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Marvel Studios Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 4 Review and Analysis on Disney+

Description: In this video or blog, I will be reviewing and analyzing Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 4 which is currently on Disney+. I will go over several topics in this episode and point out references to the comics. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video or read this blog. Thank you.

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway is here. In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 4 that is currently on Disney+. I have now been officially monetized by YouTube and now part of the YouTube Partnership Program and thank you for helping me to get monetized. I will be monetizing videos which means they will be ads when you watch them unless you have a YouTube Premiere membership which means you will not have to watch them, but it will allow me to make money. I will also be adding a link to a page in this video and every video that I upload to where you can go to support the channel. The only videos would be Crop Walk where I was asking for money to support that charity I support. I will let you know what the name of the page is at the end of the video. Now, on with the review.

Before, I start the review of Episode 4, the 3rd Episode’s name is the Friendly Type. This Episode starts off with where Episode 3 left off. To be honest, you can watch Episode 3 and 4 and they both could be the same episode. The 1 who is the leader of the Gods carries Khonsu to a special place in the pyramid where it looks like other Gods have been imprisoned and this picks up after Arthur Harrow tells Khonsu, I owe my victory to you. The name of this episode is the Tomb.

Layla must drag Marc AKA Steven from passing out after losing the suit because of Khonsu being imprisoned. As Khonsu told Steven, you must have Marc free me from being imprisoned. Layla must use a flare to help rescue Steven AKA Marc from getting killed. She uses it to blow up a car that was coming after them. She threw it in there and it blew the vehicle up. Layla with Steven AKA Marc goes to find Anmit’s tomb. The viewer sees Marc fighting with Steven in the car with Layla as the dissociative identity disorder is rearing its ugly head. They know they must get there before Arthur Harrow with his followers gets there. 1 of things that needs to be said in this review is that this is like a cult who is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their objectives.

Before they get to the tomb, Steven tells Layla that Marc was divorcing her because he was trying to protect her from Khonsu. He tells Layla that Khonsu wants her as her avatar. Layla tells Steven, I do not need protection, I need honesty. Layla tells Steven that her father was an archeologist not a history buff and that her father was on a mission. He reminds me of Indiana Jones’ father as Indy’s father was on a mission as would have been shown in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Layla and Steven find blood in the tomb, and it shows the viewer what sacrifices the Egyptian Gods make in Anmit’s tomb. Layla and Steven must flee the creature that is in the room with them. Layla goes to a room that has a lot of floors missing. She drops the flare down it and it is very deep. It would be a long way to fall. She must walk a very narrow path along the wall of the room. It is not easy as a creature almost gets her, and she must use every fiber of her being to get out of it. Arthur Harrow later shows up to taunt Layla.

Steven AKA Marc is in the tomb where Anmit is kept. Steven tells Marc that this language is Macedonian which means it was a dialect of Greek. I will leave a link to Wikipedia at the bottom of this video. This language has morphed into several dialects in different countries. 2 Examples would be Romania and Albania. It also has roots in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Serbia. Steven knows this language and knows it would be uncommon to see it in an Egyptian tomb. Steven tells Marc that this tomb belonged to Alexander the Great. Steven tells Marc and the audience that Alexander the Great was Anmit’s avatar. Steven is right about that as he pulls her right out of his mouth.

Arthur Harrow tells Layla that Marc was part of the mercenaries that killed her father. Layla decides to confront Marc. She tells Steven, I need to talk to Marc. Marc tells her, I was there, but I did not kill your father; my partner did. Marc tells her his partner got greedy and wanted more. Marc says I should have died that day as he tried to stop him. Marc got shot by his partner and Khonsu found him and brought him back to life. They did not say this in the episode, but this is my theory. As Khonsu said at the end of Episode 2, Marc was nothing more than a corpse when he found him. This makes sense to me.

Marc tells Layla to run, and I will deal with Arthur Harrow. Arthur comes in with his followers to get Anmit. Arthur tells Marc, you are free of Khonsu, and you do not have to listen to him anymore. Marc uses the weapon and strikes 2 men with and it and throws it at another. Arthur shoots Marc and Layla watches him get shot. She screams as she is in shock and even though she is angry with him, she still loves him. Marc falls into the water.

As not to spoil the ending, nothing more will be revealed here. I will leave the reference to the comic; I know where they are pulling from which will set up the next episode.

I give this episode a 10 out 10 rating. I thought it was well done and faithful to the comics. It does an excellent job of not being predictable. Even though I read the comics, I still did not see what was coming and that to me makes that good. It does an excellent job so far of reaching the climax and leaving the viewer on a cliff hanger. It is good that the end every episode so far in this series with a link to help with those suffering from Mental Illness.

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