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Live Video of Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 6 Review and Channel Discussion

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway is here. Welcome to the fourth live video of this channel. I hope everyone is having a good day. I recently had COVID-19, even though my test came out negative; I still believe that I had it. I had a mild case, but it reminded me too much of a sinus infection. I hated having a sinus infection and I do not want to do that again. I do not want to do this again. This was no fun. I believe that if our governments do not have the political will to do what needs to be done, then it is up to us. I would also suggest that everyone wear a mask to protect yourself from this new variant. I am not a doctor, I still wore a mask, but got it anyway. I should have been wearing a KN5 mask when going out. Get your next shot, or if you have not been vaccinated; please get your shot. You do not want to get this if you have not been vaccinated, it is important to get vaccinated and get your boosters once you are eligible. We just need to be ready and realize this will be like the flu and we will have to get a booster every year. With this, we will have to get it twice a year. I am fine with that as I used to get allergy shots every two weeks, compared to that, this is nothing to get this twice a year. Now on with the video.

Before I begin with the review of Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 6, I have decided to make this video where members of my channel can leave questions, comments, or suggestions to this video. So, if you are not a member of this channel, then sign up right away. It will allow you to leave questions, comments, or suggestions in the comment section below. Thank you. Now on with the review of Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 6.

I am reviewing and analyzing Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 6 that is currently on Disney+ done by Marvel Studios. I was impressed by how well they did in this series. After seeing the sixth episode, I loved every minute of watching this series. Since watching Wanda Vision, Marvel has done an excellent job of every series they have done. After seeing Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness, the Illuminauntis in the second episode of this season was a play on illuminati is which was done in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness was used when Doctor Strange was in the universe where Black Bolt was part of the illuminati which Baron Mordue was a part of with Reed Richards, Captain Carter, Captain Marvel, and Professor X. Yes, in that movie, Professor X had his traditional yellow chair he was supposed to use. It reminded me of 1990’s X-MEN cartoon show.

Kamala came back home after the events in Karachi, Pakistan. Karachi is called the city of lights and they showed that in the fourth episode. I am remembering that Kamala did go to Karachi, Pakistan in the comics. Kamala tells her family that she is Night Light. She tells them that she wants to help people. Her father does not want her to look for trouble. Kamala tells her father that she cannot stand by and do nothing. She tells him, you did not raise me to do nothing, if I know that I can help and make a difference. As her mother tells her father, I trust her, don’t you? Tyesha was also there with Aamir when she told them this. As the viewer knows Tyesha is the one who married Aamir.

Damage Control is looking for Kamran after they blew up Circle Q. It was shown at the end of the fifth episode of this season. It was shown that they wanted to get Kamran and catch him before he could hurt someone. Let me be clear, powers do not determine if an individual is good or evil; it is what that individual does that determines that. For example, in the second Harry Potter movie which is the Chamber of Secrets, Albus Dumbledore told Harry, it is not our abilities that determine our destiny; it is our actions that do. Luke told this to Rey in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker that some things are stronger than blood. Kamala and Kamran, both have a choice to make. They can let the world determine who they are, or they can choose to do what is right and good. Every family has members in their family that were or are not good people. My dad’s father is a good example, he was never there for my dad as my dad’s father was concerned about hanging out with other women. My dad’s father was concerned about drinking and making out with other women. Yes, my dad’s father committed adultery. My father is the opposite of that. He is faithful to his wife, and he provided for me and my brother. He loves my mother, and she loves him. They have been married since 1970.

Kamala gets a call from Nakia, and she is told by her that Circle Q exploded. There was an explosion at Circle Q. Kamala must get there. Her mother told her; you cannot go out looking like that. You need this as her mother hands her a box. The box has the costume that we expect to see. Like her necklace which has her name in Arabic on it; it is very cool to that on her shirt. The colors are exactly like Captain Marvel’s costume. It is blue and red with gold on the suit. Kamala needed something that was hiding her identity when she went out. Her mother understood that she needed something to help her. This reminds me of Daredevil and that series when he did not get in the costume that he is supposed to wear until the last episode of the first season. This happened the same way that did as Kamala did not get in the costume she wears in the comics until the last episode of the first season. It was a long wait, but it was worth the wait. It made the culmination of coming together even better. It helped Daredevil as well. In the Daredevil series, the black ninja suit was the suit he wore in the comics. Why am I comparing it to Daredevil is that it happened the same way that series did it? What does culmination mean? It means the climax. Whenever I say climax, I mean the culmination of it. Culmination means how each story builds up to that point. It does not matter if it is a book, movie, or TV show. If a story is done well, the climax is an important part of the storytelling process. The plot of each story is important, setting, and time it takes place. Yes, time is important. Does the story take place in the current time, past, or future? That is important in how you tell it. Kamala did time travel and went back to the 1940’s. The 1940’s are significant is that is the decade that Captain America was created and the base that Captain America trained at is in New Jersey. Kamala is born in Jersey City, New Jersey, but her family comes from South Asia and is Pakistani, but her grandmother was born in India. Partition as was shown in this series left that area of South Asia in a mess. It was the British plan to separate India and create Pakistan, so they can keep power. That is historically accurate as the British did control that part of the world.

