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Season 7



8 Episodes


Michael Connelly

New Year's Eve 2019. While Los Angeles celebrates, a fire breaks out in an East Hollywood apartment building killing several residents including a ten-year-old girl. When it’s determined to be arson, Detective Harry Bosch arrives on the scene but his partner, Detective Jerry Edgar, is noticeably absent.

Bosch and Edgar follow a lead in the arson fire case to the famed Magic Castle. Lt. Billets ruffles feathers in the officer ranks. After Chandler's new client Vincent Franzen spends a night in jail, he offers up a “muy grande pescado” as his get-out-of-jail-free card.

Bosch and Edgar track down La Mayorista, but Bosch asks Vega to assist after Edgar makes a costly error. Chandler and Maddie record Franzen’s statement for the SEC before Chandler stashes him away in a safehouse. Irving and Lopez discuss the arson case, each concealing their true agendas.

Bosch is pulled away from the arson case to a double homicide in the Hollywood Hills and finds RHD Detective Jimmy Robertson on the scene. When the harassment of Lt. Billets escalates, Captain Cooper and Lt. Thorne are angry that she reported it to IA instead of talking to them. Maddie makes a shocking discovery. Bosch and Edgar try to get Alvarez to talk.

After discovering Alvarez has been transferred, Bosch enlists Chief Irving’s help. Pierce and Vega get a lead on the hitman. Billets reaches out to a former Hollywood cop for intel on Leonard and Norris. When Bosch and Edgar meet with Carl Rogers, Edgar lets a detail of the case slip, enraging Bosch.

After Maddie's involvement with the Franzen case leaves her exposed, she must testify before a grand jury to stay safe. Irving asks FBI SAC Brenner for help with Alvarez, learning something useful about Peña. The little tamale girl’s father pays Bosch a visit; his pain strengthens Bosch’s resolve to bring her killers to justice. Leonard and Norris push Billets to the brink.

Robertson and Bennett follow the hitman's trail to Las Vegas, hoping to find a connection to Fowkkes' other clients. When Billets performs a security evaluation at a local jewelry shop, she gets more than she bargained for. Irving gives Bosch an order, causing Bosch to lose faith in the system he has defended his entire career.

As Billets posts the Hollywood homicide detectives' new assignments, Bosch puts a plan in motion to arrest Mickey Peña, leading to some severe consequences. Billets makes an impression and Maddie makes a decision about her future.

Season 6



10 Episodes


Michael Connelly

Nearly a year has passed and Bosch is still investigating the Daisy Clayton murder case. Meanwhile Edgar runs a sting on his dirty cops and Irvin Irving jumpstarts his mayoral campaign.

A detail from Kent's widow Alicia leads Bosch and the FBI to suspect a group of Sovereign citizens in connection to the stolen radioactive cesium and Overlook murder, but they clash over tactics, causing a deadly standoff.

When cops discover the body of a homeless man covered in radiation burns, the hunt for the cesium intensifies but Bosch and Edgar wonder if their assumptions about the crime have been wrong all along.

Bosch discovers there's more to Alicia Kent's story than meets the eye. Elizabeth Clayton calls with news that jump starts her daughter's cold case. Edgar and Hovan craft a plan to move in on Avril, Crate and an old buddy have an eventful night, and Antonio asks Maddie to introduce him to Bosch.

Bosch dives deeper into Daisy Clayton's troubled past. Edgar scrambles to find evidence confirming Bosch's suspicions in the Kent case. Hovan goes undercover to learn more about Avril's criminal dealings. Crate and Barrel return to the Homicide table, but their celebration is overshadowed by bad news.

Chandler brokers a plea deal that leads to a confession, giving Bosch and Edgar all they need to go after Kent's killer. Bosch digs deeper into a street hustle involving Daisy, but there is trouble. Irving pitches a new task force aimed at combatting homelessness, and Billets puts Vega and Pierce in an awkward position.

Working to close the murder of the Federal informant, Bosch and Edgar reveal an explosive new clue. Dwight pressures Edgar to do more to bring his son's killer to justice. Barrel receives a politically damaging old recording. Billets adds a familiar face to her new task force, while Pierce makes a report to Captain Cooper that causes friction.

