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Ms. Marvel Generation Y: Volume 2 Graphic Novel Review

Blog and video Synopsis: In this video or blog, I will cover in how Kamala Khan handles her double life as Ms. Marvel and how she must deal with being a minority female. Yes, even in the 21st century, those are female, and minority have a harder time than their white and male counterparts in the same thing. If you want to know more, you will want to read this blog or watch the YouTube video that is included in the blog. Thank you.

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway is here. In this video, I will be reviewing the comic/graphic novel Miss Marvel Generation Why, Volume 2. I read this book on my Amazon Kindle and heard the Audible version of it. I liked the fact that it came with an Audible version as you can hear what Kamala was going through at the time of story. What I like about Miss Marvel Generation Y is that it kept you guessing. There was a scene where she has a meeting with the person who is head of her mosque and said, “when the student is ready, the Master will appear.” She later encounters the Inventor who is a clone of one of the great inventors of all time. If you have seen the Current War, you would understand that there were three men who helped us develop electricity, but who do you think the Inventor is?

Miss Marvel meets Wolverine who she is a huge fan of. Wolverine told her the mask may protect you from those, but it can keep you from others meaning the mask is a double-edged sword. A double-edged sword means it can cut both ways. What I mean by this is it can hurt in both ways. Her mask will hurt those she cares about because her family may think she is doing stuff that she is not supposed to and can isolate her from the people she cares about as well. She will have to learn that it is okay to ask for help and the best heroes work in teams.

She meets Medusa who is the wife of Black Bolt of the Inhumans and has long hair that can grab anyone and toss them around. Medusa lets her know with her friend in the lab that she is an Inhuman not a Mutant like she thought. It is not hard enough to be Pakistani American and female, but to find out you are an Inhuman is hard as well. If you understand what is happening with the border and minorities and with police and immigration, it would be hard to say the least. I know it is hard for me to say since I am white, but I have ADHD and was never always the popular kid. I get it from that standpoint.

Medusa has the idea that LockJaw and Miss Marvel who is Kamala Khan need to team up. LockJaw is a teleporting dog, and he is big to say the least. He can teleport great distances not just to earth but space as well. This dog is part of the Inhumans and will be a great asset to Miss Marvel.

The Inventor thinks he has found a solution to stop climate change, but it is inhumane at best. Sacrificing humans is not the way. There must be a better way to solve our climate crisis. The thing is you think the Inventor is the main bad guy, but he is not like someone else cloned the Inventor. You want to know more than read the book I will leave a link to a page to read the book in the description below.

This is not in video, I give this Ms. Marvel Generation Y: Volume 2, a 9 out 10. It was fun, but it highlighted on key issues such as being a minority female and how hard it is to be different. Her being inhuman is important as people will make fun of you if you are different. This was important to do if the reader were to understand Kamala Khan better.

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