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What my channel is about

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

What my channel is about is me reviewing and analyzing books, movies, TV Shows, or other videos that I watch. I also will do fun videos of places that I visited or hobbies that I do like when I went to Lake Lure, NC earlier last year on the 4th of July Weekend. I have more exciting videos coming such as any Marvel movie, TV show, or book reviews and analysis. I have reviewed series such as the Dopesick series that is currently on Hulu. I have reviewed a book called ISPY and I promise you I will review and analyze more in time. I will not talk down to you as I will talk to you intelligently and let you know what I think. I will give an honest opinion of what I see in each text that I review. I have a BA in English and I have a 4th Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do that makes me qualified when a text involves martial arts. My BA in English makes me qualified in reviewing and analyzing texts that I come across. If you like to read, watch, movies, or TV Shows, or any video out there, then my channel is for you. Please consider becoming a subscriber as subscribing to my channel will cost you nothing. Please consider hitting the like button if you enjoy any video that I produce as it will help me get more views to each of those videos. Please hit the notification bell to be notified of any video comes on my channel. Please share any video you watch, so my channel can grow. Thank you.

Thank you for reading this blog, please consider supporting this independent source of reviews by making a PayPal donation, going to to buy merchandise to help support it. If you do not want to do that, please consider becoming a patron by going to to help support me there. You can also go to to sign up for YouTube memberships by hitting the join button that is in the channel section there or at the bottom of the YouTube video if you choose to watch the YouTube video that is included in this video. Thank you.

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