Judge Sobel hears Chandler's objections to the evidence against Mrs. Kent. Irving's new task force has a win. Hovan and Edgar close in on Avril. Billets gets a call from IA and Bosch uncovers a chilling connection in the Daisy Clayton case.

Bosch closes in on the Daisy Clayton murder as Elizabeth falters. Avril is cunning and tries to slip away. Killoran blackmails Irving. IA investigates Billets. In Bosch's grip, Daisy's killer makes a shocking confession.

Irving and Maddie make big decisions about their futures. Bosch and Edgar, having weathered unexpected tragedies, share bitter frustration with a system that has seemingly failed them. But with the motion hearing on the Kent murder case evidence at hand, they're each faced with a choice: to let thing go, or to take matters into their own hands.

Season 5



10 Episodes


Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch finds out one of his old cases is up for review and worries that all the cases since might be questioned. In another part of town, thugs in masks murder a pharmacist.

Detective Harry Bosch swings by the DA's office under the pretense of seeing Maddie. He encounters CIU Investigator Christina Henry who is spearheading the Borders petition based on a deathbed confession from another convict, Lucas Olmer. Bosch tells Edgar about Henry and wonders if the DA would really hang a case solely on another convict's word. If Borders goes free, all of Bosch's convictions will be questioned.

Back at the station, Bosch and Edgar get a lead on the Esquivel murder: suspicious prescriptions written by a Dr. Garcia. Det. Pierce tells Bosch that the killers fled to a parking garage where they may have jacked a new ride. Pierce investigates a missing person report that fits their timeline while Bosch and Edgar head to Esquivel's house to look for Jose Jr. At the same time, Det. Robertson catches a homicide and finds a stripped car in Newton. Could the two crimes be linked? Bosch talks to Chief Irving about Borders. Irving led the task force in 1996 and Bosch found the key piece of evidence in the killer's apartment - a pendant Skyler wore. Irving promises he has Bosch's back. When Irving follows up with the DA about the body cam footage, he asks about Borders. She says they have new DNA evidence and if it matches Olmer, they'll support the petition for release. Maddie defends her father's case against Borders to Galligan, and he upsets her by suggesting that Bosch manipulated evidence to make the conviction stick. Later he apologizes, and they head to a bar to get better acquainted. Edgar meets his CI, Gary Wise, while Bosch meets with Chandler and her investigator Hector Bonner. Chandler insists Bosch let Bonner handle things, so Bosch and Edgar stake out the Garcia Pain Clinic. A white van pulls up and a dozen addicts get in. Bosch and Edgar follow the van on a pill run. Desperate to flee, Jose Jr. asks his cousin Oscar for money, a car, and a gun. Irving informs Bosch that the DNA matches Olmer. Borders might go free.

Bosch investigates new evidence that may overturn Borders' conviction, but he remains convinced they locked up the right man. Lieutenant Billets is forced to deal with Crate and Barrel's role in the accident at the pharmacy crime scene.

Robertson finds a lead on two suspects in the pharmacy shooting. J. Edgar tries to get some background on Gary Wise who was obviously in deep trouble. Crate and Barrel are unhappy with their new assignment. Pierce and Vega get information on the whereabouts of José Jr. Bosch looks into the old Borders case and finds several hints that the Olmer confession was bogus. Going undercover, he manages to get in a support group in a VA hospital and subsequently befriends a fellow veteran who can bring him in touch with the Garcia clinic.

Louis Degner brings Bosch (as Dominic Reilly) to the Garcia Pain Clinic, where Bosch is surprised to be examined by none other than Dr. Hansen from the VA. Hansen sees Reilly as nothing more than a pathetic addict. He gives Bosch a few pills and sends him home, saying they'll be in touch when it's time for Bosch to repay the favor. Seeking answers to his CI's killing, Edgar follows up with Gary's old gang contacts - men who spent time in jail after Gary flipped on them following a robbery 20 years ago. Robertson and his team search a warehouse where they find the pharmacy killers' getaway car and a link to the shell company that owns the shill plane - Western Sandblast. Hoping to rattle someone into making a mistake, Bosch visits Borders in prison while Bonner confronts Rita on the outside. Borders' cocky demeanor changes when Bosch lets him know they've been talking to his wife. Maddie, finding herself emotionally drawn into a rape victim's trial, considers the intricacies of justice, as Barrel considers Billets' suggestion that it's time to retire. Bosch updates Chief Irving on the Borders case. Bosch believes Olmer's attorney, Lance Cronyn, stealthily obtained Olmer's DNA during one of his many visits. After Irving provides Bosch with video from the LAPD property room where a key piece of evidence was handled, Honey Chandler and Bosch figure out how Olmer's DNA was then planted by a property clerk named Spencer. While weighing an opportunity to run for Mayor, Irving provides DA Hines with a potential alternative bringing criminal charges in the officer-involved shooting. CIU Investigator Henry searches for evidence to back her belief that Bosch planted the seahorse pendant to frame Borders -- just as Irving shreds a document involving the very same evidence.