Kamala gets to Bruno and Kamran after both Bruno and Kamran were at the mosque. As Nakia told them, they cannot hide here as this is a mosque in America. Kamran was hurt after getting the power transfer from his mother Najma. As was shown in the fifth episode of this season, his mother made the sacrifice of letting the portal kill her and letting her power go into Kamran. It stopped the portal from opening and destroying everything in its path. Nakia told Bruno and Kamran to go to high school. Yes, the name of the high school is accurate in that it is called Cole’s Academic High School in the comics. Kamala later calls Red Dagger and asks him to help. Red Dagger does and tells her to have Kamran meet someone who she knows at the harbor.

At the high school, it will set up an epic battle with Damage Control, Kamala, and Kamran. She must help protect everyone that she cares about. Aamir along with Nakia, Bruno, and Zoe are there to help. As Zoe told Kamala, I am here because I owe you, and she wants to thank Kamala for saving her life. Bruno says, they destroyed my apartment, so I have a stake in this. Nakia says, I have stake in this in that they came and threatened the mosque twice. Aamir says I am here because Kamala’s parents wanted him to protect Kamala and snuck in the window through the school. Kamala tells Aamir, superheroes do not need a chaperone. Like anyone that has had parents, a good parent wants to protect his or her children. It is natural. The battle between Damage Control and the kids is a fun battle to watch. There are important things to be said. Kamran is looking like he will become that bad boy he was in the comics; Kamala tells him, your mother sacrificed herself to save you and keep this world for you. At the end Kamran’s mother did the right thing. Kamala says, there is no normal for people like us, but we get to choose who we are. Like I pointed out earlier in this video, I said that we have a choice in who we are. We can choose to be good or not. Kamran does the right thing at the end of the battle and heads toward the harbor. Kamala escapes this scene.

At the end of the episode, her father tells her Kamala means perfect, but in this case; he tells her it also means Marvel. Kamala says, no way, I share the same name with Carol Danvers. She does and her father says what she will call herself. He calls her their own little Ms. Marvel. That was cool to see and hear that finally said in this series. Kamala goes out and sits on the streetlight like she did in the trailer seeing her back.

G. Willow Wilson is in this episode as she is credited in it. She has been a consultant as well as Sana Amanat has been. You need to look for her, but she is there as she is in one of the TikTok videos.

There is an easter egg for a mutant reference at the end of this episode. How does this happen and who says it? Please leave that answer in the comment section below and make sure to sign up for YouTube memberships so you can do that. Signing up will be helpful as you will help support the channel by having this membership and you can say you are part of something.

At the end Kamala is on her bed, but she shapeshifts like she did in the comics. I will not say who, but if you have seen the Secret warriors on Disney XD, or read the comics, who does she shapeshift to. Please leave that answer in the comment section below and make sure to sign up for YouTube memberships so you can do that. Signing up will be helpful as you will help support the channel by having this membership and you can say you are part of something. I can tell this; it is accurate to the lore of Ms. Marvel.

I love the soundtrack to the Ms. Marvel series. The music just fits the right tone of this series. When you hear it, yes you think of this series. It is what this series needed.

I give Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 6, a 10 out 10. Yes, this series is that good and if Marvel decides to make a second season, I will watch it, I promise you that. It was faithful to the comics. I liked at the end of the battle at Coles Academic High School, everyone surrounded her and protected her even the Jersey City Police Department from the Damage Control Agents. Which movie reference does that remind you of? They understood that she was helping them and wanting to protect them, not hurt them. This too was great.

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Reference: X-MEN 1992-1996 series:

Reference: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets:

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