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The End is Nigh: A Jack Sheridan Mystery Book 4 Review and Analysis


In this blog or video, Matthew Hemenway will be reviewing and analyzing the Book the End is Nigh a Jack Sheridan Mystery, book 4, published by Vince Vogel in 2018. This story will deal with poisoned heroin, but it helps the reader to understand Jack Sheridan’s past which is not always easy to understand. It has a woman that shows up murdered and this will point to a nightmare situation that I will point out in this review. There are several players in this story and the answers will surprise you and you will not see it coming. If you want to know more, you want to watch this video, or read this blog.

Hello everyone, welcome to the Mattacritic. This is Matthew Hemenway. In this episode of Mattacritic, I will be reviewing and analyzing The End is Nigh: A Jack Sheridan Mystery Book 4, which is Amazon self-published book by Vince Vogel in 2018. This book will deal with a murder of a young woman, but there will be poisoned Heroin going around the streets of London, plus a friend of Jack Sheridan’s past will go missing. It will also have his daughter Carrie struggling to stay afloat after the events that happened in the previous book of Into the Woods. I hope this episode will inspire to Read, Watch, and Learn.

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Jack Sheridan has a troubled past. Before, he was a police officer (cop), he used to serve as an enforcer for the criminal underworld. The story goes back to 1980 and it brings the reader to the present time the story takes place. The reader will be asking, how is this possible? It is because these are words that are written in this story. Jack did something he is not proud of, and he has regrets about it.

As I would have said in previous reviews; flashbacks are an effective way to tell a story. It helps the reader or viewer to understand where the person came from and how that person progressed in the story. We all need to understand our past if we are to move forward in the current time.

The poisoned heroin is going around London. I mean it has been poisoned (literally) and it is being used to kill people. Harry Dunn is one of the major criminal players in this story and he has ties to Jack Sheridan. Jack Sheridan is known in Scotland Yard as a guy that does always follows the rules. He can ruffle a lot of feathers, but he and George Lange get along well. George is the Detective Constable and Jack Sheridan is a Detective Seargent as I would have told you in my first review of this series. If you have not watched my first review, please consider doing so. You also would want to read it on my blog as well.

Jack Sheridan is friends with Jimmy Rose and Jimmy Rose has decided to stop his cancer treatment. As he told someone that he believes he needs to do this to get right with the world. Jimmy knew that he had a troubled past and he believed he needed to make it right. He will get involved in Russian Roulette fighting and this fight will be under the sewers. It is the idea of an underground fight ring.

Jack Sheridan is troubled by the past and it will haunt him. He is having to raise Tyler with the help of Jean, his girlfriend as Carrie needs help with her maniac depression. She has a tough time dealing with problems and she can be self-destructive. She served as a prostitute, and she used drugs. As I would have pointed in my last review, which is Into the Woods, she relapsed back to using drugs and was tortured by a horrible individual. She was tortured by a man named Fergus Thompson. Fergus was going to make Jack watch it and it unfortunately had several people in that book who were not good people when it came to it. It may have been a small town, but it was riddled with crime from that sense.

Jack Sheridan fortunately has Jean who has been good to him, and he feels that Tyler is his second chance. He tells Tyler he needs to improve on that spelling, and he will consider letting him watch Arsenal which is a football club in London. Football in London is what those would call soccer in the United States of America.

Harry Dunn was a target of elimination by Garth who was Jack’s boss at the time he served as an enforcer for the criminal underworld. He was Garth’s competition back in 1980. Lenny Beaumont and Jimmy Rose, and Jack Sheridan were supposed to kill him. Jack could not do it and he put Lenny into a coma and Lenny Beaumont wanted to kill Jack Sheridan once he got out of a coma. Jimmy Rose had to protect Jack Sheridan from him, and Jack Sherian had no choice to protect his friend. Jack had no choice of what he had to do, please leave your answer in the comment section below. If you know the answer to the question that I just asked you. Thank you.

The story will come full circle as Jack will encounter Jimmy Rose, but not in how he envisioned he would. Jimmy Rose served time for what had happened to Lenny Beaumont. It was an unfortunate thing. What was that prison sentence for? Please leave your answer in the comment section below. Thank you.

There is a drug war going on between Garth and Harry Dunn which will be the reason that poisoned Heroin is going around. As I told you before in this review, Heroin is laced with poison. Heroin is bad enough without it being laced with poison. Anyone that uses it will die and it will not be a good thing. This will lead the two vying for control of the drug market for the criminal underworld.

Alice Newman who is a Detective Inspector that was partnered with Jack Sheridan in the previous book of this series is back in this story. She helped Jack solve the mystery that was going on into the woods. That book had several people being murdered and there will be several bad people in this book. Alice will help Jack in this book, and he will tell her what he is looking for.

As not to be revealed, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the reader to the climax of this story and set up the next book which is called A Step into the Dark which is the 5th book of the Jack Sheridan Mystery series.

I will give you, my rating. I give The End is Nigh, A Jack Sheridan Mystery Book 4, a 10 out 10. It was fun, but it tells an overly complicated and compelling story. It keeps the reader on his or her toes. It helps the reader to understand Jack Sheridan’s past. The reader finds out that Jack Sheridan has skeletons in his closet, and he had a dark past. Jack has a good thing going with Jean and Tyler. Jack fears what might happen next, but he keeps it together despite his fear. The 11-year-old girl that went missing as I told in my other videos of these reviews is still missing, please pray that answers will come. Whether it is good or bad, the truth is important, and it helps to have those answers become known. As it did for Jack Sheridan in this story, it helped him as well. The truth is never easy, but it is necessary for us to move forward.

This book moves fast and if someone wants to make this book series into a TV series or a movie, it will make perfect sense to do so. Forget that these are self-published books, these are good stories and are worth reading, if one is willing to give these a chance.

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