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YouTube Memberships Announcement video

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway is here. In this video, I will be asking you to help me support the channel in signing up for YouTube memberships. I am sure you are asking yourself, why is he asking me for money? It is simple, let me ask you this question, would you go to your job and say, I do not want to get a paycheck. Well, yes, my channel is monetized, and it will help to get ad revenue, but if you support me here, it will allow me to do this and only this. I would say to people I do YouTube for a livelihood. I would say that I review and analyze texts such as books, movies, and TV shows. Your support would allow me to upgrade my software. All the videos that I published up to this point will be free, it will be videos where I will do exclusive live video sessions where I will do interview style with you, and you can ask me questions like a zoon session where you can ask me by talking to me like I am in this video. For example, I could afford to pay for live streaming software which will allow me to make even better videos. You can also get early access to certain videos before I release them and make them public. You will have access to certain perks such as members only community posts. If you enjoy the content I produce, then why not support it if you can. It is not required to do this, but you will feel better about it if you do. I know that when I support NPR even for $5.00 a month, I feel better about it because I am paying for what I use. You are acting on a sense of idealism if you support me and my channel. If you decide to become a member of my channel, thank you for your support. Remember, I am running a business by doing this channel, and every business need money, if you help me, you are giving me the resources, I need to be able to run this channel more effectively. If you join, you are doing something bigger than yourself; you are becoming part of a family and a community. Thank you. Have a great day. To join click on

Thank you for reading this blog, please consider supporting this independent source of reviews by making a PayPal donation or going to and buy merchandise to help support it. If you do not want to do that, please consider becoming a patron by going to and help support me there. You can also go to and sign up for YouTube memberships by hitting the join button that is in the channel section there or at the bottom of the YouTube video if you choose to watch the YouTube video that is included in this blog. Thank you.

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