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Hulu's DopeSick Episode 3 Review

Updated: May 3, 2023

Hey everyone, Matthew Hemenway here. In this video, I will be reviewing DopeSick Episode 3. In the beginning of this episode, you see a person throwing a brick through a window of a pharmacy wanting to steal Oxycontin. Remember what we saw in the other two episodes that crime was going up in rural areas. As I pointed out in my first review of this series, for 200 years people in rural areas did not have to worry about locking their doors, but now they do. After Oxycontin was released, crime started to go up at rates in these areas we never saw before.

As I said in the last review, the former FDA commissioner approved a special label saying that Oxycontin was not as addictive as it should have been labeled. Purdue Pharma cut corners in putting this label on this drug. Purdue had false advertising like we saw when the two attorneys presented the PSA videos show where they wanted people to say the drug was as good as it was when it really was not. The Attorneys needed more evidence before they can get access to Purdue’s records.

The Attorney that had Prostate cancer was in the hospital to do surgery and he later was treated for it. He told the doctor that he was in pain and the doctor showed him a pain chart which Purdue had a shadow company produced. The doctor wanted to prescribe him Oxycontin, but he refused while his wife was present with him. He asked for Tylenol or Motrin. The doctor claimed that it would not have been as effective as Oxycontin. The Attorney answered, “Neither is Oxycontin.” He did get Motrin to treat the pain.

Purdue had this focus advocacy groups that claimed they were for Patient’s rights. As we find out these groups were in the back pocket of Purdue and only had their interests at heart not the patients. We see how many corners that Purdue was willing to cut and would still cut if they could.

The DEA agent named Bridgett

played by Rosario Dawson was still looking for the connection to Purdue and Oxycontin. Her superior told her when we go after Crack, we have the Coast Guard protecting the waters and agents protecting the borders to keep the drug from getting in. He told her to get me a Cartel to go after. She later told the head of the DEA that the cartel was Purdue Pharma. He promoted her to go to after Purdue.

The Doctor played by Michael Keaton told the female minor that we need to taper you off Oxycontin. She agreed and threw the bottle in the trash. The female minor struggles with withdrawal. She later has a tough time concentrating at work and makes a critical mistake. It is an extremely dangerous and deadly mistake.

Purdue emphasized to their doctors individualize the person’s pain. This means if a person gets in an accident each doctor would prescribe 20 milligrams (about twice the weight of a grain of table salt) of OxyContin instead of 10. Knowing the drug is addictive as it is does not make sense. What I remember from High School Health class, and they talked about narcotics back in the 1990s when this was taking place, they said Narcotics were and still are extremely addictive. You must be careful how much you prescribe to that person you are giving the drug to.

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