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Description: Please check out my review of Clay House, A Jack Sheridan Mystery, Book 2. This book will deal with a rough youth home and a murder that is connected to that. I will also make a comparison to Bosch Season 1 that I also reviewed for my blog and my YouTube channel. If you want to know more, you will want to read this blog or watch the video that is included in this blog. Thank you.

Hello everyone, welcome to the Matta critic. This is Matthew Hemenway. In this episode of Matta Critic. I will be reviewing and analyzing the Book “Clay House, a Jack Sheridan Mystery, book 2” published by published by Vince Vogel in 2018 and is available on and is a self-published book. I will give you my rating at the end of the review. This will deal with a murder and a rough Youth Home. I will make a comparison to Bosch Season 1 that I also reviewed for this channel. You want to stick around for this review.

Please consider checking out my Facebook page to get links and check out the posts from YouTube, and Patreon. I hope this episode inspires you to read, watch, and learn. I also have been posting links to my blog on my website and you want to check that out, it is My blog will have the written portion of the review as well as the YouTube video being included there. Now on with the review.

The book starts off with the murder of Claire Pritchard who was murdered by one of the boys who stayed at Clay House. Clay House is an orphanage that housed all boys. This is not a coed orphanage. The boy is a man now that murdered Claire Pritchard. This case will lead Jack Sheridan in all kinds of directions. This is a good thing that this book is not predictable.

This book is like the first book that is written in parts, but Vince Vogel does it in days instead. He will start off with Day One and once the reader gets to the last day, the reader will finish the book. The chapters start with Chapter 1, and it recycles each day it starts off with. This is not common in current books. A reader would have to pick up Isaac Asimov's books to find an author who writes like this. This is a cool writing style that this author decides to do. I like it when a book has parts, but the chapters recycle back to 1 and it is based on that.

This book will help the reader understand what happens to Carrie after she dropped her son Tyler to live with Jack Sheridan. Jean, who is Jack’s girlfriend, is taking care of Tyler when Jack is having to work as Detective Sergeant for the London Police. Jack Sheridan gets paired with Rober Burrell who is a Detective Inspector for Scotland Yard. The reader believes that Rober Burrell is a good honest detective, but he is not.

The murder of one of the victims that is skinned alive leads the reader to Peter Townsend who is in prison thanks to Jack Sheridan. Peter Townsend’s hair was found in one of the victims. Peter Townsend later finds out from Jack Sheridan and Robert Burrell that his wife is cheating on him. Peter Townsend later tells both Jack Sheridan and Robert Burrell that the man they are looking for is Joseph Crowe and that connection will lead to Clay House.

Jack Sheridan’s daughter Carrie is working as a prostitute, and she is neglecting her responsibilities as a mother. She claims that her son Tyler is better off without her. Carrie is using drugs. She later has an overdose and Jack takes her to the hospital. Jack gave her his savings card because he wanted her to stay off the streets before she had the overdose. Carrie struggles with depression, and it makes it hard for her to deal with problems. This is common for that to happen as it can be genetic and Carrie’s mother did suffer from depression.

Jack Sheridan’s daughter later gets taken by a bunch of crooks that are connected to a corrupt detective inspector in the police department and a wealthy businessperson. Jack later must decide what he will do. He ends up stealing DCI Hobbs’ badge to get a person who is in witness protection. No, Jack Sheridan will not give these crooks they want. He will trick the hitman to believe he has done this and set a trap for that individual. He asks the hitman, “Where is my daughter?” The hitman does not know. He is given instructions to do this, then flee the country. Jack forces him to call the person who did this so he can find his daughter to rescue her.

Jack ends up getting there and he rescues her. Internal affairs ended up being there, and they shot the people that were holding Carrie hostage. The people that took her thought that Jack had pictures. The person who was doing this was a woman named Liz who was undercover as she was spying on a detective inspector who is in league with these criminals who took Jack’s daughter Carrie.

The book will have twists and turns. The people who were abusing these boys in Clay House wore masks as if they were just boys themselves, but they did this so they can avoid being abused. This will lead to those boys once adult men deciding they will take matters in their own hands. The person who decides to kill these people will skin them alive and it will lead the reader to a killer that is not expected. This is to get revenge and create in the killer’s mind their own sense of justice.

As not to be revealed anymore, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the reader to the climax of the story and set up the third book in the Jack Sheridan series. As I told you before in any review of Ms. Marvel Season 1 Episode 6, climax means the culmination of the story. It is important to have that culmination, to help the reader get to the answers or the viewer or listener depending on what media the person is focusing on. Plot is important as well, if the plot is not good enough, it will make it hard for the reader to care about the story. The setting is important as well as the reader needs to know where the story takes place. The time is important as does it take place in the past, the present, or the future. A good mystery must have twists and turns to be good. If it does not, it will fall short. A reader needs that to be, so when it comes to that point, it will not be what one expects it to be.

I will give you, my rating. I give Clay House, A Jack Sheridan Mystery Book 2, a 10 out of 10. It was fun, but the book has twists and turns. The people that end up getting murdered, the reader does not feel sorry for. Jack Sheridan is a protagonist as the reader can route for him. He is not perfect as he has clay feet, but he does his best to make it right. He searches for the truth no matter what he is searching for. This reminds the reader of Bosch season 1 where Bosch was in an orphanage that he was abused at, and it created a monster like Reinard Waites he faced in that season. Jack Sheridan does get answers to what happened between him and his old partner Col Baker. Jack had an affair with Col Baker’s wife which was mentioned in the first book of this series. He is like Bosch in that, he does not believe that the rules do not apply to him and that he will do what must be done, rules or not. This makes him a fun character. Some rules need to be broken, so that the answers can be found. I compared Bosch to Bat Man and Jack Sheridan does run close to that as well. Like Bat Man, he has a troubled past, but he uses that past to help him to find the answers that he needs to find. It was one of the detectives that told Col Baker that Jack was doing this with Col Baker’s wife. This caused the fracture between Jack Sheridan and Col Baker. This book reads fast and if a reader likes to read fast books, this is a plus. If they decide to make this book into a movie or TV series, I will say do it. It is a fun series that hits on hard issues, but it moves fast which makes it perfect for doing a movie or TV series for it. The only downside is that it does not come with an audio version of the book, but it does not affect the rating that I still choose to give the book. It would help if one traveled or if one preferred to listen to a book instead of reading a book. That is all.

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