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Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 2 Review and Analysis on Disney+

Blog and Video Description: Please check out this video or blog post as I will be reviewing and analyzing Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 2 that is currently on Disney+ done by Marvel Studios. I will go over several topics and tell you if it is accurate to the story line of the Marvel comics. I will let you know what Easter Eggs are in this episode of Ms. Marvel. If you want to know more about this, then you want to read this blog or watch the YouTube video included in this blog. Thank you for checking out this blog post or YouTube video included in this blog post.

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway is here. In this video or blog post, I will be reviewing and analyzing Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 2 that is currently on Disney+ done my Mavel Studios. I will go over several topics and tell you if it is accurate to the storyline of the Marvel comics. I will let you know what Easter Eggs are in this episode of Ms. Marvel. Now on with the review.

Kamala is going around more confident and surer of herself. In the first episode, she seemed unsure as she would let people walk over her. She can keep up with the kid who was dribbling the basketball in the first episode, and she told the coach her name is Kamala not Camala. She goes to her locker where the two were standing just getting lost on their phones and not going to class. They were listening to music or broadcasting on social media. They need to be focused on their studies. They were always kids like that. They were those that would sneak off to go to smoke weed or just not attend school. If they were at school, they would be more interested in going to parties or what would happen on Friday night, than studying at school.

Kamala is trying to figure out her powers. There will be those out there that would say, she should know how to use them right now. Give me a break, think about it. Would you be able to go to a Martial Arts class and suddenly know how to do Martial Arts? No, you would not. You would have to learn from a teacher and that teacher would teach you how to use them. She is practicing with Bruno as he knows about her powers. She asks him while Bruno is paying for food at a food cart, am I Asgardian? Burno says, I am not sure. What does the bracelet say? Kamala tells him, I think it might be Arabic or another language.

Zoe who Kamala saved from getting killed by the force of the replica of Thor’s hammer. Yes, Kamala did cause that to happen, but by accident. As shown in the last episode, she found out about her powers after putting the bracelet on. She must learn to control them like I said. Here is a good example of that, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. In that movie, Yodi told Luke, you must learn control. Luke needed to learn how to control the force, if he did not, then harmful stuff would happen. Zoe posted that event on social media, and it took off to say the least. She said she was going to have a party, and this is where Kamran shows up as Zoe invited him to her party. They are calling Kamala’s superhero name Night light.

Before I talk about the party in this episode, I want to go back to Kamala controlling her powers. She must learn control as she hit the prop in the drama department and had to push Bruno out of the way before it fell on him. She told him, "I saved her. As Bruno said, you did, but you also put me in harm’s way. As I said before, she did not do this on purpose, but she must control her powers. For Kamala to do that is practice. As I would have told you my Secret Society of Second Born Royals review that is what James told Sam and the others that they must do. They need to practice and hone their skills. I will leave a link to that review in the description below in this video.

As I told you, in my last review about Kamala cosplaying. The kid that liked to cosplay is in Cheaper by the Dozen. His name is DJ, and he likes to cosplay like Kamala. Cosplayers are real people. I have seen videos on YouTube when people go to San Diego Comic Con, they dress up as characters from Star Wars, Marvel, or DC. I have seen people dressed up as Katniss Everdeen at Comic Con.

Kamala is with her best friend at the mosque and there is a woman there that says, it is always the same two that is always late. Her best friend is Najma who is a girl. Bruno is her best friend that is a guy. They try to turn on the water and it is not working. As they said and I agreed, the mosque needs to be fixed. As Najma points out, it always the women side that is not in the best condition. Kamala tells Najma, you can run to be on the board of mosque. Najma is not sure but says she will do it. Kamala convinces her to do it.

Kamran will teach Kamala to drive. Kamran got Bruno, Najma out of there when DODC shows up. They arrest Zoe and she is getting interrogated by the man who told the female agent of the DODC to bring Kamala in the last episode. Why is the DODC significant, you may ask? How do I know they are? I know that DODC is significant because they first appeared in the MCU in Spider-Man Homecoming. They were also in Spider-Man No Way Home. DODC stands for the Department of Damage Control. As shown in the beginning of Spider-Man Homecoming, they were created after the events of the first Avengers Battle. That battle was also mentioned in the Hawkeye series that I reviewed. I will a link to the playlist of those reviews at the description below.

DODC wants to get Night light AKA Kamla Khan and wants to ask her questions and figure out what is going on. They did the same thing to Peter Parker in Spider-Man No Way Home when they asked him questions and blamed him for Mysterio’s death. It would not matter if he saved a lot of people, they still thought he was a loose cannon. They investigated Stark Industries to provide Peter with the suits that he used. They later arrested Happy Hogan in Spider-Man No Way Home.

To circle back to Kamran, Kamran is significant to Ms. Marvel. Kamran is Kamala’s cousin and shown in the comics, he is an enhanced individual as well. Bruno is jealous of Kamran.

As not to spoil anymore, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the viewer to the climax of this episode.

Answer these questions: What happens to Bruno in this episode? He applied to CalTech in the last episode. Does he get in? How does he feel about it?

I give Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 2, a 10 out of 10. I thought it was well done and faithful to the comics and did an excellent job of connecting to the other movies in the MCU. It does an excellent job of building off the last episode. The viewer does not see her in her suit yet, but it might come in the third episode. It would make sense to have her in the suit by the middle of the season. It will be revealed when it is.

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