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Star Wars The Bad Batch Season 2 Episodes 1 to 2 Review and Analysis on Disney+

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Description: Review and Analysis of Star Wars Bad Batch Season 1 currently on Disney+ done by Lucas Film.

Hello everyone, welcome to the Matta critic. This is Matthew Hemenway. In this episode of Matta Critic, I will be reviewing and analyzing Star Wars Bad Batch Season 2 Episodes 1 to 2 that is currently on Disney+ done by Lucasfilm. I will go over several topics in this episode. I will give you my rating at the end of this episode. I hope this episode inspires to Read, Watch, and Learn. What Season 2 Episodes 1 to 2 pick up where Season 1 left off. It helps the viewer to know what happened there. It has the clones they call Clone Force 99 where they are the elite bunch of clones with Omega. They are not like the other ones where they look like Jinga Fett. They are on the run from the Empire. I will give you my rating at the end of the review.

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At the start of the 17th episode, which is Season 2 Episode 1 of this series is called the Spoils of War, the clones are pulling off a heist on the planet that is shown in the trailer. Hunter and Echo are mad at Wrecker for waking up the creatures. The water creatures are coming after them. Omega and Tech are on the ship waiting for orders to pick up Hunter, Echo, and Wrecker. While waiting for orders, Omega is learning about all the ships in the Imperial fleet. She needs to know each ship, so she will be able to tell them apart. Omega is telling Tech, why do I have to do this? It is important to know and just because they are on a mission as Tech points out is no excuse for not sticking to one’s studies. Tech and Omega must get to Hunter, Echo, and Wrecker and get off the planet. Omega has gotten better with using her bow and arrow that works like a laser arrow. She is a better shot than she used to be. She hits targets better with more accuracy. She defeats the creatures a lot easier than in the first season as the viewer would recall.

They get off planet and return to Cid with the cargo. AZ tells them that Cid is not happy with how long it takes them to get them back. Cid tells them that it is about time they got back. The viewer meets the black pirate whose name is Vu that the viewer saw in the trailer of the Season 2 release of the Bad Batch. She tells them that she thought all clones are supposed to look alike. She says that one is too muscular, one too short, one that looks like a walking tattoo, but she is impressed with Tech. Tech says that most of the eye colors in the clones are the same as brown eyes. She asks Wrecker to take a package to her ship. Cid lets the Bad Batch know that they can trust them.

Cid lets them know that she has a new job for them based off the information that Vu told her. They are going to the Outer Rim of the planet known as Serenno. Tech lets them know that is where Count Dukou had control. Cid tells them that they must go after this war chest. That war chest will hold quite a bit of cash. It will be more than any job that the Bad Batch has done for Cid. Hunter was hesitant to do this. He believed that they should not risk it.

They all agree with Cid to go after the war chest on Serenno. Hunter reluctantly agrees and they go after the war chest. They end up running into problems while attempting to steal the war chest. They needed that money so that they could flee to their safe spaces. Echo points out to Hunter; we should be doing more to help the Empire.

The next episode is called the Ruins of War. This episode the clones will be divided. Wrecker is with Hunter, and they must escape through the ruins of the city. Tech, Echo, and Omega must escape through the shipping container, and it is an ordeal once they land. Tech has his femur fractured. He is weak from the impact. They meet an old man that tells them that he wants nothing to do with that money as he tells them that is blood money. He told them that Count Dukou got the money from exploiting his own people.

The clones must figure out how to get back to the Mauder with the Troppers on their tail. It is an epic escape.

As not to be revealed, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the viewer to the climax of the 2 episodes and set up Episode 3 of this season.

I will give you, my rating. I give Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 2 Episodes 1 to 2, a 10 out 10. It is fun, but keeps the viewer engaged. It does an excellent job of picking up where Season 1 left off. It explains how some money is not worth it because it is blood money. It makes sense to why they went after it as they needed it. The corrupt Vice Admiral will show up and he will not want his failure to be revealed. He will want to cover it up.

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