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The Book of Boba Fett Season 1 Episode 2 Review and Analysis

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway here. In this blog, I will be reviewing and analyzing the Book of Boba Fett Season 1 Episode 2 currently on Disney+. I will go over several topics and point out several Easter Eggs that I saw in this episode. I will give my rating at the end of this blog. Thank you.

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The episode is called Chapter 2 and it is called the Tribes of Tatooine. The episode starts off with a tone remarkably familiar to Return of the Jedi as you see the door open to Jabba’s palace in the same as in Return of the Jedi. If you think about how Luke entered in Jabba’s palace, the camera angle was from the inside of the palace not the outside of it. They were bringing the prisoner in the one that attacked them outside when Boba was visiting the person who owns the Cantina. Fenec Sand takes him to Jabba’s throne room, and they are interrogating him, and they could not get him to talk. He spits in their face figuratively. The Gamoran guards were going to cut his head off, but Fennec tells Boba to have him drop in the pit where the Rancor would be. It was what you call a bluff like in poker, as we all know the Rancor was killed by Luke in Return of the Jedi. The feel of the guy falling, reminded me of how Luke fell in Return of the Jedi. Luke killed the Rancor in Return of the Jedi and they do not have a Rancor. He confesses and they found out it was the mayor who sent the Assassins to kill Boba.

Boba and Fennec Sand go to the mayor’s establishment and tell him you sent this man to kill me. The mayor shows disrespect to Boba and saying that you are still a bounty hunter. This means to me he does not think that Boba is not the legitimate ruler to Jabba’s throne. The mayor has the man executed and he pays Boba a fee like paying a bounty hunter still. Boba says this will make up for not paying tribute to me. The mayor tells Boba to go back to the cantina we saw him in the last episode.

Boba with Fennec Sand goes back to the cantina, and they meet up the one who owns the cantina. He tells her that you are sweating like a person on Mustaf far. Mustaf far is a reference to where Anakin Skywalker had his body cut up in Revenge of Sith: Episode III, and his castle as we saw in Rogue One. Later, we hear Huts coming, and they look remarkably like the ones we saw in The Phantom Menace. If you remember in The Phantom Menace, the movie showed us they were other Huts besides Jabba. The male Hut was Jabba’s cousin and Boba can understand them as we can understand various languages. Boba also can speak the Hutt’s language. The Hutt’s sister was telling Boba they would kill him and anyone that stood in their way to conquest. The Huts also have a Wookie bounty hunter according to my brother is in the Star Wars comics. Boba tells the male Hut, tell your sister she is right, you will have to kill me to get this territory. I took this over after I killed Bib Fortuna and this land belongs to me as Boba tells the Huts. The Huts leave in a huff to say the least.

Boba goes back to the palace and goes in the healing chamber and flashes back to where he was with the sand people. The sand people are teaching him how to use the staff and the chief of the sand people teaches him in how to use it. It was especially important to know how to use it as Boba will help the sand people to deal with the train that was coming through and attacking the sand people and killing them. He also flashes back to his days on Camino that you see in Attack of the Clones.

I will not spoil the ending, but I will tell you this, it does get us to the climax of this episode. You will see Easter eggs from other movies such as Back to the Future Part III and Spider-Man 2 when Boba and the sand people in their attempt to stop the train. I will tell you this, it shows us the ancient art of wood craving, which to be honest I found interesting. It also mentioned to us that Tatooine used to have oceans, but they dried up due to the climate changing. That is what I will leave you with. I will now give you, my rating.

I give this episode a 10 out of 10 rating. I thought it was well down and to me it felt like what Star Wars should feel like. I like how it uses flashbacks to where Boba would have been at the time, he was dreaming the memories. Dreams are a way for us to deal with problems and I can relate from a personal experience that it is important to help us to heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually from our pain.

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Music: Sonic Pongo – Vans in Japan from YouTube’s Audio Library

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