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Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 6 Review and Breakdown

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Synopsis: In this video or blog, I will go over several details of what I saw in this episode of the Hawkeye Series. I will tell you why you do not want to mess with the Kingpin. I also point out several Easter Eggs that are in the Marvel universe. I will let you know my rating at the end of this video. If you want to know, then you want to watch this video or read this blog.

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway is here. In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 6 which is currently on Disney+. I have been impressed how good Marvel has done this series and how they ended the season finale. It has met all my expectations. If you have not watched any of my other season 1 reviews and breakdowns, then I would consider doing so. I will leave a link to 2 playlists for these season 1 reviews which is called Marvel Studios Hawkeye Season 1 Reviews and Breakdowns and Disney+ which I only have done the Hawkeye Series for the Disney+ original series or movies at the bottom of this video in the description below. I will also leave a separate link to each video if you do not want to watch the playlists at the bottom of this video in the description below. I will now go over several topics that I saw and point out several Easter eggs that I saw.

In the beginning of this episode, we see Kingpin coming out with his walking stick and yes it looks like the stick in the comics and meets with Eleanor Bishop which the meeting was revealed to us at the end of the last episode. I know this because when I was first introduced to the character of Kingpin was in the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon show. The stick looks exactly like that one did in that series. As we all know, we saw the reveal of Kingpin in the end of the last episode, and I told you in my last review of this series that I knew that this led us to Kingpin is the word Fat Man which also was mentioned in the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon show as well. Kingpin, whose real name is Wilson Fisk, is being played by none other than the actor who played him in Marvel Netflix series Vincent D'Onofrio. Vincent is a dead ringer for Kingpin. He looks exactly like him. Trust me that I am right in this. I liked the fact that Kingpin is wearing his traditional white business suit you see him wear in the comics. I am quite aware that Kingpin is known to wear white.

Kingpin is a big and imposing man and you do not want to mess with him. The reason I say this as he was in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. He killed Spider-Man in that movie. That is why I say you do not want to mess with him. In the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon show, Norman Osborne tried to kill him by using the Hob Goblin to kill him, but he failed, and Kingpin went after him saying he wanted his inventions. Kingpin is ruthless and will not take it lightly if you dare cross him. He is a crime boss and crime bosses want people to think there is only way, you serve them, or they hurt you by killing you or taking everything that you have.

I say this because Eleanor Bishop thinks she can just leave him and this life because she says she can no longer do this. She decides it is time to draw a line. Maya comes in later and tells him with Kazi present that she needs time to clear her head. Kingpin is cross to say the least and wants to remind people that they cannot walk out like they work at Goldman Sachs; he wants people to remember that this city belongs to him. True to his character, he is ruthless and will hurt you if you dare to cross him. He does not like there is an Avenger lurking around and poking his head in his business. He tells Kazi, what are we going to do about this? This tells me he wants Kazi to kill both Eleanor and Maya as well as Clint and Kate.

Kate Bishop who was with Clint Barton at the time when they watched that video of Yelena showing Kate that her mother was with Kingpin. Kate is having a challenging time believing that her mother can be involved with someone like Kingpin and working for the mob. Kate wants to confront her mother. Clint tells Kate that this will not end well in that Kingpin will go after her mother. He knows because, as we saw in the last episode, Clint told his wife Laura to keep herself and their kids safe. As I told you before Kingpin is ruthless and can crush you figuratively and. I know this because this a line from the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon show, only 2 percent of my body is fat, the rest is 350 pounds of muscle. Therefore, I say he can crush someone apart literally.

Kate says to Clint, this is not your problem, you can go back home. Clint tells her, you are my partner, and your problems are my problems. I will stay until this is done. Clint tells Kate I have your back. We all know that Kate has his will to the end. When you have a partner, you understand that you protect each other and that it is an equal relationship. Partner means partner, there is no boss, you work as one unit.

Clint tells Kate, they can make more trick arrows. Kate says, you can make more, no way. When Clint was making his trick arrows, we saw the word Stark, which tells me that he got help from Stark Industries to make his gear. This makes sense to me since he and Tony Stark were part of the Avengers and that he would have access to his gear like he did to PYM particles like he did in the 3rd episode of this series. We see magnetic arrows and we see Clint asking Kate for the Pepper spray to put it in one.

Clint asks Kate if she is ready. Kate tells him she is ready because the day of the Battle of NY we know from seeing the 1st episode of this series that Kate sees Clint fighting nothing with stick and a bunch of arrows and he jumped in the air with no flying suit or any special gear. She says that helped her not to be as scared. Kate tells Clint that she is ready and will do whatever it takes to do what is right. This question was being asked as they were leaving the apartment to go to the holiday party.

Kate confronts her mother and asks her how she could do this in working for the Kingpin. Her mother tells her that her father owed quite a bit of money to that monster. We find out that Eleanor killed Arman and framed Jack for it and hired Yelena to kill Clint. This is true to the comics as Kate’s parents did not always make the best of decisions. Her mother claims this is how the real world works and there is no other way when in fact there a choice is always.

What I can tell you is I like Kate wearing her traditional costume like in the comics. Clint is wearing the one he wears now in the comics. He has the Hawk in purple design on the shirt and the rest of the shirt is in black. It is a dead ringer in terms of the costume. Trust me that I am right in that.

There is a funny scene when Kate shoots the arrow at a Trust a Bro moving truck it shrinks down like you would see in Ant-Man and the truck got picked up by the owl that was in the Christmas tree with Clint. Kate asked, "What happened?" Clint says I will have to ask Scott about that one.

I will not spoil the ending, but I can tell you that it brings us to the climax of this series. The last battle at the end of this episode is epic and you will not be disappointed in it as it has twists in it. We do get to the conclusion into why Yelena was after Clint. We also get to Maya AKA Echo in becoming the hero that she is meant to become. What I can say is that Kate fights Kingpin at the end, but all I can tell you is that it is not an easy task going against him like I told you.

I give this episode a 10 out 10 rating. I thought it was well done and it was true to the comics. Marvel Studios has done an excellent job with this series, and I hope they consider doing a season 2 of this series. I know this, if they do, I will watch it. I promise you that.

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Music: Sonic Pongo – Vans in Japan from YouTube’s Audio Library

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