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Titans Season 3 Review and Analysis

Description: In this video or blog, I will be reviewing and analyzing Titans Season 3 that is currently on HBO Max. I will go over several topics and let you know if this season is worth watching. I will make comparisons to other DC shows or movies as well as the comics.

If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video or read this blog.

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway is here. In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing Titans Season 3 that is currently on HBO Max. I have enjoyed watching this series so far. I will go over several topics in this video of what happened in this season. I will let you know my rating at the end of this video. Thank you.

If you want to watch the video, please watch the YouTube video that is included in this blog. If you rather go to YouTube, please go Thank you.

The season starts off with the Titans in San Francisco after Wonder Girl died in the Season Finale of Season 2. As the viewer knows, Rachel went to Paradise Island to help bring Wonder Girl back from the dead. Rachel told Dick that she thought she could bring Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl back from the dead. Dick says sometimes we cannot change the world. Rachel told him; we must try.

Jason told Bruce Wayne that he had the Joker dead to rights. Bruce told him to wait. Jason decided not to and went after him. Jason was taking a drug that helped him with his fear. Jason went as Robin and later he got killed by the Joker. This is true to the movie I told you in my 1st season review of this series. Here is what I said in that review, Jason Todd was the one who becomes Red Hood as there is a cartoon movie which came out in 2010 and it was called Bat Man: Under the Red Hood. Joker in that movie killed Jason Todd as well. This storyline is like that in that Jonathan Crane takes Jason Todd to the Lazaras Pitt to bring Jason Todd back from the dead. In that movie, Ra’s Al Ghoul brings Jason Todd back from the dead. That is the only difference. As revealed later in this season, the League of Shadows had put a Lazarus Pitt in Gotham. That makes sense as shown in Bat Man and Arrow, the pit was always in Nanda Parbat. They wanted it there incase Ra’s died in Gotham, so they could bring him back to life. Therefore, he had lived for centuries. As is known in the Bible, Lazaras was the one Jesus Christ brought back to life.

As the viewer finds out, Dick Grayson runs into Barbara Gordon again. As shown in the comics and various depictions of this character Barbara is the one who becomes Bat Girl. As shown in Bat Man Beyond, Barbara Gordon does become the police commissioner of the GCPD. She and Dick have some emotional baggage, but they work that out later. Barbara and Dick work well together and it is obvious to the viewer that they like each other. You can see it in their body language, and the way they act toward each other. Barbara was worried when Dick Grayson got hurt when he got hit by cars going after Jason Todd. She sat by his side once that happened. She wanted him to read the eye chart to make sure he had not suffered a concussion.

Hank and Dawn are in Washington, DC when the season begins. Hank and Dawn go to Gotham City to help Dick stop whatever sinister is happening there. Hank later encounters Jason Todd AKA Red Hood. The encounter does not turn out well as Hank is on the bad end of the stick. What happens to Hank? Please leave your answer in the comment section below.

Bruce has left Gotham City after feeling guilty for letting Joker kill Jason. As was shown in the first episode of this season, Bruce kills Joker as Bat Man. Bat Man was not known for killing, but after Robin got killed; this is where he felt he had to take matters in his own hands. Dick and the Titans were on their own.

The viewer gets introduced to Tim Drake at the first episode of this season. He is a mix of African American and Asian. According to, his mother is of Cambodian descent from Tronto, Ontario. The actress who plays Tim Drake’s mother is Chantria Tram of Cambodian descent from Tronto, Ontario. He is obsessed with finding out who Bat Man is and who the Titans are. He knows more than anyone does about them. Tim wants to be the next Robin. As shown in the comics and other depictions of this character he does. There are three Robins as have been shown in the comics and other depictions of Robin in the DC mythos.

The viewer got introduced to Black Fire in Season 2 and looked like she was bad guy. There is more than meets the eye with this as Star Fire was not supposed to have the power that she has. It was revealed that her parents wanted Star Fire to be Queen instead of Black Fire. It was wrong, but that can happen in families if one wants the other child to be the heir especially in royal families.

Super Boy as was shown in Season 2 has Super Man and Lex Luther’s abilities. He is a clone that is mixed race. He has Lex’s intelligence and Super Man’s strength all rolled up in one body. This is such a cool character from that standpoint. Even though he has doubts of what he can do, he gains confidence once the season progresses.

The goal of Jonathan Crane AKA Scarecrow is to douse the city in fear gas that will make everyone kill each other and he wants create fear so that he makes the Titans into public enemy number one. He wants to have bombs going off everywhere. He wants Gotham to destroy itself and build the village back like Ras Al Ghoul did in Bat Man Begins.

As not to spoil anymore, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the viewer to the climax of this season.

Answer these questions: Does Rachel AKA Raven bring Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl back from the dead? What happens to Dick AKA Night Wing in this story? What does Bruce Wayne plan? Does Bruce get over his Demons that have been haunting him? Do the Titans stop Scarecrow and Red Hood? Does Jason Todd repent? Does Super Boy and Black Fire like each other? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

I give Titans Season 3 a 10 out of 10. I thought it was well done and was faithful to the comics in the depictions of other sources that I mentioned in this review. It did an excellent job of showing how insane Crane is and that he is a psychopath. It shows that he has issues with his mother as he killed his mother in this season. It shows the viewer that he has a mommy complex when it borders on this kind of insanity.

I want to clear the air here, when I do reviews, I do not own the content. Even when I did the reaction videos, I do not own the content that I am reacting or reviewing to. I always leave references in the description below to what I am referencing. Always look at that if you have doubts. I do my best to be as careful as possible. You would not review your own stuff. If I have authored a book or made a movie or TV series, I would want someone to review it other than me. I would go in with a bias. A person who is a 3rd party has no stake if it does well or not.

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