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Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 5 Review and Analysis/Disney+

Description: Please check out my Review and Analysis of Star Wars Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 5 currently on Disney+ done by Lucas Film. I will go over several topics in this blog or this video. This will deal with a treasure hunt that is like what has been seen in Indiana Jones and National Treasure. It has booby traps, clues, and a whole lot of action in this episode. I also make a comparison to the Ark of the covenant from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and the pipe in National Treasure in this blog or video. If you like treasure hunts, action, and solving clues, then you want to read this blog or watch this video included in this blog.

Hello everyone, welcome to the Matta critic. This is Matthew Hemenway. In this episode of Matta Critic, I will be reviewing and analyzing Star Wars Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 5 that is currently on Disney+ done by Lucasfilm. I will go over several topics and point out several Easter eggs in this episode. I will give you my rating at the end of this episode. I hope this episode inspires to Read, Watch, and Learn. What Season 2 Episode 5 does is pick up where Episode 4 left off. The name of this episode is Entombed. This episode will have all the Bad Batch along with Omega. They will go after treasure and this episode will have an Indiana Jones and a National Treasure feel to it. I will give you my rating at the end of the review.

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The episode starts off with Wrecker and Omega finding junk at a junk yard. Yes, the Star Wars universe has a junk yard which makes sense. There must be a place where you can throw trash at. The junk yard is where you can find parts or gear and just because it is there does not make it junk. A good mechanic can find parts that are useful and use them to help with repairs or building a new device. As was said in the Flash TV series on the CW, Cisco would have told Barry, Joe, and Caitlin, “the first rule of mechanical engineering, never waste good tech.” What they found was a compass and that compass looks remarkably like ones that I have seen in an Indiana Jones movie or a National Treasure movie or in the series that is on Disney+. They are currently doing a National Treasure series and I have been able to compare the scenes in this episode to what is on that show.

Indiana Jones would have stuff that is like what Omega found in the junk yard. Phee told Omega this is going to lead to a treasure that is old. This treasure will date back to before the Jedi and will predate the Republic. In the first Indiana Jones movie, Indiana went after the arc of the covenant, and he was having to get it before the Nazis did. They are not doing that in this episode. They are going after this so that they can hope to make money from it. Both Echo and Hunter are hesitant to want to do this. They knew the last time they did it, it did not turn out well when they went after Count Dooku's war chest in the first 2 episodes of this season.

An example of National Treasure is the pipe that Benjamin Franklin Gates found on Charlotte which is the ship that was found in the beginning of the first movie. The pipe works like a compass as you must figure out the clues to it. The compass will have to be put on the site to help to turn it so that it can help you to find the item you are looking for. They will find out; this hunt will not be what they are looking for. In the movie of National Treasure, Benjamin Gates had to use the pipe to help to open the treasure vault. This is the comparison that I am making to what the compass acts like for the Bad Batch, Omega, and Phee.

As Phee tells them, Omega has the right attitude for this. You must be willing to go with the flow of a treasure hunt and have some fun. What they will find is a weapon instead. The treasure is finding a lost piece of history. If you know what happened, please leave your answer in the comment section below. Thank you.

As not to be revealed, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the viewer to the climax of this episode and set up episode 6.

I will give you, my rating. I give Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 5, a 10 out 10. It was fun, but it was cool to see a treasure hunt in a Star Wars episode. It did an excellent job of mixing Indiana Jones and National Treasure in this episode. One must use their wits to figure out the clues to the treasure. It had booby traps and things that one expects to see in a treasure hunt. The treasure hunt was fun to watch. The cave ins are what one expects to see in Indiana Jones and the National Treasure movies and TV series. One of the episodes in the National Treasure series has a man fall done to his death and you had one of the Bad Batch do that in this episode. If you know who that was, please leave your answer in the comment section below. There were three of them that got trapped and had to figure out how to get back to the group. If you know the answer, please leave your answer in the comment section below. It was good to see all the Bad Batch and Omega back in this one. The team up with Phee worked well and it helped that they all fed well of her in this episode. She is a storyteller, and she likes to tell stories of her adventures to anyone that is willing to listen. That is a great aspect in this episode that was fun, and important to do. Thank you for your attention to this review.

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