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Hulu's Dopesick Episode 7 Review

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway is here. In this video or blog, I will be reviewing Episode 7 of the Dopesick series currently on Hulu. The episode starts in the year 1962 with one of the Sacklers testifying in front of a Senate committee. The senator with the last name Dodd and it ends up in 2002 with Dodd being the one questioning one of the Sacklers in front of another Senate committee. The Dodd in 2002 is Christopher Dodd from CT. The hearing in 1962 shows us that the Sacklers had shell companies starting back then. The Sacklers already had these Companies infiltrating parts of our society no matter what it was. It was a way to put their influence on our society and what they wanted would happen. In this sense, it was for them to make more money for them and their company Purdue Pharma.

What I forgot to mention in the last 6 reviews is this series uses flashbacks to tell the story. You may say that it is not good storytelling, but I tell you that it is. The flashbacks to one point of time allow us to be able to understand how we got from point A to point B. Believe it or not, time moves in a line not a circle. You do not go back to being a child once you are an adult unless we develop technology to reverse that process. In terms of how nature works you do not suddenly be a child again once you are an adult.

The 2 Attorneys with their boss decide to indict 3 top Executives from Purdue Pharma in the year 2006 and knew that these men had knowledge that the drug was doing terrible things since 1997 a year after its release in 1996. They testified in 2000 in front of a Senate Committee that they had no knowledge that it was not doing the horrible things they said it was not doing. They claimed to not have knowledge of this when this was not true. It was another lie they told so they keep selling the drug OxyContin.

The DEA agent Bridgett Meyer played by Rosario Dawson brings the evidence to the FDA as they told her they requested that it was causing horrible side effects being used as directed. As we saw in the last episode of this series, the man that helped her find it said OxyContin was being used as directed. One of the people said that they did not agree with the evidence as it was quoted not thorough enough. That is Mularkey to say the least as we saw they did an exhaustive search to find that it was doing this. The FDA claimed with Purdue it could have been mixed with other drugs that was causing this problem. Whether it was or was not should have not been the issue, to me that is crazy. The FDA ignored this.

The former FDA commissioner Curtis Wright who we see at the time of this episode now works for Purdue Pharma. As Richard Sackler said, we pulled you from the FDA so you can help us control them. Curtis Wright was the one who helped create the label for OxyContin to say that it was not as addictive as it was. As we found out, the FDA’s Black Box Warning was not much of a warning as we found out it should have been. It was a slap on the wrist and the Sacklers could keep making more money and keep getting richer as the rest of us could be suffering from addiction to this drug.

Dr. Samuel Finnix played by Michael Keaton contacts the female miner named Betsy to tell her the only way to get better according to the Doctor who they saw in the gym encouraging people to sign a petition to get OxyContin to be labeled more addictive than the label claimed to be. As the doctor who told Dr. Samuel Finnix that you need to take this medicine, I am giving you it as it will help to rewire your brain chemistry back to where it was before you took OxyContin. He told him it will take 2 years for the frontal lobe to get healed from the damage the drug caused. Dr. Finnix was telling Betsy you need to do this to get better. This is the only way to do it.

Overall, I give this episode a 9 out of 10 as the Sacklers as well as Purdue Pharma and those that work there did not care what happens to us as long as they keep getting richer while we suffer and die. This shows us how Greed is the worst of any of 7 Deadly sins as they keep feeding us these lies just for profits. If you enjoyed this video, please like it, and subscribe to my channel. Please hit the notification bell to be notified of any future videos that come on the channel. Please share this video with your friends and family, so my channel can grow. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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