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Live Video of Marvel Studios Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5 Review and Analysis on Disney+

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway is here. Welcome to the 2nd live video of this channel. I am sorry it took so long to do another one, but with me working at a job still, it makes it makes it hard. I want to say thank you for helping me to get my channel monetized on YouTube. If you enjoy the content I produce, then I promise you there is better content to come. Thank you.

  1. Review of Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5

I am reviewing and analyzing Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5. The Episode starts off with where the last 1 left off. Marc and Steven are separated from each other. What I mean is that the personalities are out of their bodies. Marc was a mercenary as will show in this episode while on the spiritual boat. Marc can see Steven standing right in front of him instead of being on the same body. It will show what happened to him and how he became Moon Knight. As shown in the comics, Khonsu kept Marc from the brink of death, and he became his Moon Knight.

Marc’s mother blames Marc for losing his brother in a cave. His mother blames him, and she abuses him. He creates Steven to deal with the pain. His mother’s name is Wendy Spector. For example, think of it this way: I will put up a picture of me. I have dissociative identity disorder, I do not have it, but this is for example purposes only. I would not use another person, so it is better to use yourself. What I created an identity from Paul Walker? For this example, I decided to use my middle name Paul and call me Paul, and this came from my parents abusing me like what happened to Marc in why he created Steven. Do not worry, I was not abused by my parents as a child, but this is for example purposes only. Paul is different, like Steven, is different than Marc. Paul is interested in sky diving where I am not. I am interested in writing and making videos as you all know. Paul decides to sky dive off a bridge because he likes the challenge. Paul wants to do rock climbing and other risky activities unlike me. I do not mind hiking Chimney Rock Park or walking on the Greenway. Paul decides to go in Hot Air balloon, but I would not because of it not being enclosed. Paul decides to go to the Empire State Building and sky dive from there. This is what I mean by Paul being completely different than me. This is exactly what is happening to Marc and how he creates Steven.

Marc picked up Steven from the movie poster in his bedroom and the name of the movie is Tomb Buster. This Dr. Steven Grant is an archeologist adventurer like Indiana Jones. It would have shown that in the last episode when they had the movie playing when Marc was in the wheelchair seeing a Moon Knight toy on the ground.

Steven, as it showed in the 1st episode, was in control, but Marc kept coming out. He would not know where he was. As shown on the boat, he and Steven are with Taweret is the goddess of women and children. She is known to be the 1 that deals with pregnancy and childbirth. She takes their hearts out and puts it on a scale. She tells them the scales need to be balanced to go to the afterlife or they will end up in hell. Taweret is seen with Marc and Steven with, and she sees the souls that Anmit has unleased to the afterlife. Taweret tells them, these souls are being sent way before their time. Steven tells Marc, we need to free Khonsu, so that we can stop Arthur Harrow and Anmit. Marc agrees with Steven even though Taweret knew that they wanted to be free of Khonsu. Khonsu is the only 1 who can stop Anmit and will need the help of Moon Knight.

The comic I referenced in the last episode Moon Knight Volume 1: From the Dead. He was put in an asylum, which is the name of the episode. The Episode is called the Asylum. Marc was with Arthur Harrow as Arthur Harrow pretends to be a therapist. He is a psychologist as it shows his diploma where he has a degree in psychology. It shows how the personality will come out and that person does not say when it does. Steven came out when Marc was talking to Arthur Harrow. Steven says this is the new Arthur. You created this deception of being a doctor. Yes, Marc AKA Steven is not well, but Arthur Harrow is a twisted person who sees it as his mission to release Anmit so that they can eliminate evil from the world.

The credits on IMDB say Anmit is in this episode. The credits in the actual episode do not show her being listed. IMDB is wrong in this case.

As not to spoil anymore, nothing more will be revealed here. I leave you with this question and if anyone is watching this live. Which personality is left at the end of the episode that Taweret said if they got their scales balanced. Please tell me in the comment section and I will tell you if you are right. Thank you.

I give this episode a 10 out 10 rating. It does an incredible job of helping the viewer see the disorder taking place. It shows how pain can cause multiple personalities to come out and it is not always easy to control it. It shows how it can become a coping mechanism to deal with pain.

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