Spooked by her encounters with Bonner, Rita visits her husband Preston Borders in jail. Borders believes Bosch is behind Bonner's visits, and tells her to have Cronyn deal with it. Bosch and Chandler try to figure out how property clerk Terry Spencer is involved with the Cronyns. On a hunch, Bosch calls Cronyn's office posing as Spencer. Cronyn demands to know why Spencer is calling him. "I'm not your contact." Later, Bonner watches Rita meet with Cronyn's wife, Kathy Zelden. The circle of conspirators appears complete. While Christina Henry looks through the same case files that Irving recently tampered with, her friend Lt. Torres probes her more personal reasons for targeting Bosch. Crate and Barrel discover someone is manipulating the city's crime stats. They bring the worrying news to Lt. Billets. Pierce and Vega can't find Jose Jr. While searching a warehouse the pharmacy killers may have used, one of Robertson's team members nearly dies from exposure to traces of Fentanyl. At city archives, Bosch looks at the Skyler case search warrants and realizes the before-search photo from Borders' bedroom is missing. He remembers that Irving entered the apartment with a photo team before Bosch discovered the seahorse pendant. After Bosch learns both Henry and Sgt. Wash also have been in the files, he asks Irving about the missing photo. The Chief stonewalls him. Bosch arrives undercover at the Garcia Clinic, and goes on a pill run. Edgar and a second detective follow the van, but they have to back off once their cover is blown. Instead of returning to the Clinic, the van heads to Whiteman Airport. Edgar arrives just in time to see the twin otter climb into the sky, his partner on board.

Stuck now at the desert shill encampment with no easy escape plan and no way to communicate with Edgar, Bosch befriends Clayton and searches of information about his murder suspects. He learns about the death of her daughter, Daisy. Maddie, still raw from losing her mom and fearing the worst, asks Billets about where her dad may be. That Bosch is still undercover is news to Billets, but she reassures Maddie that everything will be okay. Pierce and Vega, concerned that the pharmacy killers have also learned Jose Jr.'s hiding spot, head to Bakersfield to find him. They intercept one of the killers who's there to tie up the loose end that is Jose, Jr. While Cronyn assures Borders that Bosch will play no role in his upcoming hearing, Chandler lays legal groundwork with a visit to her good friend Judge Sobel. Billets and Mankiewicz realize just how far up the chain of command the manipulated crime stats might go, forcing Billets to wrestle with what she'll do with the information. On a pill run back in LA, Bosch gets Clayton arrested, hoping to use her to get a message to Edgar. On return to the compound, however, Walsh has grown weary of Bosch, and Bosch finds himself in another dangerous jam. Edgar, researching the Haitian businessman he saw with Marcos and Arias, gets a call about Clayton's arrest, and the note she carries from Bosch. Scott Anderson gets tipped about police misconduct, and Cronyn suggests Bosch planted evidence to frame Borders for murder. Anderson seeks corroboration with mixed results. But lacking only a statement from Bosch, Anderson's editor decides to run the story.

