holden tells Jen that Mallory is also in the Superhuman Law Division. When Dennis hits on her, she leaves in disgust.

Holden tells Jen that Dennis has been defrauded by an ex-girlfriend and wants their help filing a suit against her to get their money back. The girlfriend is a shapeshifting Light Elf from New Asgard, although Dennis thought he was dating Megan Thee Stallion. Wong teleports in, in response to Jen's message, and Holden lets Jen go to talk to Wong privately.

Back in Jen's office, Wong readily tells her that he extracted Emil from the prison against his wishes because Wong needed a worthy opponent as part of his training to become Sorcerer Supreme. He asks that Emil not be punished for his transactions, and Jen points out that the parole board will be the one punishing Emil. Wong refuses to erase everyone memories through magic, and she asks Wong to show up at the hearing and explain everything. Wong agrees.

Pug interviews Dennis about how much money he lost and confirms he spent $175,000 on her in gifts. Once Dennis confirms that Pug will take his case, he leaves. However, he then comes back in and tells Pug that he's going to drop the suit. Pug realizes that "Dennis" is the Light Elf, Ruun, shapeshifted into Dennis' form. She leaves before security can arrive.

Jen goes into the prison for the hearing past the reporters, and Emil's soulmates are there. The hearing comes to order and Jen says that they have a witness who will clear Emil of any wrongdoing. She says Emil will give his statement since Wong hasn't arrived, much to Emil's surprise. He says that he feels rehabilitated and when he rambles on, Jen interrupts and says Emil's not the man he was. She says that Emil's soulmates have pledged to support him. The prison staff testify about how Emil has redeemed himself at the prison, while Jen waits desperately for Wong to appear.

When one of the board members plays the video of Abomination in the fight ring, Jen says that there were extenuating circumstances. Wong teleports in and he starts testifies.

In Dennis' pre-trial hearing, Runn's lawyer moves for the dismissal of all charges on the grounds that Ruun is the daughter of a New Asgard diplomat and thus has diplomatic immunity. The judge rules that Ruun doesn't because they're not in New Asgard. The defense lawyer says that no rational human would have believed Ruun was Megan Thee Stallion, and it was just a relationship gone bad. The judge points out that Pug has to prove Dennis was truly fooled, but he lets them go to trial.

Ruun then shapeshifts into the judge's form, takes the bench after he leaves, and says that he's changing his ruling. Pug notices that Ruun is gone and calls her on it, and she changes back to her normal fun and runs out of the courtroom with a bailiff chasing her.

Wong says that it was Emil's choice to return to his cell. When one of the board members points out that Emil is Abomination, Emil turns into Abomination against Jen's wishes and demonstrates that he's in full control of himself. He then changes back to human and Jen says that the whole thing proves that Emil could break free if he wanted, but has chosen not to. The board adjourns to consider all that they've heard. When the board points out that Wong facilitated a crime, Wong quickly teleports away.

Jen rushes out past the reports, ignoring their questions. Shew goes to the bar with Nikki, and still tells her paralegal that she's not doing interviews. Pug joins them and wonders how they worked with Dennis, and Jen points out that Dennis almost terminally deluded. Getting an idea, the next day Peg has Jen testify under oath that she knows Dennis well and he shared his dating life with her. Jen says that Dennis is self-absorbed and chauvinistic, and would believe he could attract Megan Thee Stallion. The judge awards full damages to Dennis, and sentences Ruun to 60 days for impersonating a judge. Megan is the gallery, and says that there's only one Megan.

As Jen, Pug, and Dennis leaves, Dennis asks them if he thinks he has a shot with the real Megan. Pug tells him not to try and thanks Jen for her testimony. Jen gets an idea when Dennis wishes there was a way to take away Ruun's shapeshifting powers permanently.

The parole board reconvenes, and they grant Emil release on parole. Emil is prohibited from turning into Abomination indefinitely, and has to wear an inhibitor. Jen thanks them, and Emil thanks Jen. He gives her the same advice Nikki did about being part of the story by interviewing.

Later, Jen goes on a news show as She-Hulk and says that he didn't come up with the name. The interviewer focuses on her diet and exercise secrets.

That night, Jen returns home and two men dressed as wreckers attack her. She turns into She-Hulk and easily tosses them off of her, and two more wreckers join them, wielding Asgardian tools they stole from a construction site. She easily defeats them, and one of them tries to take a blood sample but the needle breaks on her skin. They run off and one of them, Thunderball, says that he couldn't get the sample for her blood.

Later, Jen returns to her office and signs Megan on as her newest client. Holden comes by and sees them twerking together.

Is This Not Real Magic?

Sept. 8th, 2022


36 Minutes


Kat Coiro

A stage magician, Donny Blaze, is performing to an unenthused audience. He calls a volunteer, Madisynn King, up, and Donny's manager whispers to Donny to do "the thing". Donny uses a sling ring to summon a portal behind Madisynn and everyone applauds more enthusiastically.

In Kathmandu, Nepal, Wong settles down to binge on 'The Sopranos' when Madisynn falls through a portal onto his couch next to him. She talks about how she just fought goblins, and about how a talking goat helped her escape in return for six drops of her blood. Madisynn realizes what Wong is watching and spoils it for him, and Wong vows that Donny is going to pay.

