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Parallels Season 1 Review and Analysis

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway here. In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing Parallels Season 1 that is currently on Disney+. I found this series to be particularly good. I will go over several topics in this video. Please help me get to 4, 000 watch hours on this channel, so that I can be monetized by YouTube. I also set a goal of getting 2,000 subscribers on this channel. 1 of my 1st mini goals is to get 1,250 subscribers on this channel. I am also working on a page for you to help me support this channel. It is not required of you to do this, but it will help me so that I can spend more time on these videos. Thank you. Now on with the review.

What attracted me to this series is the trailer. I found it to be fascinating and complex. The series does the same thing as the trailer. It is rated TV PG, but I would not recommend this for small children. It has complex scenes and topics that is hard for young children to understand.

The series starts off with the particle accelerator exploding and the kids are sent to different universes. Yes, this series is remarkably like the Marvel and DC comics where they talked about different universes. I will give you an example, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a good example, where the viewer sees the different Peter Parkers. Not all of them were born the same year. Tobey Maguire’s Peter is 38 years old, and Andrew Garfield’s Peter is 25 years old, and Tom Holland’s Peter is 17 years old since he is going through his senior year in high school. If you watch this movie and see this series, it will help you understand this series better. It also relates to a kid who vanished back in 2011, 10 years before these kids were sent to different universes. The year this happens for these kids is 2021.

Sam is left with Bilol with everyone wondering what happened to Romane and Victor. Sam sees an older version of Bilol and wonders what happened to him. This Bilol as the viewer will find out is from a different universe. He is not from Sam’s universe. He travelled back in time but came back to a different universe. They are similarities in these parallel universes, but there are differences as well. Another good reference to watch is Back to the Future which ironically, they mention in this series. There is also a Marvel reference to Thanos as the viewer knows Thanos wiped out half of the population of the universe with a snap of a finger which is in the Infinity Saga.

Where that is mentioned is where Victor and Romane were sent to. Victor has been broken and has a tough time dealing with his pain. It is of no consequence that Victor did mess up in playing with fire and believe me, he feels guilty by this. Victor tells Romane that he should have been snapped out of existence because he believes that everything, he does is wrong. I understand where Victor is coming from in that when I went through my accident, I went through a lot of stuff and at times believed everything was my fault. That is far from the truth, but it is easy to fall in that trap. Romane told him not to think like that.

Victor and Romane decide in the 3rd episode of this series to go back in time the night it happened. Before this happens, everyone at the boarding school believes that Victor had something to do with what happened to Sam and Bilol. The boys hit him with a volleyball several times. Victor is getting emotionally and physically abused. A girl says that she likes his eyes, only to ask if he had something to do with it. Victor just tells her; you are just like the others. At the end of this episode, Victor and Romane go back to the bunker, and it works, and they are sent back to the night it happened, but to a different universe.

Victor and Romane in the 4th episode of this series go to Sofia who is Bilol’s mother after they have determined it was the night after. They tell Sofia that they came from the future, which is true, but they need help to be 14 years old again. Sofia realizes that when Bilol came to her, she feels guilty for not recognizing him. She realizes that she made a mistake. As Victor and Romane tell her, you could not have known it was him. Once Sofia sees Bilol at age 30, she tells him that you look so much like your father. Bilol tells his mother; we are already defying the laws of physics by being here and not at the time they are meant to be. Romane decides to get Camille from her stepdad, but Victor changes him to an old man trying to save her life.

Sofia decides to help them. In the 5th episode of this series, there are questions in whether this will work or not. Sofia’s tests with the chickens failed as they were disintegrated. Sofia gets a message from herself 15 years later in 2036. It tells her that Bilol is the key to helping them find the answer to what went wrong, and he has the answer to fix it.

In the 6th episode of this series, Sofia takes Bilol to a machine to help him awaken his memory. The doctor told her that he will figure it out, the memory needs a jolt from something that will happen. As the viewer finds out, in Bilol’s universe, Victor and Sam died and it was Bilol and Romane that remained. The viewer sees Victor upset with his family; he tells them how I can measure up to Sam. Sam does no wrong. Romane sees Victor outside his house, and she tells him that Sofia can make them 14 again, but Victor says, it will not change anything as he knows his father especially wants to send him to a boarding School. His father seems hard toward Victor, and it does not matter what he does. Victor and Romane received powers from the Particle Accelerator like in the Flash. A good reference would be the CW’s Flash that you watch on Netflix if you do not want to pay for series if you have a Netflix subscription.

Victor is a time bomb in that he has a tough time controlling his emotions and this makes it hard for him to control his powers. Victor will kill Sam if he does not get a grip on his powers. Bilol tells Romane that they need to stop him. Victor is broken and all the physical and emotional abuse is taking its toll. It is doing it literally and figurately. Bilol tells Victor that his parents mourned him when he died. Victor does not believe it as he figured the reason his father and mother sent him to a boarding school is that they did not have to deal with him anymore. They get help from the detective that was working the case of the missing children. Victor suddenly believes that he is the problem. He uses the power on his face, and it makes him look old. Victor will kill himself, but Romane uses her power to freeze him. Romane uses a power greater than the accelerator gave her, she uses the power of love. She gives Victor a hug and the rest of them do that and it heals him. Victor is made whole again. This shows the viewer how powerful love is. Romane was the key in terms of getting Victor from going off the rails.

I give Parallels Season 1 a 10 out 10. I thought it was well done and I liked how complex it was. I would not recommend it for small children as it is rated TV PG, but those who are 10 and older can probably understand this show.

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I will also review Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 2 in the next video, once the Episode is available. It will be available on April 6, 2022. I should have that review on April 7 or April 8, 2022. Thank you.

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