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Cheaper by the Dozen (2022) Review and Analysis on Disney+

Blog and Video Description: In this video or blog, I will be reviewing and analyzing Cheaper by the Dozen (2022 version) that is currently on Disney+. This will deal with 13 family members that run an all-breakfast restaurant. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video or read this blog.

YouTube Video Description: In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing Cheaper by the Dozen (2022 version) that is currently on Disney+. This will deal with 13 family members that run an all-breakfast restaurant. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video.

Hello everyone, this is Matthew Hemenway. In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing Cheaper by the Dozen the 2022 version that is currently on Disney+. I will go over several topics that I saw in this movie. The page is ready for you to donate to help support the channel. It is now set up, it is not required to do it, but it will help me if you do it. It will make it so that I can do this and only this. You can also check out my website. I will leave a link at the bottom of this video. I will tell you the web address at the end. Now on with the review.

The movie starts off with Zoey Baker and Paul Baker narrating the story of their lives and it takes place in Los Angeles. Paul explains that he started off with Kate, his past wife who babysits their kids now. As they explain, she comes free. As no one would not argue with free. Paul tells the viewer that he started his restaurant with it serving all meals. Zoey brought her kids, and she told him that you should not stop serving breakfast after 11 AM. She told him; you should serve breakfast all the time. It does make sense, if the viewer thinks about it, most establishments do not serve breakfast all the time. It makes Paul’s restaurant unique in that.

Zoey was a cheerleader who went to USC and dated the football player Dom Clayton. Dom has the body of a football player. Dom decided to work for ESPN in the studio, not as much travelling and he does not have to tackle. This makes sense in that he is in his 30s and his body cannot take any more abuse. As everyone knows, football is an aggressive sport that abuses a person’s body. Just think of all the concussions football players have. They also have a lot of knee problems and tend to have a lot of other injuries.

Deja is a basketball player and is exceptionally talented and a work horse. She is Zoey and Dom’s daughter biologically. She is determined to get to USC on a basketball scholarship. She is an exceptionally good 3-point shooter, and she can shoot from anywhere on the court. She is good on defense. Deja told someone later in the movie at her new school and they moved to this new neighborhood after Paul got an offer from a marketing firm to help sell his sauce. She told the guy that she put up 37 points at her old high school. Ironically at the private school she was transferred to, they had her sit on the bench even though she is this talented. This does not make sense; any good coach puts the best players in not have them sit on the bench.

Ella is the one who is glued to her phone, and she is focused on her image on social media. She fits what current people are doing now. Believe me, I see plenty of people glued to their phones despite their age. It fits with what is going on in society.

DJ is Deja’s sister and Zoey and Dom’s son biologically. DJ is obsessed with comics and loves them. DJ is a nerd in that he is not attracted to sports like his biologically father Dom. DJ feels he can relate better to Paul. Paul is an ordinary guy like him. Paul told DJ that you need to find what the girl is interested in and do that after DJ asked him about girls. He told his biologically Father Dom, you do not know what I am interested in.

Harley is in a wheelchair, and she tends to be a little rough around the edges. She has a fiery and tough personality. She does not want people to feel sorry for her. She is happy when their new house has an elevator that she can use. It makes sense in that people in wheelchairs need ramps to get into cars or on buses. Believe me, I would hate to lose the ability to use my legs. I could not imagine being able to run or take walks on the greenway. It would be easy to take that for granted.

Haresh is Indian American. He was born here and has no accent. There are idiots who say go back to India. He tells them he is from Echo Park. If you have seen my Bosch reviews, you also know that Michael Connely wrote about Echo Park in his books, and it has been mentioned on the Bosch series on Amazon. He later gets help from Seth who teaches him how to handle himself. Haresh got in a fight at the new school that is in the rich part of the city of Los Angeles. When I saw the house, the family enters in, it reminds me of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Seth is a kid from the wrong side of the tracks. He reminds me of Michael from Roswell. Michael was 1 of the 3 aliens that got adopted and his foster father only kept him around for the monthly check. It is easy to judge Seth in thinking that he is trouble only because his mother had issues with alcohol or drug abuse. Be careful in not judging his mother for having addiction problems. If you are an addict, it is not a choice, it is a condition or disease. Seth needed people to believe he could be better, and it shows. He was going to steal the money out of the cash register, but he puts it back once Paul and Zoey tell him he can be better.

There are 2 sets of twins that share a bedroom, and their names are Luca, Luna, Bailey, and Bronx. It is not unusual for kids this young to fear monsters being under their beds. It takes Seth to help them realize, you need the right monster spray. It is obvious the monster spray is imaginary, but it takes that for them to deal with their fears.

The 2 women who are twins in this story are Melanie and Michelle who help Paul get the seed money to get his sauce on grocery store shelves. This helps him and his family to pay bills for the restaurant so they would not go into the poor house. As the viewer knows, their marketing firm wants Paul to serve a traditional lunch like soup. Paul has doubts about this as he serves breakfast all the time.

As not to spoil the ending, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the viewer to the climax of this story.

I give this story a 10 out of 10. I thought it was well done and it showed how a big man like Dom is afraid of being pulled over by the police because of the color of his skin. I liked how it showed a multiracial and diverse family can make it work despite their problems. This movie stands on its own and it does not require the viewer to watch the other adaptations of the previous versions. This is a whole new concept that is different from the other versions of Cheaper by the Dozen.

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