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Big Shot Season 2 Review and Analysis on Disney+

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Description: Review and Analysis of Big Shoot Season 2 on Disney+. I will go over several topics in this blog or video. I will let you know what I think of Season 2. I will point out the tough relationship of Louise and Ava and how they are at each other's throats at the beginning of this season. I will point out how accurate it is to certain events. If you want to know more, you want to watch this video or read this blog. Thank you.

Hello everyone, welcome to the Matta critic. This is Matthew Hemenway. In this episode of Matta Critic, I will be reviewing and analyzing Big Shot Season 2 which is currently on Disney+. I will go over several topics in this episode. I will give you my rating at the end of this episode. Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 left off, but Marvin Korn will be the girls coach and is committed to them unlike in the first season where he was trying to leave to go back to coach college ball.

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Season 2 starts off the way the Season 2 trailer began; the girls are walking on the beach enjoying summer when Marvyn Korn yells at them to come here. The reason is he wants to show them a player that he knows will be good for the team. Marvyn wants them to see Ava Navarro. Yes, Ava is a volleyball player. Destiny, Louise, Mouse, and Samantha are the ones that see Ava Navarro with Marvyn Korn. They see her throwing sand at a ref when she did not like a call that went her way. Marvyn tells her that we need to get her for the team. She is tough, passionate, and talented. Those are qualities that you cannot teach. A person has them or they do not have them. Yes, you can teach someone to be better at things, but that person must be willing to learn them. Ava is a firecracker meaning that she has an attitude, but she will help the team as well as the team will help her.

Louise and Ava do not like each other at first. Louise asks Marvyn Korn, “Why did you get Ava?” Marvyn sees that as a challenge and tells Louise, “Score the basketball.” Louise attempts to shoot, but Marvyn says, “No with Ava guarding you?” Louise shoots the ball, but Ava blocks her shot. Ava tells Louise, “I do not lose, and I do not play with losers.” This will set up tension between Lousie and Ava. Marvyn tells Louise, “Offense wins games, but defense wins championships.” If you want to win a championship, great teams win with defense. Marvyn challenges the team and lets them know; his plan is to get them to the D2 Finals. Samantha tells him, “No one has ever done that in the first year of Division 2.” Marvyn tells the team, “Exactly.”

As the season progresses, it takes Louise and Ava until the fifth episode of this season to get along. Louise and Ava share one thing in common, in that they each have an overbearing parent that wants each of them to succeed no matter what. Ava and Louise realize that they should be crushing on field day and decide to work together. This came after they hurt Mouse by accidentally hitting her because they were not getting along during a wheelbarrow race. Marvyn Korn lets them know that this does have to with basketball. Basketball is a team game, and each player must learn to work with each other if the team is to be successful.

Marvyn Korn and his daughter Emma Korn will have disagreements with each other. Emma feels that her dad makes it about him and not her. Marvyn wants Emma to be proud of her. He feels that by doing this talk at the amusement park, this will do that. It does the opposite, and it makes Emma angry at him. Marvyn will punish Emma by grounding her for going to a section of the park that is off limits to the public. Lucas breaks up with Emma at the beginning of this season and this will hurt her. Emma gets attracted to Jackson who is trouble. Any father would have preferred Lucas over Jackson.

Samantha is struggling with panic attacks during this season. She is struggling to know her purpose with her life. Holly Barret who was the head coach of Carlsbad at the beginning season and later as this season progresses becomes the head coach of Belling ford Blood Hounds’ boys' basketball team. Samantha tells Holly, “I do not know where I will be in 5 years or what I am going to do?” Holly tells Samantha, “You need to find a purpose and that will help you with your panic attacks?” Samantha starts to learn to control them when she starts to help others. When the wildfire happens in the middle of the season, this will help Samantha when she is talking to people and helping them to know that she is listening to them. I can understand that as I have struggled with anxiety, and it can be hard to overcome them. They mentioned exercise that is important for people that struggle with this to help them to deal with their anxiety. It is good to talk to others about it as it helps people to know they are not alone. The idea that you are alone and that no one understands is hard. As I mentioned before, it does help you when you are helping others. I know it does with me and I hope that this video will help you.

Emma is struggling with the wildfire. She sits in her dad’s office in the gym, but she sees the guitar that he was going to give her at the amusement park event. She picks it up and decides to play a song to help a little girl as well as all the people that are struggling with the devastation that the wildfire is causing. She plays over the rainbow, which is a song that is played in the Wizard of Oz. Once she does this, it helps to calm the people down in the gym of Wesbrook high school. This will help Emma with her father and she and her dad realize that they all suffer from problems.

Destiny meets Trevor, who is Principal Thomas’ son. Yes, she likes the principal’s son and starts to date him. They are both good together. Trevor is shy around girls, but Destiny likes him because he is a good guy. She goes with him when Trevor wants to rescue his dog Spark from the wildfire. She went with him because she cares about him and would not let him go alone to that fire. Principal Thomas goes after her son Trevor, and she reaches them with Destiny with her son. She tells Trevor, “You better get in this car.” Destiny tells him while she is crying, “Trevor please do what your mom says. She is right.” Trevor and Destiny get in the car and go back to the high school until the wildfire has been contained.

Mavyn and Emma Korn will lose their house because of the wildfire, and this is hard on both. They are in a hotel, but later agree to stay with Holly Barrett until they can find a new house. It will set up an interesting dynamic between Marvyn, Holly, and Emma. There is an interesting scene between Emma, Holly, and Marvyn that is created. If you the answer, please leave your answer in the comment section below. Thank you.

Marvyn’s mentor and old coach is sick, and on the verge of death. What will happen to that person? Please leave your answers in the comment section below.

As not to be revealed, nothing more will be revealed here. It does bring the viewer to the climax of this season and set up Season 3. The reason there will be a season 3 is that the writers left it open to that and it is possible to see Season 3 done the road. There would not be if it ended in a unique way.

I will give you, my rating. I give Big Shot Season 2, a 10 out of 10. It was fun but does an excellent job of telling a story. The wildfire scene in this season was very well done, and it looked real. Seeing images on the news, and at times, the flames looked as big as they showed them in this season. The tension between Ava and Louise was well done. It showed that at times, players of their magnitude will be at odds with each other. They understood later, they need to put their differences aside, if they want this team to do well. If a team can get two players of their caliber to get along, it only will breed success. Emma and Marvyn Korn will weather the storm of the wildfire literally and figuratively. Emma will come through to help her dad and her friends down the road. It will introduce a new player to the team at the end of the season. If you know who it is and where she is from? Please leave your answer in the comment section below? Thank you. Please leave your thoughts on this season in the comment section below. Thank you.

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