Detective Edgar questions Clayton in an effort to locate Bosch. Clayton suffers serious addiction withdrawal, but remembers some details that may prove helpful. The LA Times article about Bosch and Borders has blown Bosch's cover. Walsh sends Bosch out over the Salton Sea to be killed, but Harry turns the tables on his would-be killers. A worried Maddie reads the article about her father, and, his whereabouts unknown, fears the worst. As Billets insists they inform LAPD command and local authorities that Bosch has gone missing, the call comes in that Bosch is heading back to town. Spencer's now in the wind, but Chandler suspects he's someplace the Cronyns control. DDA Kennedy accuses Christina Henry of being Anderson's source for his Borders expose. Though she denies it, he cautions her not to let her personal feelings about Bosch cloud her judgment. Chandler and Bosch uncover more details about how evidence was manipulated in the Borders case. Pierce and Vega nail Hart in the pharmacy murders. Irving tries to persuade the DA not to pursue the officer-involved shooting. He promises to deal with it internally, and her fair treatment of the cops could go a long way toward securing her political future. Then the Chief makes a rare appearance at Hollywood Station - seeking the truth about Bosch's undercover adventures in the desert. Edgar realizes a key witness to Gary Wise's murder is hiding in plain sight.

Bosch and Chandler track down Spencer, and try to persuade him to turn on the Cronyns in order to save himself. DEA Agent Hovan interviews Hart, who teases some additional useful information about the real mastermind behind the killings. Pierce and Vega catch a gruesome new homicide. Christina Henry continues her pursuit to have the DA look into possible criminal misconduct by Detective Harry Bosch. Crate plans Barrel's retirement party. Edgar finally tracks down Bo Jonas, who provides new clues about Gary's murder. At Hollywood Station, Captain Cooper convenes Lieutenants Billets and Thorne, wanting to confirm everyone's on the same page regarding the doctored crime stats. Chandler asks Bosch what Henry has against him, believing she can exploit Henry's personal animus at the upcoming hearing. The hearing begins. To the surprise of DDA Kennedy and the dismay of the Cronyns, Chandler is able to convince Judge Sobel that Bosch has standing. Tension mounts as she presents her case, and Borders unravels and exposes the entire scheme behind the case. Maddie tells Bosch she's decided to go back to school early. She reveals that what she really needs is some space - from him.

Pierce and Vega find more body parts, and tie their murder to an ongoing RHD case. Maddie tells Bosch she sent the memo to Chandler, and doesn't regret it. Edgar knows who killed Gary Wise, but can't prove it.

Season 4



10 Episodes


Michael Connelly

Three months after discovering a startling new lead, Det. Harry Bosch is still pursuing the truth behind his mother's cold case. A murder of a high-profile attorney puts the city on edge so Chief Irvin Irving creates a Task Force with Bosch in charge. Bosch must contend with two former adversaries.

Bosch pulls out all the stops to try and get to the bottom of the Elias murder as quickly as possible while keeping the IA investigators on his Task Force in the dark. Eleanor Wish is back in the game with the Feds, and Det. Jerry Edgar preps for his first day back on the job.

As the Task Force tries to clear the growing number of suspects, they discover a potentially explosive false alibi. Det. Santiago Robertson must put his personal relationships aside for the sake of the case. Edgar struggles rebalancing work and family. Bosch has an unlikely late night visitor.

Det. Francis Sheehan comes clean to Bosch, Robertson suspects a leak in the investigation, and Edgar joins the Task Force. Social unrest surrounding the Elias murder grows and Irving is pressured to intervene. Eleanor asks Bosch for parenting advice and confesses the truth about her marriage to Reggie Woo.

Bosch struggles to manage all the things he's lost and to keep the darkness at bay, from himself, and from Maddie. The Task Force bears down on two suspects. Acting Captain Grace Billets gets tangled in station politics and petty opposition, no longer everyone's best friend.

The search for Sheehan intensifies, as pressure mounts to solve the Elias murder. The Task Force waits for ballistics to confirm their suspicions. Edgar and Bosch pursue an unofficial 'side project' in the San Gabriel Valley. Billets and Dets. Crate and Barrel respond to a suspicious hit and run in Hollywood.

Two off-duty patrol officers cause Billets more trouble than she needs while the protests heat up outside Hollywood Station. With a suspect in custody, the Task Force begins to wrap up the case, but Bosch remains unconvinced. Irving learns he's being played and Honey Chandler makes a surprising discovery.

Hollywood Station goes on TAC Alert. Irving plots his next moves. With new evidence, the Elias case takes an unexpected turn. Maddie tries to connect with her past. Bosch harbors doubts about his Task Force and interviews a new suspect.

The protest looming, Billets strikes a deal with the activists. Irving realizes that old friends are new enemies. Crate and Barrel solve the case of their careers. As the Task Force scrambles to salvage their investigation, Bosch finds himself in the depths of underground Los Angeles.

