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Marvel Studios Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania Move Review and Analysis

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Blog Description: Please check out my review and analysis of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania that is currently in theaters. The movie will deal with Ant-Man and the Wasp crew getting stuck in the Quantum realm. Cassie Lang will be like her father; Scott Lang was and in fighting for the little guy. This review will point out how this movie does not take itself too seriously. If you want to know more, you want to read this blog or watch this video included in this blog. Thank you.

Hello everyone, welcome to the Mattacritic. This is Matthew Hemenway. In this episode of Mattacritic, I will be reviewing and analyzing Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania that is currently in theaters. I saw the movie on February 16, 2023, and I will give you my thoughts on it. The movie will deal with Ant-Man and the Wasp crew getting stuck in the Quantum realm. Cassie Lang will be like her father; Scott Lang was and in fighting for the little guy. This review will point out how this movie does not take itself too seriously. I hope this episode will inspire you to read, watch, and learn. I will give you my rating at the end of the review.

Please consider checking my Facebook page where I have been posting links to YouTube and Patreon. I have also been posting links to my blog on my Facebook page, where it will have the written portion of the review as well as the YouTube video being included there as well. The link to my blog is Now on with the review. Spoiler Warning, this review may contain spoilers, if you do not want to watch or read this review, please consider watching the movie first and come back to this video or blog. If you do not care, then please watch this video, or read this blog. Thank you.

The beginning credits have the Marvel logo that starts the way it normally does. It has Jane Foster’s Thor and Ms. Marvel in there as well as you see Tony Stark doing the snap of the infinity gauntlet to defeat Thanos. The movie starts off with Janet Van Dime meeting Kang the Conqueror in the Quantum realm. After that scene, it has Scott Lang walking down the street. He is narrating the story and asking himself, how is an avenger? He meets up with Ruben who owns a coffee shop, and Scott tries to pay him. Ruben tells him that his money is no good there. He tells him, thank you Spider-Man. This is where this movie is making fun of itself and not claiming that Ant-Man is as popular as Spider-Man. Spider-Man has had several movie appearances. Ant-Man has had not as many. Ant-Man has appeared in 5 movies. Spider-Man has appeared in 12 movies. Spider-Man has an advantage to that he has had more appearances than Ant-Man in that way.

Scott Lang has authored a book. He talks about his experiences as an Avenger when he helped the team to defeat Thanos. He is reading to the kids and tells them that there is always room to grow. He later gets a call from San Francisco Jail and wonders why he is getting a call from jail. He goes there and finds that his daughter Cassie Lang was arrested for helping people protest from losing their homes during the blip. This is no different if someone loses their homes to war or natural disasters. For example, if a fire happens and burns down a person’s home, it can be hard to find another place to live. Houses can be expensive, and a person just cannot buy a house as easily as a person might think. Cassie takes a police car that she shrinks with the discs that Ant-Man and the Wasp are known to use, and she handed back to the Cops. Scott, her dad is upset with her and tells her, what if that technology was taken, or stolen by criminals to use for nefarious purposes. Hope Vandyne is with him.

They are going home, and they are listening to Scott’s book while he is reading it. The audio version is talking about the events of Avengers: End Game. It talks about how Scott Lang got transformed into a baby and he met a talking racoon. That racoon was known other than Rocket the Racoon. Cassie thinks it is weird that Scott, her father, is listening to himself, but that is what he is doing.

Scott, Hope, and Cassie get home and they are at the table with Hank Pym and Janet Vandyne having dinner. Hank told them that he would have used Ants to break Cassie out of prison. Cassie lets Scott, her father, know that she is doing what he used to do. She points out to her father, Scott, that he was not the one that stood up to Vista Corp or he did fight Captain America. Scott points out that he fought with Captain America. It would have been crazy to fight Captain America. This will lead them to the basement where Cassie, Hope, and Hank will show Scott and Janet what they have been up to.

Cassie tells them that they can map the Quantum realm using the device but sending a signal down there to do it. Janet Van Dime tells them that is not a clever idea, and she shuts it down. If you are sending a signal down there, someone else can be reading it. It will not be a good thing. Someone else was doing just that and they ended up sucking all of them in the Quantum realm. The Quantum realm is nothing the viewer has seen before. It was talked about in other movies of the MCU especially the Ant-Man movies, it was important to really cover it in depth. The viewer has seen small glimpses of it in the first two Ant-Man movies, but this is the first movie that does that.

In the Quantum realm, the viewer sees the different beings. It is cool to see. Hope Van Dime and her family are separated from Scott and Cassie Lang. Scott and Cassie Lang are in a different part of the Quantum realm. Janet Van Dime realizes that she needs to get Hank and Hope away from the tracker beam.

In the other part of the Quantum realm, Scott and Cassie Lang are in a different part. They are met by beings that you would see in a Star Trek or a Star Wars movie or TV series. It looks remarkably like that. They meet a blob-like creature that tells them to drink the ooze which that creature produces. The ooze will help Cassie and Scott to understand them. It will allow them to hear them speaking English. Without the ooze, it sounds like they are speaking in tongues. Tongues means, it sounds garbled and hard to understand.

The movie will have cool scenes with Bill Murray in the film. He plays a rebel who fought Kang, but now he is doing his bidding. Janet is upset to say the least. The character that Bill Murray plays tells them that Kang has sent Modok after them. As I would have told you in my last trailer review and reaction, Modok is an acronym which means Mental Organism designed only for killing.

The movie will progress where Scott and Cassie Lang meet Kang the Conqueror. Kang wants to use Scott Lang’s talents to retrieve something of excellent value. This thing is important for Kang to get out of the Quantum realm. As Kang tells them, he must try to stop his other versions of himself. There are other versions of Kang that break time and he must stop them to fix it. Janet tells him, what you want to do is destroy countless worlds and not care about the consequences.

This story will show how people will continue to fight for freedom and it can be a long fight, but if people stay vigilant, there is no telling what people will do. This movie starts Phase 5 and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was the last movie to end Phase 4. I will later review Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. That review will come out sometime in March.

As not to be revealed, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the viewer to the climax of the story and set up the next film or series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

I will give you, my rating. I give Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, a 10 out of 10. I understand that there are a lot of reviewers out there that are slamming this film, but I liked it. It. To me, it was fun, and hit on a lot of storylines. It will set up the showdown between Kang and the Avengers. This will start a higher form a war. This will help to fuel the multiverse crisis coming soon. There is going to be a movie called Secret Wars. This means unlike the infinity war; a lot of people are not going to remember this war. A good example of Secret Wars is in the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon show which can be watched on Disney+. This helped us understand what Cassie had been dealing with when her father Scott Lang had to depend on herself until he reappeared to her like he did in Avengers: End Game. It has Cassie Lang in her own suit, and this will set her up to become Stature and no she is not calling herself that yet. This is supposed to happen according to what is in the comics and videos like that have been on YouTube like CBR and Screen Rant have shown.

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