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Catch That Kid Movie Review and Analysis

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

In this video or blog, I will be reviewing analyzing a movie called Catch That Kid which came out in 2004: I will go over several topics and point out that this movie is relevant today and has something to talk about. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video or read this blog.

Hello everyone, Matthew Hemenway here. In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing the movie called Catch That Kid that came out in 2004 currently on Disney+. I will go over several topics and point out several Easter Eggs in this movie which I think are relevant today. I will also want to say thank you for helping me reach 500 subscribers on this channel and still need more help to get to 1,000 subscribers. Now on with the review.

The movie starts off with Maddy played by Kristen Stewart who has done the Twilight Movies climbing the water tower in her town. She is using the gear you expect her to use. She uses it and she gets a call from her mom, and she falls because of losing her concentration. Fortunately, the gear helps her from getting seriously hurt. Her mom asks her to pick up her brother Max from Daycare. She tells her mother what a surprise. Her mother is played by Jennifer Beals who was in the Book of Boba Fett tells her it will not be long just have to deal with a meeting.

The meeting is with the man who runs the bank, and he tells her mother whose name is Molly Phillips and Mr. Hartman who is her boss of the security company and her friend. The man who runs the bank is a piece of work. He tells them that he has been disappointed, and that the security system should have been online. Molly tells him that it needs work and time.

The viewer gets to the Go Kart track and meets up with Gus and Austin. Gus is good with his hands, but Austin is the computer geek and would like to be a director. Gus is played by Max Thieirot and Austin is played by Corbin Bleu who was in the High School Musical movies. Gus’ brother wants to kill Gus because Gus cost him the race and Maddy says why don’t you pick on someone your own size. Austin says to Maddy when Gus’ brother still wants to go after Gus, so immature right? Maddy asks Gus and Alex if they want to come to her house for a cookout. They say yes because they have a crush on her.

The viewer gets to the house and Gus and Austin are talking to Maddy’s dad and her dad whose name is Tom. Tom was a climber and Maddy wants to be so much like her father. She loves climbing as it is hardwired in her brain. Believe me, I can understand that as writing and making videos is hardwired in me as well as running on the greenway. I love those things. I love doing yoga as it is peaceful, and it makes sense to me. Gus and Austin are asking about girls, but Tom thinks he is the wrong person to ask about it. Tom thinks they should ask Maddy about girls, but both Gus and Austin cover his mouth. When Gus isn’t looking, he puts his hand on the hot grill. Tom thinks quickly from his climbing days, and he pours beer on Gus’ burn. A trick he learned from his climbing days. Believe me, we all can get burned and not realize where we are.

The viewer later gets to Tom and Molly dancing and Tom suddenly falls to the floor. He tells Molly, he cannot feel his legs. This is an injury due to his climbing days. The doctor later tells them in the hospital that the surgery needed to help him will cost $250, 000.00, a quarter of a million dollars. To be honest, most people are not walking with that amount of money in their pockets or bank accounts. Believe me, I do not have the money in that amount. Maddy is feeling sad, and her mother is feeling at a loss of words. This shows how crazy the price of healthcare even got back in 2004.

There is this political debate; should the USA have national healthcare or not? If the USA had national healthcare, people would be healthier and more productive. Just look at COVID-19 and how it has ravaged the country and the economy. It has not been good. The USA leads in cases and deaths, and it only has 4 percent of the world’s population. If the President at the time COVID hit realized it needed to be dealt with once it hit, it would not have ravaged as much misery and death as it has. You think I am going off topic, but I am not. This relates if the USA had the mindset that if people are healthier, you will get more productive workers.

Maddy later with Gus and Austin decide to rob the bank to steal $250,000.00 to help her father. They figure it is the only way as Maddy’s mother could not get a loan to help her husband and Maddy’s mother not being able to pay the hospital bills. It means Tom her father will remain paralyzed unless he can get this surgery. They go through the plan they need to use.

Maddy must climb 100 feet up to get to the vault. Gus and Austin think it is a bad idea, but Maddy says she will do it. She knows her dad needs it. This reminds me of Ant-Man where Hank Pym, Scott Lang, and Hope Van Dyme must use the heist to stop Yellow Jacket. In that movie, Yellow Jacket is insane and wants to sell Hank’s technology to Hydra. It was the only way they can stop him.

The viewer gets to the bank heist and the viewer sees a security guard watching the Simpsons. The Simpsons is a show that is 30 plus years old. It came out in the late 1980s and is still on. They must go through a lot of stuff before they get the money. As not to spoil the ending; it gets the viewer to the climax of the movie.

I give this movie a 10 out of 10 rating. The movie was well done, and it did an excellent job of letting the viewer know how crazy is to pay for surgeries that are necessary. It had heartwarming moments and it shows us that people are good and will step up even with kids doing what they think is right.

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