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Spider-Man: No Way Review and Analysis

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

The movie begins with same tone as Spider-Man: Far from Home and the way this movie starts out reminds me in how Back to the Future did their movies in they used the same style as starting the new movie from the previous movie. What I mean is that you can watch Spider-Man: Far from Home and you say if it was the same movie, it flows that well. I liked that the fact that you heard Mysterio’s voice at the beginning as the news caster that was revealing the Jameson’s reveal of Spider-Man's identity to the world. This would make sense that J. Jonah Jameson would reveal this identity. He hated Spider-Man and said he was a menace. Mysterio claimed that Spider-Man planned to be the next Iron Man. We all know that was a lie, but as we know even in these times, people believe lies more than they believe the truth.

After this reveal, people were trying to trample MJ; Spider-Man had to get her and get himself out of there as well as find a way to get them safely home. In the movie I caught the billboard Rogers the Musical which is in the Hawkeye series that is currently on Disney+. Yes, I would suggest you have least watched all the MCU series on Disney+ because it helps you to see everything more clearly. There are enough people out there that believe Peter Parker to be a murderer. As we saw J. Jonah Jameson was blasting his face over the airways.

Damage Control gets involved in this situation. If you remember the Department of Damage Control was introduced to us in Spider-Man: Homecoming. They arrest Peter with his aunt May, Happy, Ned, and MJ. There is an investigation into Stark Industries of why they were helping a young boy to fight crime as well as to help him be a vigilante. It would not matter if Tony Stark sacrificed his life like he did in Avengers: Endgame to save the whole world from the Mad Titan called Thanos.

Yes, Peter Parker and Happy Hogan get help no other than Matt Murdock AKA Dare Devil. No Matt was not in his Dare Devil suit but was in a business suit and it is the same actor who was in the Marvel Netflix series Charlie Cox. They did not need a superhero; they needed a lawyer as I would have discussed with my brother Mark as he saw the movie with me. You do see Matt stopping an object from hurting everyone in the apartment at the same time Peter was trying to stop it as well. He told them the court of public opinion will not care if the court of law says he is innocent or not. Yes, Peter is Spider-Man, but he did not kill Mysterio.

Peter, Ned, and MJ are trying to get into college and are having a hard time because of Peter’s identity being revealed to the world. Betty Brant is reporting and says the iconic line go get them tiger or go get them spider. Flash had a book in the movie called Flash Point which is a DC Easter Egg as we know that Flash created it. It would have been shown in the CW DC’S show the Flash in the third season. The gym teacher who was the conspiracy theorist who thought that Captain America was a war criminal thinks that Spider-Man/Peter Parker is a criminal. Peter feels that he must go to Doctor Strange.

Before he goes to Doctor Strange, Peter and MJ are on the school roof and she is holding a NY Post which we all know it is owned by Rupert Murdock. Rupert Murdock is the one who owns Fox News which is known for Yellow Journalism. It makes sense to me that Jameson is running a network similar to Rupert Murdock and how he runs Fox News which is based on yellow journalism.

Peter tells Doctor Strange that he is having a problem with his friends’ lives being disrupted by Mysterio revealing his identity to the world. It is making it hard for them to get into college. Doctor Strange goes down to the room and he performs the spell, but it backfires like in the trailer. Peter tells Doctor Strange that he is sorry. Doctor Strange asks him, did you plead your case? No, he didn’t and Doctor Strange puts him out of the house.

Peter asks where the recruiter would be, and Flash tells him after Peter promises to swing him to school. This is to get into MIT, FYI, this is where Tony Stark went to school. We get to the bridge and Peter meets with the recruiter and this is where Doc Ock shows up. We see his mechanical arms going around throwing cars. Doc Ock says to Peter, where is my machine? Peter says he does not know since he is not his Peter. This was a good fight scene since Peters is wearing the Iron Spider suit and it has the mechanical spider arms to be able to fight with Doc Ock. It looks like Doc Ock would kill Peter, but Peter stops him since his nano tech took over.

We later see Green Goblin come out and Doc Ock says Osborne as he knows that it is impossible since Norman Osborne died years ago being impaled by his own glider trying to kill Spider-Man. Norman Osborne takes off the Goblin mask and crushes it when he is struggling that this world has no OsCorp. This does not mean the Goblin is not inside of him. As we know Norman Osborne has a split personality because of the serum he was injected with. Doc Ock told the Peter, Ned, and MJ that Norman Osborne was a brilliant scientist before he got greedy and turned himself into a monster.

We later get to Electro who comes in this universe blue, but Sandman also shows up here. He says Peter and Peter tells him I am not your Peter. Sandman says what do you mean you are not my Peter. Peter tells him you are in another universe. They both stop Electro and Peter sends both of them to the Doctor Strange’s house in his dungeon.

Later, Peter meets with Aunt May, and he gets Norman Osborne, and he takes him down Doctor Strange’s house. Doctor Strange puts him the magical prison and he tells Peter; we must send them back as they are a threat to our universe. We see Peter being put out of his body in Astro form and we see the mirror world that we would have seen in the first Doctor Strange movie as he and Doctor Strange are fighting to keep the object that was in the trailer. Peter beats Doctor Strange and we get back to him helping the villains.

Peter decides to help them, but later it backfires, and Green Goblin comes out of Norman Osborne, and he attacks Peter with the help of Electro, the Lizard, and Sandman. Green Goblin kills someone Peter cares about as she tries to inject him with the cure to turn Norman Osborne back before he was the Green Goblin. Before this happened, Norman said I am something of a scientist myself a reference to the first Spider-Man. Department of Damage Control gets there, and they arrest Happy and they take him to jail. Peter escapes, but not before there was collateral damage.

Later, we get to Ned using the ring from Doctor Strange to bring both Peters from Andrew Garfield’s universe and from Tobey Maguire’s universe. They both say it is not like we announce we’re Spider-Man, it would take away from the anonymous super hero thing. They both confront Peter and tell him that they been where he has been in understanding his pain in losing someone close to you. As I would have mentioned in my other videos about John Eldredge and the wound this has caused for Peter and it can have an effect on you and if you do not manage it, there will be consequences.

I will not reveal the big battle and how it turns out, but I will tell you this, it is epic and does get us to the climax.

I give this story a 10 out of 10. I thought that it was well done, and it was very faithful to the comics. As if Disney and Sony keep this partnership, I do not know. I will say this that this partnership has produced fruitful results and they need to keep it. With Disney’s help, Spider-Man has been redeemed. Marvel Studios which are owned by Disney has made this character fun again and been able to tell very good and compelling stories. This also opens things up in that you could bring the Fox Marvel characters into the MCU and have those characters show up in other movies or TV series they do on Disney+ or Hulu depending on if character needs to be done with a R rating or Mature rating.

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