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Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 3 Review and Analysis

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Hello everyone, welcome to the Matta critic. This is Matthew Hemenway. In this episode of Matta Critic, I will be reviewing and analyzing Star Wars Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 3 that is currently on Disney+ done by Lucasfilm. I will go over several topics in this episode. I will give you my rating at the end of this episode. I hope this episode inspires to Read, Watch, and Learn. What Season 2 Episode 3 does is pick up where Season 1 left off. It helps the viewer to know what happened there. It has the clones they call Clone Force 99 where they are the elite bunch of clones with Omega. They are not like the other ones where they look like Jinga Fett. It will have Crosshairs in this episode as he would be sent off for a special mission. The name of this episode is called Solitary Clone. He is serving the Empire unlike the rest of Clone Force 99. I will give you my rating at the end of the review.

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This episode will deal with the Empire going to an area that was a separatist region in the outer rim. It has a governor from the Empire that goes to this area. The planet’s name is Desix which is like Ferrix. It is very industrial like Ferrix. You see people working like industrial workers like with Ferrix which is the planet the viewer would have seen on Andor.

As the governor of the Desix told the one from the Empire, we separated from the Republic years ago. We do not recognize the Empire as our government. We are independent from the Empire. The governor from the Empire does not recognize that and does not care about it. The Empire wants total control over everything in the galaxy. This will plant the seeds of rebellion down the road as the viewer will know from what the viewer would have seen in Andor, Rogue One, and later with the Original Star Wars Trilogy movies.

The Vice Admiral who was in the last episode of the Bad Batch told Captain Wilcox that he will file the false report that Clone Force 99 was still alive. He killed Captain Wilcox because Captain Wilcox refused to file a false report. This shows what happens in corrupt governments like the Empire; people there are more interested in covering things up, than coming clean.

The Vice Admiral asks Crosshairs to go to Desix to help deal with the situation there. He tells Crosshairs, you are not ready to lead. You will go under someone else’s command. That person is none other than Commander Cody who was in the Revenge of the Sith movie. It will have them go to Desix to deal with this problem.

The battle droids blast the ship down. The governor of Desix wants to be sure who is female wants them to check to see if there are any survivors. It looks like they were successful, but the clones survived. Crosshairs with Commander Cody goes to rescue the imperial governor from the current governor of Ferrix

They get to him and take out the tactical droid. The current governor tells them that they asked for peace, but the Supreme Chancelor denied it. Commander Cody wants to not let this get any worse. Not as a surprise, the imperial governor does not want to do that.

As not to be revealed nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the viewer to the climax of this episode and set up episode 4.

I will give you, my rating. I give Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 3, a 10 out 10. This episode does well with showing how a corrupt government like the Empire is not interested in honoring boundaries. A good example would be with what Russia is doing with Ukraine. Russia wants to take Ukraine back, but Ukrainians are not interested in going back to Russia. They separated from the Soviet Union years ago, and do not want to go back. China would do the same thing to Taiwan. Personally, I would like to see the other clones and Omega, but this was an exceptionally good episode. This does not affect the rating even though they did not show up. However, I hope they show up in the next episode.

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Description: Review and Analysis of Star Wars Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 3 currently on Disney+ done by Lucas Film.

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