Jen is in her apartment talking to the audience about Wong. Her father Morris comes in and says that he's there to beef up her security. Jen admits that she didn't call the police about the Wrecking Crew, and says that she'll kick their asses if they come back.

At her office, Jen signs up for a dating app. Nikki comes on and turns the TV on to a repeat of Jen's interview on the news. Wong teleports in and tells Jen that he has a legal matter of the greatest importance. Nikki leaves, and Wong explains that he's having issues with a stage magician, Donny Blaze, a former student of the mystic arts but was kicked out after he summoned three kegs and a former fraternity brother. Now Donny is performing at the Mystic Castle in LA, using the real mystic arts in his shows, and is sending volunteers to other dimensions. Wong says that he needs to make an example of Donny, so that no unlicensed persons ever perform the mystic arts. Jen confirms that Donny didn't sign a NDA or a non-complete, or anything in writing. She warns that any judge will throw out the case, and has Wong leave his card before he portals out.

That night, Jen and Nikki go to the bar and Jen writes up a cease-and-desist. Once she's done, Jen works on her dating profile. A man comes over and hits on them, and once he leaves Nikki assures Jen that there are plenty of non-gross people out there for Jen to date. Nikki goes through Jen's dating profile and critiques it, and suggests Jen make a profile as She-Hulk. Jen would rather date as "herself", and a match comes up.

Later, She-Hulk and Wong meet with Donny and his manager, Cornelius P. Willows. Donny insists that they can't copyright magic, and Jen gives him a cease-and-desist. Donny makes it "disappear", and Jen says that they'll see them in court. As she goes, she gets a match.

That night, Jen meets with the man, Alan, who spends their date talking about himself and eying other women. He takes a call and leaves, sticking Jen with the check.

The next day in court, She-Hulk says that she and Wong have filed a motion for preliminary injunction against Donny. The judge asks for a witness, and Wong reluctantly takes out his sling ring, summons a portal, and summons Madisynn. Jen puts Madisynn on the stand, and she explains that she can't go into detail about how she escaped, or the demon who helped her would reap her soul and the soul of everyone she loves.

Donny's lawyer moves to dismiss, insisting magic can't be copyright. Jen says that the mystic arts is real magic, not stage illusions. Donny and his lawyers demonstrate stage magician, and Wong gets up to say a few words against Jen's advice. Wong talks about how Donny is seeking to wield the power of gods, putting the entire multiverse at risk,. The judge says that she'll review the evidence and have her decision in a few weeks. She also rules that Donny can practice his livelihood in the interim. Madilynn gets Wong to take her for froyo, spoiler 'Sopranos' as they go.

That night at her house, Jen calls Nikki and asks her to proof a brief the next day. Nikki reminds Jen that the next day is Saturday, and Jen claims that she has a big night after swiping and hangs up. Jen gets an alert that she has no new matches on the dating app, transforms into She-Hulk, and creates a new profile for herself. The new matches flood in, and She-Hulk goes out with them. They're all jerks, except for the last one, a pediatric oncologist. The doctor, Derek, asks Jen about herself. She-Hulks is intrigues and suggest they go to her place.

Donny is performing his act, but the volunteer has heard about his act and refuses to get into his "firehole". He summons a dove that lays an egg in the volunteer's hand. It hatches and a baby monster emerges. It jumps on the floor and grows, and Donny summons a portal and kicks the monster through, then claims that it's part of the show. However, the monster and dozens more of its kind fly out of the hole and swarm the audience..

Wong is dozing off in front of the TV, and Donny portals into the room. Donny asks Wong for help dealing with monsters, and Wong says he'll do it for the universe, not for Donny.

At Jen's place, She-Hulk tells Derek about her first day at the law firm. She gets a call and ignores it, and Derek says that it's the best date he's had in a while. The phone keeps ringing and She-Hulk tells Derek that it can wait, and kisses him. She-Hulk knocks his wine one his shirt and he takes it off, and when he goes to get club soda for the stain, she tosses it away so she can keep admiring a shirtless Derek. As they kiss, Wong portals in and complains that She-Hulk didn't answer her phone. He says that he needs She-Hulk's help . She-Hulk tells Derek that she'll be right back and goes through the portal with Wong.

At the theater, She-Hulk swats the monsters which have turned into flying demons. Wong creates a portal to a frozen wasteland and tells She-Hulk and Wong send them through, while Donny and Cornelius crawl away. The demons continue growing, and She-Hulk keeps sending them through with Wong. Wong turns the portal into the vortex, which sucks all of remaining demons through. She-Hulk holds onto one demon, and asks Donny and Cornelius if they'll agree to her cease-and-desist. The quickly agree and She-Hulk tells them she'll be in touch.

She-Hulk drops out of a portal onto her couch, and Derek who's laying on it. She picks him up and carries him to the bedroom.

The next morning, Jen is in the kitchen making breakfast. Nikki texts her saying that Titania is in the news. The newscaster is talking about how Titania has been cleared of all charges. Derek comes out and doesn't know who Jen is, and she explains that she's not in Hulk form. He says that he's going to go and quickly leaves. A process arrives at Jen's door with paper served by Titania's company, suing Jen for misuse of a trademark. Titania now owns the rights to the name She-Hulk.

Madilynn and Wong watch TV together and discuss drinks.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

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