Bosch and Sgt. Amy Snyder uncover a key piece of evidence that could compromise the entire Elias investigation. Edgar and Robertson are rocked by personal disappointment. Irving exposes his enemies. Bosch stalks the suspected Elias killer on his own, and comes face to face with his past.

Season 3



10 Episodes


Michael Connelly

The ugly truth behind his mother's murder has left LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch as tense and restless as ever. A homeless veteran is murdered. Bosch works a high-profile trial involving a Hollywood director. The Veronica Allen proceeding nears resolution. Bosch keeps tabs on a longtime criminal who's eluded justice.

A suspected killer whom Bosch has pursued for several years turns up dead in an apparent suicide. Edgar discovers that Harry has a complicated history with the dead man. When the case is later ruled a homicide, Detective Jimmy Robertson develops troubling theories about the culprit.

Bosch learns more about the dark past and murder of Billy Meadows. The credibility of a key witness threatens to undermine the Holland case. Edgar maneuvers to handle damning evidence. Dangerous men target Bosch.

Bosch clashes with his fellow detectives. Irving weighs his career options just as his personal life takes a turn. The killers behind the Meadows murder clean up loose ends. Questions swirl about whether Bosch is an avenging angel.

The secret effort to smear Bosch intensifies. Harry and his colleagues struggle to uncover who's trying to frame him. Irving closes a chapter in his personal life, but is ensnared in departmental politics. Bosch digs into the history of former soldiers under suspicion. Killers pull off a major score.

News explodes that the LAPD is investigating one of its own in a murder case. Bosch homes in on the motive behind a string of homicides. Robertson's doubts about Bosch deepen. Edgar discovers another disturbing link between Harry and a murder victim. Irving assists the investigation of the "Koreatown Killer."

Bosch and Robertson work a promising lead in the Gunn case. Further evidence gets the team closer to solving the Meadows murder. Irving does damage control on another crisis related to Bosch. Edgar takes action. The Holland case is on the brink.

Bosch operates behind-the-scenes to expose wrongdoers. Killers are in the wind. Edgar deals with the fallout of a crucial choice.

The department rallies when a threat hits close to home. There's a pivotal turn in the Holland case. Bosch is forced to face a dark truth. Irving embraces a lifelong goal. There's no honor among thieves.

Bosch's relentless pursuit in the Meadows case reaches a climax. Bosch and Edgar talk about a startling discovery. An unexpected visitor drops in on Bosch and Maddie. Harry learns that his history is far from settled.

Season 2



10 Episodes


Michael Connelly

LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch is back on the job after a suspension. When a dead body found in the trunk of a car on Mulholland Drive appears to have mob connections, Bosch takes on a case that could prove his biggest challenge yet. George Irving has a new assignment. Deputy Chief Irving weighs his options.

Bosch discovers that his murder case has wider implications. Deputy Chief Irving tries to stay above the political fray. Danger escalates with George Irving's plainclothes position. Harry receives a tip relating to his mother's murder. The Tony Allen investigation sends Bosch to Sin City.

Bosch is drawn into the underbelly of Las Vegas. A reunion with his daughter reveals that all is not well on the home front. Deputy Chief Irving chooses a side in the mayoral race. There's more to George Irving's assignment than meets the eye.

Bosch nabs a murder suspect, while others keep a close eye on the investigation. After an encounter with Vegas mob boss, Joey Marks, Bosch faces questions about the past of someone close to him. George Irving makes important inroads. Deputy Chief Irving clashes with LA's political machinations.

Bosch and Edgar are now hot on Joey Marks's trail. George Irving is pulled deeper into his mission. And Bosch must go to extremes to ensure the safety of those closest to him.

Heightened circumstances create an unlikely family reunion for Bosch. A surprising revelation forces Harry back to square one on his case. The FBI approaches Eleanor with an enticing deal. George Irving faces severe jeopardy.

Deputy Chief Irving takes full measures in the wake of tragedy. Bosch finds himself in an unexpected alliance, which leads to a startling discovery. Eleanor seeks an advantage with the FBI. The nefarious gang behind serious crimes plans its exit strategy.

Bosch focuses on taking down a criminal mastermind. Eleanor delivers for the FBI. Opposing forces with violent intentions all converge on the same spot.

