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Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 1 Review and Live Video

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway is here. Welcome to the 3rd live video on this channel. I will do more of these videos more frequently. I will review the last episode which will be Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 6 as a live video on July 14, 2022. I am thinking about having it at the same time at 8:30 PM EDT. I will let you know in another video or post in the community tab on my YouTube channel page and my website of in a blog post. I thought it would a cool way to have 2 live video reviews on the same series. The reason I decided to have a live video on this day is because this is when I had my automobile accident that almost took my and my brother’s life on June 9, 2005. This is the 17th year since my accident, and it is the same day of the week that it happened. At this moment in time; 17 years ago, I would have been at the hospital dealing with the stress of the accident. The accident happened at 4:50 PM. It happened on a Thursday.

Please feel free to leave comments in the comment section and I will answer them once I am done with the review of Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 1. The way this program of Stream Yard works, which is the free version, is that it will have comments come on the screen during the live stream. I also can have 6 on screen participants at the same time in the free version. To me, that is cool. The paid versions can do more, but I would you need to help support the channel if you can for me to get those versions. I will mention how you can help support the channel if you can at the end of this video. Thank you for reading. Now on with the review.

Review of Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 1

I am reviewing and analyzing Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 1 that is currently on Disney+. I thought it did an excellent job in how it started. I liked the fact it started with the same music that the trailer started with. The music fit with the tone of the episode, and she was doing a blog series on YouTube. She was talking about the Avengers' last battle and that battle would have been the end scene of Avengers: End Game. That was cool.

The way the episode does this reminds me of Middle School: Worst years of my life movie. It had images do what this episode does. It would have the drawings come to life in this episode like they did in that movie. I will leave a link to a reference in the description below.

The actress that plays Kamala Khan whose name is Iman Vellani is the right choice to play her. I like the energy that she brings to this character of Kamala Khan. I feel when she was doing her video of the Avengers: Endgame battle, she shows how much fun she has doing this. She is very Meta. She reminds me of Dead Pool, but without the foul language that Dead Pool is known to use. Both Peter Parker and Kamala Khan at times wish they could be anyone else. I did see a Fan’s Guide to Ms. Marvel before watching this series on June 3, 2022, and Iman has read every Ms. Marvel comic that came out which makes her the perfect fit to play Kamala Khan. It helped me to understand what Kamala is dealing with and that she has problems like any other teenager. Peter Parker has problems dealing with bullies such as Flash Thompson and trying to ask girls out on a date. Peter is a teenage boy who is a nerd, but shy and has a tough time dealing with people. Kamala is a nerd in a sense that she likes to cosplay, and she wants to be Captain Marvel.

Kamala’s desire to be Captain Marvel is true of the comics and the other iterations which the Secret Warriors has shown that is on Disney+ and she was a fan girl to say the least. She cannot think of anything besides being her. She loves the Avengers as she had Captain America’s stuff in her trunk. She draws Iron Man and Captain America. The episode has Thor images as well. Thor is not in this episode, but it had a replica of his hammer at the Avengers Con. They also had Black Widow and Iron Man Membrila at Avengers con remembering the sacrifice they both made to save the world. They also had Ant Man’s suit as a replica there and Kamala mentioned him in the video in the blog she is doing on YouTube.

There was a funny scene where Kamala is taking her driving test. She fails as she backs up in the Driver’s Ed Examiner's car. Believe me, you would fail if you did something like that.

Kamala talks to her Guidance counselor Mr. Wilson. Why is Wilson significant you may ask. One of the writers of Ms. Marvel is G. Willow Wilson. His name is Gabe, which is a play on G. Willow Wilson. The episode is called Generation Why. Why is that name significant, you may ask. Generation Why: Volume 2 is the comic and Graphic Novel that I reviewed on my YouTube channel. As I told you in that review, I really liked that comic. It had a villain named the Inventor and it was well done. Her guidance counselor is trying to have Kamala figure out her future. Mr. Wilson tells her; he gets it like in the trailer. She says, you get what. He tells her high school is hard and that you need to stop gazing off in fantasy land. Kamala is doodling and loves that. Mr. Wilson tells her; you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself who is that girl starting back at me. Kamala tells her, you are quoting lyrics from Mulan. She is an artist and needs to have the talent mastered and to use it. Kamala asks him like in the trailer, do I have to figure out my entire future before lunch?

Bruno, her best friend who is played by Matt Lintz, works at Circle Q. Bruno knows that she is Ms. Marvel. I know this since I have read the comics and that Kamala’s best friend is Bruno. Kamala tells him in the store. Everyone says that I am a weirdo. Bruno says you are a weirdo. To me, there is nothing wrong with liking things that is not the norm. Bruno is working on the captain Marvel costume.

Bruno wants Kamala to ask her parents to go to Avengers Con. As Kamala tells Bruno, her mother is difficult to deal with. Bruno says, let us stop pretending that she is Darth Vader. Kamla claims that her mother does everything to make it so she cannot do anything that she wants to do. Kamala does ask them; that she wants to go. Her mother tells her she does not want her to go as she does not trust her. Kamala lets them know if it were her brother Aamir, her parents, would let him go. Kamala says, I am not going to do cocaine or something stupid like that.

Kamala’s brother Aamir asks them. Her parents tell her that Kamla can go if she goes with her father. She says, "Do you know how embarrassing it is to have you go with me. Her mother told her, you will go with your father as Hulk and you as little Hulk or you will not go at all. Kamala’s reaction is normal and what you expect from a teenager to do. I remember when I was 16, I did not want my parents to go with me in everything I did.

Kamala is on the roof with Bruno and Bruno tells her you will figure it out. He tells her if you want to save the world you can. You are Kamala Khan, and you can do anything.

They figure out how to get to Avengers Con. This is where her powers will first appear. One of the girls, whose name is Zoe from Kamala’s school, is dressed as Captain Marvel. Bruno said that suit is not even accurate. It was Carol Danvers' old costume from the comics, and you go to Marvel fandom to check it out and it has the picture of her first costume as Ms. Marvel. She wore that suit before she went to the suit, we see her know that is in the comics. Kamala puts on the bracelet from what her grandmother sent her. She puts it on at the convention as shown in the trailer, that bracelet will activate her powers. It was cool to see, and the viewer sees her hand get larger. It shows the Embiggen powers.

As not to spoil anymore, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the viewer to the climax of this episode and leads to Episode 2. I am aware of the Rotten tomatoes score for the series and that they give it a 97% rating.

I will now give you, my rating. I give Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 1, a 10 out 10 rating. I thought it was well done and faithful to the comics and I agreed with Rotten tomatoes in this case. I loved the energy that Iman Vellani brought to playing Kamala. The actor Matt Lintz is the right choice for Bruno and the friendship between the two feels real and not a put on. Marvel has done it again by hitting the right notes and delivering like they always do. Kamala is shown sneaking out and will do more of that like Peter Parker does when he goes out as Spider-Man.

Take questions or talk about projects that I plan to cover if no questions

Will review The Stolen Kingdom: The Jinni Key (A Little Mermaid Retelling) book on June 13, 2022

Will review Foundation which is on Apple TV+ as looks awesome based on the trailer

Will review Bosch Seasons 6 to 7 on Amazon Prime

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Will have review for Obi Wan Kenobi series for Part IV to Part VI on June 27, 2022, as I did not want to tire out by reviewing each episode for 2 series at the same time

Will review She-Hulk as that will come out August 17, 2022

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