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Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Movie Review and Analysis on Disney+

Blog and Video Description: In this video or blog, I will be reviewing Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers. I will go over several topics. I will let you know if it is worth watching and let you know if it is faithful to the original Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers TV show that came out in 1989. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video or read this blog. Thank you.

YouTube Video Description: In this video, I will be reviewing Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers. I will go over several topics. I will let you know if it is worth watching and let you know if it is faithful to the original Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers TV show that came out in 1989. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video. Thank you.

Hello everyone, this is Matthew Hemenway. In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Movie that is currently on Disney+. I will go over several topics in this video. I will go over how this movie hits on nostalgia and makes you long for it. I will give my rating at the end of this video.

When the movie begins, it is narrated by Dale as the viewer gets introduced to. Dale is starting in a new school in the middle of 3rd grade. This is where he meets Chip. Dale is like any kid that starts a new school, it is hard. The year is 1982 when he first meets Chip. 1982 is significant in the fact that ET came out. As Dale said, he and Chip were a perfect match. Even though they were the same age, Chip was like the older brother he never had. I get that in the fact that I met Lindsay when I took Tae Kwon Do, she was younger, but she became the sister I never had. Sometimes we meet someone who fits and no matter where we are in life, it makes sense. As Dale said, Chip introduced him to cheesy crust Pizza. That sounds good to me.

Both Chip and Dale are in the high school talent show together. They fit so well together as the movie shows. It makes sense for them to be together. When you are watching this the viewer asks why they separated. Life happens and at times, nothing makes sense. It is no different than when certain groups like DC Talk, which is a Christian Rock group that separated. These things happen.

As they show in the movie, Chip N Dale did the show the Rescue Rangers. They were Detectives that were small that solved big crimes. The show looked like it was supposed to be based on the look and feel that it had when it came out in 1989 and ended in 1991. It was part of the Disney afternoon. I remembered the Disney afternoon. I remembered shows such as Tailspin which had Baloo from Jungle Book. It also had Duck Tales, Goof Troop, and Dark Wing Duck. I loved those shows when I was a kid. It takes me back to simpler times and I wished I could be back there again.

As the viewer knows, Dale gets an opportunity to star in his own show Double O’ Dale. It looked like a 007 movie which I mean James Bond. Dale was going to play a super spy. This causes the rift between him and Chip. It is sad to see, but things like that happen. I wish to say it would not happen, but it does.

It ends up being 3 Decades later when the viewer sees Dale talking to his fans holding an iPhone telling his fans to subscribe to Dale’s Tales. This is a play on social media, but this is no different than TikTok or YouTube. He is asking for his fans to like and subscribe to his channel. It is no different when I ask you guys to like and subscribe to my channel. Dale had the 3 D surgery done.

Chip is working as an insurance agent. This is what he does after Rescue Rangers. The show got cancelled back in 1991. Chip is good at it as he has won Employee of the month. He has several of those certificates. He does not spend time with anyone as he would rather be alone and be with his dog. Chip gets a call from Monterrey Jack.

Monterrey Jack as he tells Chip N Dale that he got in trouble with the Valley gang. As Chip told Monty, those guys are bad news. Monty later gets taken by the Valley gang and they will boot leg him in 48 hours (about 2 days) according to Ellie. Chip N Dale goes on an adventure to save Monty. They must solve the case of the missing Monty.

It later leads the viewer to Main Street where this guy Sweet Pete who has his hands on every illegal business from Bootlegging to selling stinky cheese. Think of stinky cheese like drugs such as narcotics like OxyContin, Heroin, or Fentanyl. Who is Sweet Pete? Is it Pete from Goofy? Let me know in the comment section below. I know who he is but will not say so as not to spoil anything.

The movie shows corruption in all forms from crooked police officers (cops) to actors who got stung from Hollywood. It shows how people are willing to do what it takes to make money. It shows how bad greed is and is not good unlike what was said in Wall Street.

I give Chip N Dale a 10 out 10. I thought it was well done and helped to give that nostalgia feeling it was going for. It showed old movies and old TV shows that people have watched and showed different iterations of those movies in Easter Eggs. They showed characters such as Blaster who was at Chip N Dale’s High School talent show. It showed how bad Greed is and how people feel the sting of the past. The soundtrack to this movie is awesome and worth listening to if you have Amazon Music, YouTube music, or Apple music.

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I will release the next video for the Obi Wan series as that review will come out on June 27, 2022, as I will review Episodes IV to VI in that video. Thank you for understanding.

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