A leading suspect eludes Bosch's grasp. Deputy Chief Irving's world has unraveled, even as he's handed a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bosch and Edgar's pursuit of a dangerous ringleader leads to an epic showdown.

The season finale reaches an explosive climax. Bosch and Edgar discover the final piece of the Tony Allen investigation. Harry searches to uncover the truth behind his mother's murder.

Season 1



10 Episodes


Michael Connelly

An on-duty shooting leaves a suspect dead, and two years later, Detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) is a wrongful death suit by the parents. While investigating a discovered bone, Bosch finds the gravesite of a murdered child in the Hollywood Hills. The forensics reveal catastrophic abuse, and Bosch is out to find the identity of the child and his killer.

A traffic stop of a potentially stolen van reveals a possible serial killer in Raynard Waits (Jason Gedrick). Bosch and his partner Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) investigate the area surrounding the murder scene and find a possible suspect in a convicted child molester (Rob Brownstein).

Bosch finds aspects of his life and the life of his mother exposed in court and suspects an inside hit job. An officer shooting has rookie officer Julia Brasher (Annie Wersching) spending more time with Bosch. As evidence comes in on Raynard Waits, Waits might provide some facts of his own.

The suicide of the child molester has put more attention on the police and put Bosch in conflict with Nate Tyler (Adam O’Byrne) over his reporting. Bosch and Brasher’s new relationship hits a rough patch when Bosch tries to help coach her in her career. With attempts to tie the murder to the molester, Bosch butts heads with Captain Harvey Pounds (Mark Derwin), but a tip leads to a potential identification of the victim. Bosch learns Waits has come forward with an admission of murder but questioning Waits does not lead to answers.

Sergeant “Mank” Mankiewicz (Scott Klace) asks Bosch to step in about a potential hiccup in the arrest of Waits involving George Irving (Robbie Jones) who is the son of Deputy Chief Irvin Irving (Lance Reddick). Bosh and Brasher check out Christine Waters (Mary Page Keller), the mother who abandoned Arthur Delacroix, and they find the father might be the right target. Forced to be part of a publicity event surrounding Waits’ confession, Bosch butts heads with Richard O’Shea (Steven Culp) over the orders…but Waits has a plan.

Waits is on the run and hiding in L.A. at the house of his mother Irene Saxon (Veronica Cartwright). A trip to interview Arthur’s father Sam (Pat Skipper) leads to an arrest, but Bosch has doubts. With police hunting him, Waits sets out to find another target.

Waits begins calling Bosch, and Bosch finds himself personally pulled into the case. A meeting with Arthur Delacroix’s sister Sheila (Jenica Bergere) gets the truth about the abuse of Arthur. Bosch goes to visit his ex-wife Eleanor (Sarah Clarke) and his daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) in Las Vegas and also seeks help on the case. Irving meets with O’Shea about the shooting and both of their futures. An attempt to bring in Arthur’s childhood friend Johnny Stokes (Shawn Hatosy) leaves an officer down.

Stokes is in custody, and Bosch must decide what he saw in the garage when Brasher was shot. Waits makes an attempted abduction that doesn’t go well and Bosch realizes his real connection to Waits as he is reassigned to join the task force as an independent agent for Irving.

Waits has killed his mother, but Bosch is less than sympathetic when he tells him. Pounds takes a different route to go after Bosch and brings Brasher into the mix. Irving is called upon by O’Shea to try to talk to Reverend Ott (Peter Macon) about getting the African-American vote…but Ott has his own demands. A big break in the investigation into Delacroix murder makes Bosch realize he’s made a mistake. Waits decides to take his relationship with Bosch to the next level.

The police receive the news that Stokes is still wanted for Delacroix murder, and Bosch’s release of him doesn’t go over well with fellow officers. Waits makes his next move by kidnapping a mother for his underground lair, and it could be the final clue that Bosch needs to solve the case.

Raynard Waits is dead, and Bosch is the hero of the day. Irving learns that O’Shea has a follow-up plan for him to deal with the video of Waits escape. Eleanor finds Maddie has run away from home and has Bosch seek her out. Stokes’ location is tracked down but Bosch and Edgar, but they quickly learn that there might be a problem with the case. When Pounds pushes Bosch too far, a line might be crossed that cannot be undone.


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