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Titans Season 2 Review and Analysis

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

In this video or blog, I will be reviewing and analyzing Titans season 2. I will go over several topics that I saw in this season. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video or read this blog.

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway here. In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing Titans Season 2 which is currently on HBO Max. I will go over several topics that I saw in this season. I want to say thank you for helping me reach 1,000 subscribers on this channel and still need more help to get 4,000 watch hours. I also have a new goal of getting to 2,000 subscribers on this channel and need help to get there. Now on with the review.

The season starts off with how the 1st season ended with Trigon using the pain of the Titans against them to make them his army. They all had tragedy that happened to them, and he uses as a means of controlling them. It does make sense as anyone knows, people have things that happen to them, and it is never good. It takes Rachel AKA Raven to defeat her father Trigon to stop him for carrying out his plan to cover the world in darkness.

Rose shows up in the 2nd episode of this season and this starts off with her arc in this season. She will become a major character down the road. Slade Wilson AKA Death Stroke was teased to the viewer at the end of 1st episode of this season. As the viewer knows, Death Stroke is not only a Bat Man villain, but is a villain in the Titans. This was shown in Teen Titans Go To The Movies which was released in 2018. Rose claims that she was being chased by her father, but this is shown to be not so.

Dick Grayson fills sorry for her and takes her to Titans’ tower. Dick is training the Titans in martial arts and shows them how they must fight. They must be able to fight even when they lose their eyes. This makes sense, what if you lose your senses, you must be able to hang on.

It progresses later and it flashes back to 2014, when Agua Lad was alive. Agua Lad was killed by Slade, but as the viewer realizes he was not the target. The woman who Donna Troy AKA Wonder Girl knew was the target. This season had twists and turns.

The viewer meets Jericho, Death Strokes’ son who can possess people and he later finds out his father was killing people for money. Death Stroke is a mercenary who works for money and that is who he is. No matter if the viewer watches the Arrow verse or this series, Death Stroke usually wants to afflict pain and exact his revenge.

As the viewer learns as the season progresses, Dick Grayson is carrying this pain. He wanted Death Stroke to kill him instead of Jason Todd so that Jason did not have to pay for his sins. Dick thought he made a mistake. Conner later saves Jason as he was teased in the 1st season of this series. He was the one the viewer saw in the last episode breaking out of Cadmus labs.

As the viewer knows and sees that Cory Anders AKA Star Fire was taken by a man that was her bodyguard and had a crush on her. Cory is royalty and must return to her planet to stop Black Fire. Black Fire is her sister and is jealous of her. Black Fire wants the throne and takes it from her. It is not unusual for families of royal blood to fight amongst themselves.

Dick goes to prison as he feels after revealing this lie to the group and what Slade tells him that you must pay for your crimes. Dick decides that he must go there to face judgement and make amends for what he has done. Dick finds out this is not the case and must become he is meant to be. This will lead him to becoming Night Wing.

The group must deal with their sins and issues and must realize that those things do not define them and overcome them. Each character has screwed up but must find a way to not let those screw ups define them.

I give Titans Season 2, a 10 out of 10. I thought it was well done and like I said in my last review of this series and my live video that I did back on February 7, 2022, I have been impressed on how good it has been. It had the feel that the viewer expects to see in these characters. It helps to show how our sins can be forgiven if we let them.

Before ending this video, I will let you know that there will be a question in the community tab of this channel page. It will ask you what Basketball movies or TV series you would like me to review as each person that is watching this video knows is that the NCAA tournament is coming soon and it would make sense to ask you this question.

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