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Bosch Season 3 Review and Analysis

Blog and Video Description: In this video or blog post, I will be reviewing and analyzing Bosch Season 3. I will go over several topics in this review. I point out more than 1 storyline in this season. I will give my rating at the end of this video and if you want to know more, then you want to watch this video. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video. Thank you.

YouTube Video Description: In this video, I will be reviewing and analyzing Bosch Season 3. I will go over several topics in this review. I point out more than 1 storyline in this season. I will give my rating at the end of this video and if you want to know more, then you want to watch this video. If you want to know more, then you want to watch this video. Thank you.

Hello everyone, this is Matthew Hemenway. In this video or blog post, I will be reviewing and analyzing Bosch Season 3 that is currently on Amazon Prime. I will go over several topics in this video. The page is now ready, and I will tell you at the end of this video. I am working on figuring out channel memberships and getting those stickers ready. If they are not ready before the live video, then I will let you know. Thank you again for helping me to get monetized on YouTube. I hope this video or blog post will inspire you to read, watch, and learn. Now on with the review.

The season starts off with it being the time around the 2016 Election. It has been 1 year and a half since the last season. Maddie is living with Harry Bosch. Harry had eyes on Gunn who he knew committed a crime but got away with it. Veronica Allen who killed the Armenian Priest got away with murder thanks to Honey Chandler. Harry Bosch knew she was guilty but got away. Richard O’Shea, who is the District Attorney would not press charges on her because he is afraid it would not be a slam dunk case. He is the type that is too afraid to pursue justice. He wants a guaranteed win. Maddie shows a video to her father Harry Bosch after he got angry with Richard O’Shea. She told him; you must be careful as anyone can film you, especially with a smartphone.

There are 4 story lines in this season. The 1st story line is the case against Andrew Holland where he murdered a prostitute. It involves 2 people getting murdered. Gunn who Harry Bosch was watching was killed and the killer was setting up Harry Bosch as the killer. The 2nd story line is where the viewer sees Ex Military were involved in a conspiracy to sell drugs in Afghanistan and bringing it back home to the States. The viewer sees Sharkey whose real name is Thomas Neese. The 3rd story line is of the Korean Town Killer wreaking havoc in Korean town. The 4th story line will involve the real killer to Harry Bosch's mother’s murder.

Andrew Holland who is the corrupt director plans to set up Harry Bosch for killing Gunn because he wants to get off from killing a prostitute. His plan with Rudy Tafaro who is a corrupt police officer is no different than Carl Nash in the 2nd season. Anita Benitez, who is the Assistant DA, is willing to go after Andrew Holland and is not afraid to lose unlike Richard O’Shea. She has guts, which O’Shea does not. Rudy along with his brother Jesse went in and killed Gunn. Santiago is also known as Jimmy Robertson who is partnered with Pearce who was George Irving’s partner in the 1st season. Pearce was the 1 who expressed guilt about George getting killed in the 2nd season. Santiago told Pearce the 1 who killed Gunn used a choke hold which is old school. Either a Cop or ex-Military know that move. It takes Jerry Edgar to realize with Grace Billets that Harry Bosch was being set up to take the fall for killing Gunn.

The Ex-Military officers were watching Bosch at his home. Bosch caught Woody Woodrow watching his house. Trevor Dobbs, who was both Woody Woodrow and Xavi’s captain told them to be careful. Trevor Dobbs knew they had a big pay day coming if they were patient. Jerry Edgar ends up shooting Woody Woodrow once he encounters him. Woody Woodrow was drawing his weapon and Jerry Edgar had no choice to shoot him, no different than Bosch shooting Roberto Flores in the 1st season. Xavi decides to go after Jerry Edgar and shoots Jerry in the shoulder. It is a good thing he got shot in the shoulder. Xavi was the 1 who killed Sharkey before this encounter with Jerry. He used a tactical knife to kill Sharkey. Xavi later gets killed by Trevor Dobbs. Harry Bosch later catches Trevor Dobbs.

The Koren Town Killer rides a bicycle and wears a hat. He was killing people in Korean town, but his victims were not always Korean. He also stole items from his victims after killing them. Jun Park who was helping Chief Irving in the Korean Town Killer case told him, I experienced what this family is going through. She figured if she helps people who deal with traumatic events, then it helps her. The Korean Town Killer was at the meeting where he was saying the chief was not doing enough. He is the type that likes to say to the Government, you cannot catch me. I am standing right in front of you, and you still do not see me.

Bradley Walker is important. He encourages Irvin Irving to become the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. Bosch realizes he was wrong. He thought he had the real killer figured out, but he believes it to be Bradley Walker who is in the City Council. That question will not be answered until the 4th Season. Irvin Irving ends up becoming Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department at the end of the 3rd Season.

I give Bosch Season 3, a 10 out 10. I thought it was well done. It showed how not everyone gets justice and at times the bad guy does get away. The viewer is left wondering if a certain guy will be caught later. There are 2 people that get away.

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